Drunk (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

They meet in a club, one's drunk, one's not. They spend endless nights together; sweating, grinding, heavy breathy, repeat. He's so drunk but somehow always comes back to her. "I love you Ashton" but his drunk mind doesn't remember her saying that...


5. Dates And The Right Time

*Ashton’s pov*

Cassidy and I drove around for a while. We didn’t talk much, it was more small talk that wasn’t very amusing and I’m assuming she felt the same since she had her head against the window just staring off into the distance. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned it off turning to face Cassidy.

“Y’know I can just take you home if you want, I kn—“ she cut me off with her own words

“You stood in my backyard at midnight asking me out, you obviously want something, Irwin” her voice was low and neutral and she stayed looking out the passenger window. I studied her profile. She looked different than the first time we met. Her eye lashes were long, meeting at the middle whenever she blinked. Her hair flowed down onto her shoulders, with the blue streaks shinning under the moonlight. She looked so...vulnerable.

“What?” she snapped, looking at me slightly annoyed. I was a taken back by her voice trying to figure out what she meant

“What, what?” I asked. Confusion in my voice.

“You’re staring at me...” she trailed off looking down at her hands, “like a lost puppy” she mumbled lowly, almost inaudible.

I sighed deeply adjusting in my seat to turn straight ahead.’ I don’t understand why she’s being so cold. Wouldn’t most girls be giddy about a guy showing up in their backyard to take them out?’ I thought to myself for a minute before starting the car again. ‘Maybe she’s too much of a challenge for me’ I was putting my car into drive when I felt a hand on top of mine.

“I’m sorry...I’m just...I’m really not used to—“ she took her hand off mine and gestured between us “to all this.” She sighed shakily. I smiled small feeling slightly guilty about everything, but not enough to change my mind.

“Don’t apologize, its fine sweetheart!” I made sure to sound as understanding as possible so she would relax a bit. I continued talking after a few minutes “wanna go to the park? Parks are always more fun in the dark!” I chuckled softly hoping she would loosen up even more. I looked over at her to see her smiling as she nodded her head

“Yeah, let’s go” she said warmly


*Cassidy’s pov*

“For some as fit as you, id expect you to be able to keep up with me!” I yelled back to Ashton who was currently trailing behind me as I ran to the swing set. It was a nice night out, kind of breezy but not cold. I just had a pair of old ripped skinny jeans on and a baggy plaid shirt. I wasn’t trying to impress Ashton, at all. Sure he’s super hot, but he’s defiantly not relationship material. At least I don’t think he is. ‘Maybe I should be less rude, maybe he’s a nice person.’ I thought to myself as I sat on a swing. ‘I'll give him a second chance, maybe he won’t be an asshole’ I told myself as I left my own thoughts. Ashton sat down on the swing beside and smiled. He was quiet for a moment, and then began talking again.

“You know I’m sorry for not remembering your name...” he trailed off almost like he was going to say more but never did. I thought back to that night and how good he made me feel. How our hot breaths mixed and our bodies grinded together. I took in small sharp breath before answering him.

“You were drunk as fuck and plus it was one night thing, I over reacted” I laughed, lightly looking up at the moon. “So...why did you come ask me out at midnight exactly?”

Ashton was pushing himself around on the swing making marks in the soft ground with his shoes. He breathed in heavily but never answered me. I let it slid though; I don’t feel like prying answers out of anyone right now. We sat in silence. Surprisingly it wasn’t the awkward kind though. I think we both had things going through our head and were enjoying each other’s presence. I don’t know why he asked me out, and I don’t know why I said yes. This is only the second time we’ve seen each other but it feels like our hundredth time seeing each other. He has this presence that’s warm and welcoming, and I like that. His personality on the other hand could use some help. I must have been really deep in my thoughts because I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt Ashton's hand on my shoulder.

“Are you ok? I’ve been trying to get your attention for almost 5 minutes now” I just smiled and nodded slowly. I looked at Ashton’s hand on my shoulder and he quickly retrieved it while still looking at me.

“Let's get going, it’s getting cold” Ashton took my hand as we walked back to the car.

Ashton and I have been seeing each other a lot lately, usual just talking and drinking coffee. Being around him makes me feel all warm and tingly inside because everything he does reminds me of the first night we met, when he made my body shake with pleasure. I usually never listen to him when he talks because I’m too distracted by his lips. A couple weeks ago Ash brought me to meet the rest of the band and he seemed overly proud when he introduced me, which I found odd but I didn’t complain. I was laying on the couch thinking about Ashton and I caught my hands feeling my own body, so I made a decision that could make or break everything.

*Ashton's pov*

The boys and I were rehearsing for our tour next year and it’s been so hectic. We do nonstop rehearsal all day then all night we stay up writing new material or trying to all agree on what lighting we should use for what song for the concert. When our crew finally said we could take a break I almost sprinted out of our rehearsal studio to my break room. I was surprisingly caught off guard when I walked in though. As soon as I shut the door and turned the light on I immediately felt lips on mine. I, being me, of course started kissing back because who can resist making out with someone, but I quickly pulled away. I was left to face Cassidy. My eyes widened as I studied her. Her face was flush and her eyes were dark, filled with lust. She moved in again to kiss but I stopped her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she looked at me confused

“I’m giving you what you and I both want!” she said gaining confidence and grinning at me. I can’t lie; this was a side of her I could get used to, but not at my rehearsal studio.

“Cassidy, any other time this would be great, but now. This time doesn’t work with me!” I said slightly annoyed with myself that I was rejecting sex with her. Her eyes were fading from dark to light now.

“Well what if this time works for me?” she said it more as a statement rather than a question, but I answered anyways.

“I don’t care, it’s what works for me not you, and I’m the one in a band ok?” she looked up at me, her eyes now filled with anger and rage. I really wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her merciless right then and there, but I do have a professional side and I can’t do that right now,

“you know I was really starting to think you were an ok person, but you are really just as big of an asshole as I thought!” with that being said she stormed out without another word.

I walked back into practice and finished with the boys. I texted Cassidy many times but never got a response, do I decided to go do what I do best. Drink. I was out clubbing for a good few hours and kept downing shots and big cups of hard liquor before I finally left. My body guard had to carry me out and shield me from the paparazzi, but that’s what he’s supposed to do, so no big deal there. He started the car and before my drunken mind knew it, I was telling him directions to Cassidy’s house. Near moments later we arrived and I stumbled out of the suv and toppled my way to her door step. I don’t know what time it was, late I’m guessing since all her lights were out, but I didn’t care. I banged on her door like the swat team would. I kept banging on it till I saw some lights flip on. She finally opened the door with the most concerned worry look on her face.

“s-sorry doll” I stuttered holding out the ‘L’ sound in doll. Her face went from concerned to furious in seconds.

“What the actual fuck, Irwin! I was sleeping and you nearly gave me a heart attack and I –“ she kept rambling on and on about god knows what but all I was focused on was her body. She was wearing boy short underwear and an oversized Metallica t-shirt that just covers her underwear. I’m assuming she thought the knocking on her door was serious, that’s why she didn’t cover herself. I moved my eyes to her face. I studied it before moving my hands up to cup it and smash my lips onto hers.

“Time this works for me” I mumbled into the kiss drunkenly. I meant to say ‘this time works for me’ but judging from the annoyed groan she gave me, I think she knows that’s what I meant. With that she back up letting me in, our lips still attached. My foot closed the door as our night was just beginning.




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