Impossible.. {KageHina ;; Haikyuu!!}

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  • Published: 29 May 2015
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2015
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There's no way Kageyama Tobio, my teammate and rival, has fallen in love with me, he's always calling me an idiot and yelling at me then giving me dirty gazes from afar. Noya MUST be lying. // Haikyuu!! Boy x Boy one shot;; Kagehina
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1. One

 ~Hinata~     "So you're saying  that guy," I pointed over to the dark haired male, his cold blue eyes glaring over at the couples around him as he sat on the bench as he ate a meat bun, next to Asahi who was sitting there quietly, "Has a crush on me?"  Noya, one of my closest friends on the Karasuno team, nodded, saying, "Yup!"  I huffed, "Kageyama cannot have a crush on me. He hates me."  Noya raised an eyebrow, "If he hated you he wouldn't of agreed to hang out with us if you were coming alone."  "..That's true," I guessed.   Noya had invited Kageyama and I to the park this Saturday to hang out and practice a few serves for fun.   But.. There were so many couples around today, it distracted us and Noya decided to pull me to the side and tell me a certain rumor that has been going around the team about the freak or odd duo, Kageyama and I.   I didn't expect the team to think Kageyama had a crush on me.. What a silly, untrue rumor.   Kageyama has always looked scary but when his face softened up, it was.. Cute. He has cold, blue eyes.. Still cute. I admits I have a small crush on him.. Kageyama obviously might not like me back.. But damn does he have a good body.. How I would love that body towering over me or holding me..  My train of thoughts were interrupted when I noticed Kageyama was headed towards Noya and I,  "Oi. Hinata, Nishinoya-kun can you guys hurry it up and can we get food? I'm still hungry after that meat bun."  I stared up at the taller male with determined eyes, Kageyama looked back down at me; his nose crinkled ( which I thought was the absolutely most adorable thing ) in confusion, "What the fuck are you doing?"  "Studying."  "Staring at me isn't studying Hinata."  "Hush."  "No."  "Yes--" Noya cut off the argument that was bubbling up between Kageyama and I,  "Let's just get some food already!" Noya grinned, looking back at the two then Asahi, who he motioned to come over.  We only nodded.  --  The two very affectionate lovers, Asahi and Noya, were holding hands while Kageyama and I awkwardly walked behind them.  Noya excitedly chattered away to Asahi who only nodded and smiled shyly at some things Noya had said.  I coughed, catching Kageyama's attention quickly. I looked at him,   "So.."  " 'So' what?" Kageyama responded flatly, I rolled my eyes,  "Bakageyama.. Have you heard about the rumor?"  This sure got Noya's attention as his conversation with Asahi slowed down. He kept talking but kept an eye on the two oddball duo.  "Rumor? Not that I know of." Kageyama looked at him cluelessly now, of course.   "Well.. It's really funny you know! The whole team thinks you have a crush on me, how stupid is that! Haha.."  I awkwardly coughed, Kageyama stopped in his tracks, but continued walking in a quicker pace.  "Y-Yeah.."   Uh oh.. Did I hit a nerve? I thought nervously, he sounds upset.. Or disappointed at the most.   "I mean,  you having a crush on  me? Crazy huh? You think I'm really annoying so that would be pretty stupid to even think of."   Kageyama's looked down at me, his eyes were soft,  "That's not true, Hinata.."  His voice rose; he looked at both Asahi and Noya, "Uh.. Nishinoya-kun, Asahi-kun. Would you mind excusing Hinata and I, we had a good time but we decided we will hang out by ourselves. Thank you."  I looked up at him confused but then looked at Noya who had a glint in his eye and a wide grin, Asahi smiled along with him; they both seemed to know what was going on.   "Go on ahead you two! Asahi and I will continue this as a date then. Bye!" Noya waved as Kageyama dragged me away from both of them, his hand pulling my arm.   "Hey! Bakageyama where are you taking me!?"  He stopped, back at the park we were in.   "Just.. Shut up." Kageyama letting go of my arm, sitting down on the bench and dragged me down to sit with him. He laced his fingers through my own, "Idiot that rumor is true.. Just who knew.."  I stared at him with wide eyes, almost as wide as Bokuto from Nekoma's own eyes. I closed them, sighing then looking back at his soft eyes again.   "Bakageyamaaa!" I whined, letting go of his hand and pulling him into a sudden, tight hug, "Idiot, idiot, idiot!"  "Hina-"  "Do you know how long I have had a crush on you!? A long freakin' time! And you decide to have a crush on me now after I've always thought you hated me!?"  "Yeah I thought I hated you too."  I looked up at him, pouting then hitting his chest softly. He gently said, "I've always admired your skills Hinata.."  Hinata's pout curled into a small smile,   "I have admired your own skills too.. Bakageyama."    --    After that confession, Kageyama and I had started dating.. When we had come out to the Karasuno team, suddenly people started paying Sugawara money.   They had explained Sugawara had a hunch both of them liked each other while the others thought it would be unrequited..  But I felt so happy knowing that Kageyama felt the same way for some time now as well..      One day, after dating for a few months, on a Sunday morning during the summer, my mother was out at a meeting for work and my little sister, Natsu, was over at her friend's house for the whole day. I had invited Kageyama over to play video games and hang out for the day.  We played video games for the most of the day in my room, punching each other playfully and snickering at either of us while we threw popcorn in each other's mouth and missed like complete dorks we were. There were a few pecks on the cheek, just not on the lips.. We haven't gotten that far.  "Oi.. Bakageyama.." I mumbled, half asleep into his shoulder while sitting on his lap.    Kageyama grunted quietly in response, focusing on the tv and stroking my hair.  "When will we actually kiss?"  Kageyama stopped stroking me for a second. Then continued, quietly saying,  "At the right time, Hinata.."  "Aww boo." I whined, Kageyama ruffled my hair,  "It'll be soon, I promise."  "Soon? Too boring.." I brought my hands up to Kageyama's waist and grinned up at him mischievously,  "Oh no you won't." Kageyama said knowingly.  Kageyama pushed me down and started to tickle me before I could do anything to him.  "S-Stop that's not faiiiir!" I cried out, laughing with tears almost emerging from my eyes.   Kageyama simply smiled, not his scary one but his nice one.. He looks at me with warm eyes as he continued to tickle me while we both laid on the floor with our t-shirts and volleyball uniform shorts.  He laughed along with me. I weakly wrapped my arms around his neck when he had finally stopped.   I giggled a little bit, Kageyama doing the same and pressing his nose against mine. We both blushed..  "Hey.." I whispered, my brown eyes looking into his own blue ones.   Kageyama bit his lip a bit before whispering back a small,  "Hi."  He tilted his head, leaning in slowly. I sighed, immediately pulling him down then bringing my lips onto his.   It was both our first kiss so we fumbled a little bit with the kissing, accidentally clacking our teeth together and Kageyama apologizing frantically while I shushed him telling him it's okay, and me bumping our noses together too many times.   Finally, we got our kiss right.. I giggled quietly as we kissed, Kageyama holding my hand, mumbling how cute I was.   Kageyama and I sat up, not pulling away from the kiss until he had carried me to my bed. We pulled away for a short second to catch our breathes as he pulled me onto his lap then kissing me excitedly again.  "" I breathed, placing my hands on both sides of his face; making him stop.  "Hnn.." Kageyama sounded annoyed we had stopped our kiss, but I smiled anyways,  "I love you, Bakageyama."  Kageyama's ears turned a slight shade of red, he nodded,  "I love you too, Hinata.."  I laughed, kissing him once more; feeling happy that the 'King' told me he loves me.  "God, you're adorable.." Kageyama sighed, pressing his forehead against mine with his arms wrapped around my waist.  I looked up at my taller boyfriend,  "So are you." I grinned.  Kageyama grunted,   "Stupid.."  I laughed, "Come on it's late. Let's sleep."   He nodded, yawning then kissing me once more.   We laid on the bed together after turning off the tv and the lights. Kageyama had his chin on top of my head while I snuggled into his chest.   I guess.. Kageyama liking me is impossible after all, because he loves me instead.
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