They Don't Warn You

I'm the kind of person to be in love with Harry Styles though I've never met him. I'm not the kind to memorize every single family member or person he's become acquainted with. I swear to you, I had no idea who Ben Selley was. I'm also not the kind of person to turn a guy away when we're having fun.
Unfortunately, these facts have kind of gotten me into trouble. Ben has dubbed me his girlfriend without my permission, and I'm the kind of girl to go along with it. Ben is the kind of guy to let it slip his mind that he never told you that the cousin he's introducing you to is Harry Styles.
I know Harry isn't the type of person to treat me the way that he does. I watch him treat everyone else like they're the greatest thing to walk the earth. Because he doesn't look at me that way, the little things mean everything. Even though hope comes around so seldom, I'm the kind of person that still makes Harry Styles my world.


4. 4

Ben and I kiss for a long time in front of my door, and I enjoy it. He is a good kisser.. I know I won't see him for a while, and so I really do want to revel in the last moments with him. I will miss being with him because I'm so used to it.

I wrap my arms around his neck, careful not to smack his back with my book, as I've done many times. Since I almost always have a book in my hands, and Ben and I have kissed many times by now, I'm very practiced in this. I swing my arms up onto his shoulders, no harm, no fowl to him, just a bump to the door. I push my free hand into his hair.

"Oh! Roomie! Benny!" Catie exclaims as she opens the door. "I'm sorry, I thought I heard someone at the door."

"Hey Catie," Ben says, removing his hands from my waist.

"Hey Cate. Sorry, you must have heard my book," I tell her, holding up the offending knocker.

"You two getting a little wild out here?" she asks with an exaggerated wink.

Ben is the one to blush at this, funny enough. Catie knows me, so I know she's teasing. We both also know that she's much wilder than I am.

"Just saying goodbye," I tell her. "Ben's going to San Diego for spring break, and you know I'll be back home."

"Sounds nice. You guys are lucky," she pouts, "you're going to have such a good time."

"What are your plans for spring break?" Ben asks.

"I'm just staying here," she says, shrugging sadly. "I'll probably watch TV all day and enjoy the empty campus while trying to get myself to do a little homework."

"Maybe you could come along to San Diego, if you want," he suggests.

"With you?" she asks, her eyes lighting up.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm going with a couple of my mates. I'm sure it would be fine if you tagged along. Don't you think, Blythe?"

Both pairs of eyes wait intently for my answer, like two kids begging their mom for ice cream. Ben never expanded on what friends he's going with, so I honestly don't know what they would think of her tagging along. It does sound like fun, though. I think she would enjoy the trip, and I can tell she wants to go, so I say, "Yeah, probably. You should go. I almost wish I could."

"Thank you so much!" she exclaims, throwing her arms around Ben.

"Sure," he says, then he begins to tell her what time they'll leave, where they'll be staying, all about the fun things they'll do, and for the first time, it hits me to be jealous that the two of them will be going together. They will be having a fun time without me, making their own inside jokes, experiencing things. For a second, I consider saying that I'll go. I'll tell my mom, and hope she understands.

I miss them, though. My family. If I go with Ben and Catie, I will miss Easter with them for the first time ever. I can't do that. I would be miserable in San Diego thinking about my family, and I would be disappointing them, too.

"I'm going to go inside," I tell Catie and Ben, because they seem to be talking on and on.

"All right. Goodbye, love," Ben says, kissing my cheek. "I'll call you, okay?"

"Yeah. Have a good time," I say, then duck inside to finally read and to stew in the disappointment that I'm sure will last less than it would if I'd told them I'd go. Or that's what I'm trying to convince myself, at least.

I sit on the couch and read and, minutes later, when she finally comes back inside, Catie is glowing.

"Thank you so much for blessing this," she says, with a big, uncontrollable smile as she plops down onto the sofa with me.

"Of course!" I say with less enthusiasm.

She doesn't seem to really notice, but she is still considerate. "You are sure it's okay with you, right?"

"Definitely! Look at you, all excited. I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time. I'm glad you won't be here bored the whole time I'm gone."

"Yeah, it sounds like it's going to be incredible. We both know I was going to put off my homework for as long as I could anyway."
"Right. So, you better get ready for tomorrow," I prompt.

"Yeah! Come help me?"

"I would, but I want to get as much reading out of the way as I can before I go back home," I explain, holding up my open book.

"Okay. Bummer. You're leaving later than we are, right?"

"Definitely. Probably late afternoon. Whenever I feel like it. There's no rush for me."

"I guess I'll say goodbye to you now, then," she says, grabbing me in a hug. "You are an amazing friend, and an amazing roommate. We're definitely moving in together next year, right?"

"Absolutely!" I agree, no pause, no question.

"Okay. Goodnight. Have a good time with your family."

"Thanks. Have a good time with Ben." I smile and hope there wasn't any resentment in my answer. Catie is an amazing friend, too. I'm worried for nothing. Everything will be fine.

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