What will happen when sky gets new neighbors? One loves her one wants pleasure


2. 1

Skye's POV

"Hey mum where's the bacon?" I ask as I walk around the kitchen. "Should be in the top drawer of the fridge Hun" she states as she rushed around getting ready for work. "Found it. Would you like some mum?" I ask. "No dear I don't have time sorry"she says as she kisses my head "oh yeah and the new neighbors are coming over for tea while I'm gone love" "ok" that's fun I guess I'll just wait until they get here.

The door bell rings and open the door. "Hi you must be calum and michael right?" "Yeah that's us and we brought along some friends" he says as I see two other boys poke out from behind him. "That's fine" I say. After we are all introduced we decided to play truth or dare. "Skye truth or dare?" Mike asks. "Truth" "ok are you a virgin?" "Yes" I say shyly "ash truth or dare" I ask. "Dare" he states "I dare you to run out in your boxers and scream my balls need to breath" everyone singers exept ash. After he's done he ask me thrust hot dare. "Dare" "Skye I dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with michael" "um ok" mike smirks "go to the closet you two"cal orders

Mike takes me into to the closet and starts kissing my neck. I moan slightly. He finds my sweet spot and starts sucking it. It causes me to moan louder. He slowly moves hands down to the hem of my shirt and start tugging at it. He stops sucking and removes my top. He unclasp a my bra and dropped it to the floor. He started sucking one of my nipples and massaging the other. I started to moan louder. I could feel my panties starting to get really wet. He started licking all the way down to my waist line and tugged my pants off. Then the other boys barged in and locked the door behind them. "Okay here's the deal Skye your gonna pleasure us all wether you like it or not" says ashton "not me" says cal "oh shut up calum bf I force you to take her virginity"

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