May Fletcher, 18 year old high school graduate from North Dakota. Not a huge fan of boybands, ESPECIALLY 5 Seconds of Summer. Sure, she thinks they're cute, and that they have good music. But it's just something about them that she completely despises. Maybe it's the fact that they are famous? Whatever it is, she just does not like them.
But her little sister, Evelyn Fletcher, 12 years old, is totally IN LOVE with them.
When Evelyn gets two tickets to a meet and greet for 5 Seconds of Summer, it is May's job to take her.
Somehow they get special entry, and when Calum Hood takes one look at May, he falls in love. He tries flirting with her, but she wasn't having it. Playing hard to get, aren't we May?
But things take a turn for the best (for Calum) when he 'accidentally' switches phones with May. This meaning that they will have to meet again, and he will have another chance to win her heart.
Will she fall for Calum as hard as he fell for her? Find out in 'Swap.'


4. Chapter 4: It Will Rain

I squinted my eyes toward Calum, trying to think of a witty remark. When none came to mind, I just shook my head. "Thanks, but no thanks Calum. We're fine with walking." I said, starting to walk away. But of course, the bus started rolling along with me.

"I don't think you guys should be walking in a storm, it's not safe." He said, raising his eyebrows. 

Before I could protest any further, Evelyn tugged on my arm. "What do you want?" I hissed. "May, come on, let's just get on the bus. I've literally had the best day ever meeting my idols. Riding their tour bus would literally make my life, and who knows what could happen after that? Also, I am not walking home in a storm. And another thing..." At that moment, the thunder roared, cutting Evelyn off, and making me jump. "You're afraid of storms." She pointed out, laughing. 

"You're afraid of storms?" Calum asked, a sympathetic look on his face. I sighed, mentally punching my sister. 

"Yeah, so I'm afraid of storms, what's wrong with that?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't answer. "Absolutely nothing is wrong with that, May. Honestly, I think it's kind of cute that you're afraid of storms." He smiled. 

I rolled my eyes, but instantly felt my cheeks start to heat up. No May! You're showing a weakness! Stop blushing!

Before I could say anything, another window on the bus opened, revealing the band member with purple hair, who I believe goes by the name 'Michael'. Oh, would you look at that, I've learned all of their names. 

"You guuuys..." Michael whined. "make up your minds! I'm getting bored!" He said as he slumped back down in his seat, leaving the three of us alone again.

"Well, what will it be ladies?" Calum asked. I looked over at my sister, who was giving me puppy dog eyes. I then looked up at the sky, only to see that it was dark, gloomy skies for as far as the eye could see, meaning this storm wasn't stopping anytime soon.

I sighed, looking back at my sister. "Let's just get on the bus before it thunders again." Evelyn squealed, grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the door of the bus. 

We got on and Evelyn immediately sat down next to Luke, getting almost too comfortable. I sat down next to Calum, knowing that either way he would find his way to me. 

"So...can you guys just drive us home?" I asked. "Depends..." Calum started. "How far away do you live?" "About an hour away." I replied, sluggishly. "I don't know...what do you think?" Calum asked, looking at the bus driver. "I'm sorry Calum, I just don't think I can drive that far in this storm. It's too dangerous. The farthest I can go at his point is the hotel."

Calum looked at me and shrugged. "Sorry May, can't argue with that." I sighed. "Great, now I'm stuck with you guys for even longer." I groaned.

"Come on, we're not that bad." Ashton smirked, causing me to roll my eyes. 

"Crap!" I suddenly shouted, causing Evelyn to snap out of her daze of staring at Luke. "What's wrong May?" She asked. "If we're gonna be with these guys for a while, then who's going to take care of Delilah?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Who's Delilah?" Calum asked. "It's my pet kitten." I replied. All of the boys let out a chorus of high pitched 'awhs'. Apparently they like kittens.

"May..." Evelyn said, interrupting their awh's. "You have a best friend that lives right down the street from us. Amanda loves animals. I'm sure she would be more than happy to watch Delilah for you. Text her!" She exclaimed.

I sighed while pulling my phone out and texting Amanda.

Me: 'Hey Mandy, can I ask you a huge favor?'

Mandy: 'Sure, what's up?'

Me: 'Long story short, Eve and I are on the 5 Seconds Of Summer tour bus with the boys, on the way to their  hotel. The bus driver said that there is no way he can drive us home in the storm. Do you think you could take care of Delilah for a day or two? Just until I can get home?'

Mandy: 'Of course! You know I love animals! :)'

Me: 'Thank you sooo much! Do you think you could also somehow get my car from work, to my house?'

Mandy: "Sure! Shouldn't be a problem! So...are you getting along with the boys?'

Me: 'Yeah, for the most part. They're actually pretty cool! One of them is already falling in love with me though, lol.'

Mandy: 'Awe! Which one?'

Me: 'Calum :p'

Mandy: 'That's adorable! :) Do you think he's cute?'

Me: 'Well...yeah, he is really cute.' Did I really just say that?

Mandy: 'Awe, May! You should go for him!'

Me: 'Amanda, I just met him today! Plus he makes a lot of witty remarks, and he smirks a lot.'

Mandy: 'Are you describing Calum or yourself? Sounds like a match made in heaven!'

Me: 'Haha, very funny. I'm just not sure, Calum is really sweet...' Seriously, what is wrong with me? 'but I want to get to know him better before anything happens.  You remember what happened with me and that guy a few years ago.'

Mandy: 'I know, I'm sorry...:/'

Me: 'It's ok. I should probably go before anyone gets suspicious to why I've been on the phone so long.'

Mandy: 'Good point. Have fun with the boys!'

Me: 'I'll try my best, lol. I'll talk to you later!'

Mandy: 'Later gator!'

I sighed, putting my phone down. The rest of the ride was mostly silent, besides every now and then when I would let out a little whimper due to the thunder.

We finally arrived at the hotel, which was a low key Red Roof Inn, surrounded by a clothing shop, and a couple of restaurants.

Everyone got off of the bus, and headed into the hotel, getting soaked in the process. The bus driver headed to the front desk to get our two room keys. One room key for the bus driver...and one for everyone else. Lucky bus driver gets his own room.

The driver, who's name is Jim by the way, gave us our key, and then headed up to his room without a word being said. 

"I'm starvingggg!" Michael whined. "I'm pretty hungry too." Ashton replied, Luke nodding in agreement. 

"What about you guys?" Luke asked Calum and I.

I just shook my head, rubbing my arm, desperately wanting the storm to be over. "I'm fine, I ate during the Meet and Greet." Calum replied.

"Alright, then you two can go up to the room..." Ashton started while tossing Calum the key. "Luke, Michael, Evelyn and I are gonna go eat, we'll be back in like an hour or so, okay?" We both nodded in response. I sighed in my head. Oh yay, alone time with Calum. 

 The four of them left the hotel, back into the pouring rain, leaving Calum and I alone in the deserted lobby.

"Well, shall we go to the room?" he asked, a half smile forming on his lips. I smiled back, deciding not to play mean. "Sure, Calum."

We both headed up to the fourth floor and into room 516 without a word being said. Calum threw his bags on the floor next to the bed closest to the window, then he sat down on the bed, taking his shoes off and sighing. 

After a minute of awkward silence, Calum looked at me. "You know May...you can sit down..." he laughed. I snapped into realization, feeling my cheeks heat up. 

"Oh, right.." I laughed to myself, taking my shoes off and sitting next to him. 

"So May, if you don't mind me asking...why are you so afraid of storms?" He asked, curiosity filling his brown eyes. 

"Calum, I've really only told a couple of people this story...so I am trusting you with this, okay?" I said, seriousness filling my eyes. He nodded profusely, leaning back against the headboard.

I drew in a deep breath, getting ready to explain. 

"Okay, here it goes..."

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