Drunk (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

They meet in a club, one's drunk, one's not. They spend endless nights together; sweating, grinding, heavy breathy, repeat. He's so drunk but somehow always comes back to her. "I love you Ashton" but his drunk mind doesn't remember her saying that...


2. Just The Beginning

Ashton's breath smelled of alcohol but all I could focus on was his hands that were roaming all over my body. I still wasn't ready to give in, but my body sure was. With the music thumping, and the sexual tension building, without any thought I started grinding myself against Ashton.

"So I see y-your mind has been changed..." Ashton trails off

with some drunken hiccups. I studied his features for a minute before getting a cheeky grin on my face. Why not just spend one night with a sexy drummer who wants to bang me? I know I was against it earlier, but thinking about it now, I want to be bang him too...

"I suggest taking me home now before I say no Mr. Irwin" I say firmly. He didn't say a word; he just grabbed my arm again with those big firm hands and pulled me through the club to the exit. We walked up to an all black suv and he opened the door and we climbed in. It was silent for the first few minutes because the adrenaline of the club music wasn't pumping me up anymore. I was suddenly feeling really shy. Ashton broke the silence with another drunken hiccup as he proceeded to talk

"Don't be shy now, sweetheart; we are just getting started" he grinned as he scooted over right beside me. We were in the very back of the suv and I doubt the driver could see us back here since it was dark outside. I was abruptly brought out of my thoughts when I felt a warm breath on my neck.

"I really do have a daddy kink, so I expect to hear it come out of your mouth tonight" he breathed as he kissed all over my neck. I was shocked and slightly aroused to know that his daddy kink was real. This night was going to be long and pleasurable. I moved my head to the side a bit so Ashton had more access to my neck. His lips were soft and moist on my skin and I liked it. His hands slowly found their way up my thighs and my side then slowly back down again. It was all slow moving but turning me on a whole lot and I haven't even kissed his lips yet. With lust taking over my body I pushed him off me lightly and looking at his dark eyes then down to his lips and back to his eyes. He was gorgeous, sexy and I wanted him...bad. Just as I was going all in to taste his alcohol covered lips, the car came to a stop in front of, what I'm guessing, is the hotel he's staying at. I un buckle my seat belt and get out and walk towards the hotel doors not waiting for Ashton. I can hear him struggling to get out of the car because being drunk makes everything difficult right? As I continue walking I can hear him behind me, and I suddenly feel his hand connect with my ass.

"Ashton! What if fans or paparazzi see that?" I snap quickly. He didn't answer; he just simply opened the hotel doors, walked to the elevator and pushed the button. We got in the elevator and I stood across from him, not exactly knowing what I just got myself into. But seeing his evident hard on, I know this wasn't going to be a normal elevator ride. And with that I did the unspeakable...

"I want you, daddy"

With that said, Ashton pulled me into his chest and connected our lips. The kiss was deep and filled with lust. Our lips moved in sink. My hands went straight to his shaggy hair as his hands went to the bottom of my shirt. He waited for a minute, kind of hesitating, but he finally moved his hands up my shirt slowly. He rubbed my sides then moved to my boobs. He felt them softly and cupped them and I have to admit, he was skilled even though my bra was still on. The kiss was getting really intense when the elevator made the 'ding' sound indicating we reached our floor. We fixed ourselves and walked out. We walked down the hall in silence and finally his hotel room. My stomach was twisting and my thoughts we so hot that I couldn't help but bite my lip. I looked over at Ashton who was looking at me and we both knew this night was going to be amazing. He opened the door and pushed me in.


Those were the only words he spoke. I didn't care that we were in the hall of his hotel room; I started doing as I was told. I unzipped my dress and let it fall slowly down my back and legs to the ground exposing my black lace thong and matching bra. I heard Ashton take a deep breath in and noticed he was rubbing himself through his pants. I smirked and did a sexy little dance for him before he interrupted me.

"Get on the ground crawl over to me" he demanded. His dominance was making me 100% more wet then I already was. Once again, in the hallway of his hotel suite, I got down on all fours and crawled over to him. Once I got to him, I sat on my knees, face to face with his boner.

"Looks like daddy has a problem that I can fix" I said as sexy as I could as I started un buckling his belt and un zipping his pants. He helped me take his pants off and that left him in only his boxers. I leaned up and kissed above the waist band of his boxers and rubbed his boner softly earning a moan from his lips. 'The first of many moans tonight' I thought as I slipped his boxers down freeing his erection and realizing how big he was. Now I wasn't so sure I could do this.

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