May Fletcher, 18 year old high school graduate from North Dakota. Not a huge fan of boybands, ESPECIALLY 5 Seconds of Summer. Sure, she thinks they're cute, and that they have good music. But it's just something about them that she completely despises. Maybe it's the fact that they are famous? Whatever it is, she just does not like them.
But her little sister, Evelyn Fletcher, 12 years old, is totally IN LOVE with them.
When Evelyn gets two tickets to a meet and greet for 5 Seconds of Summer, it is May's job to take her.
Somehow they get special entry, and when Calum Hood takes one look at May, he falls in love. He tries flirting with her, but she wasn't having it. Playing hard to get, aren't we May?
But things take a turn for the best (for Calum) when he 'accidentally' switches phones with May. This meaning that they will have to meet again, and he will have another chance to win her heart.
Will she fall for Calum as hard as he fell for her? Find out in 'Swap.'


2. Chapter 2: One Event After Another

Mom and dad already left for California this morning.

I was trying to get Evelyn to go to bed early because I had to work on the morning, and if she wanted to get there on time, then she had to come to work with me.

Once I finally got her to lay in bed and fall asleep, I myself went to my room to get ready for bed.

I walked into my room and shut the door behind me. I pulled out a pair of shorts and an old concert tee-shirt that I got when I was in 10th grade.

I peeled off my skinny jeans and tank top and replaced them with the pajamas.

I went into the small bathroom that is attached to my room and I quickly brushed my teeth. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and grabbed my glasses, placing them on my face. I usually wear contacts, but I keep my glasses on at night time.

I went back into my room and turned the light off, getting into my bed. I grabbed my phone and turned it on, noticing that I had 1 new text. It was from my best friend, Amanda. I unlocked my phone to see what she had said.

Mandy: 'Hey darling, do you work tomorrow?'

Me: 'Yup, a half shift. Stop by and visit me?'

Mandy: 'Of course! I have to babysit tomorrow, so I'll bring the kid and get him a treat.'

Me: 'Sounds good! I should probably go to sleep so I'm not late to work. Goodnight!'

Mandy: 'Okay! Night night!'

I turned my phone off and placed it on my night stand, along with my glasses next to it.

I laid my head down on my pillow and fell asleep minutes later.


I woke up to the sound of Evelyn screaming. '"MAAAAAY!" She yelled. I sat straight up in my bed, grabbing my glasses and putting them on in the process.

"What do you want?!" I yelled back. "Your stupid alarm has been going off for the past fifteen minutes! Turn it off before I come in there and throw it out the window!" She warned.

I looked at my clock and almost had a heart attack, I was supposed to be leaving for work in ten minutes!

I slapped the button on my clock to turn the alarm off. I threw my duvet off of my body while yelling orders at Eve.

"Evelyn! I need you to get ready! You have to come with me to work today. Bring everything that you will need for today! And do not forget the tickets!" I yelled while brushing through my brunette hair. "I'm on it!" She yelled back.

I pulled my pajamas off and replaced them with tan skinny jeans, a black and white Nirvana shirt, and my Starbucks smock. I pulled on my black Vans, not even bothering to put socks on. I pulled my hair back into a messy bun, letting a few small strands of hair hang down.

I left my glasses on, and threw a piece of gum into my mouth, trying to save time.

I grabbed everthing that I needed, and I bounded down the stairs. I went into the laundry room, checking to make sure that Delilah had food. I then walked out of the house, dragging Evelyn behind.

We got into my car, I put the key in the ignition, and I started the car. I pulled put of the driveway and started down the street towards Starbucks. I rolled down the windows, feeling the early summer breeze fill my car.

After a short 5 minute ride, we had reached the small coffee shop. I pulled into the nearest parking space, and turned off my car. I grabbed my phone and got out of my car, quickly walking towards the building.

I bursted through the front door and looked towards the front counter where my boss, Emily, was satnding.

"Fletcher," She growled. "you're late." I sighed. "I know, I know. I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until 7:50. I am so sorry." I said, silently praying that she wouldn't fire me.

"I'm sure you are. Just get to work, now." She said while pointing towards the counter.

I slid my phone into my back pocket while heading behind the counter. Evelyn sat down at a table and started playing on her phone, while helped the first customer in line.


At around 11:45, Amanda and the kid she was babysitting walked through the door, and up to the counter.

"Hey babe." She smiled. "Hi Mandy." I laughed. "And who are you?" I asked, looking down at the little boy. "My name is Devin." He said shyly while looking down at his feet.

"Well it's very nice to meet you, Devin. What can I get for you guys?" I asked while wiping my hands on my smock.

"I'll get a medium java chip frappachino, and get the little one here one of your best smoothies, and a chocolate chip cookie."

I quickly got their orders made, and I handed them over, Amanda paying me in return.

"So..." Amanda started. "What are you doing after work today?" She asked. "Taking Evelyn to the 5sos meet and greet." I sighed. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well that should be fun."

Before I could say anything back, there was a clash of thunder outside, and it started pouring down rain.

I shuddered. I absolutely hate thunderstorms.

"Uh oh, we better get you back to my house before it gets worse out there." Amanda said to Devin.

"I'll text you later May. Try not to strangle anybody when you get to the venue." She said while walking out the door. "No promises!" I yelled after her.


After another 4 dreaded hours of working, my shift was finally over.

I picked up my keys, grabbed Evelyn's arm, and dragged her out of the building.

I walked through the pouring rain and got to my car, then freezing in my steps.

"Crap! I left the windows open!" I flung open the door of my car and looked at my seats. They were completley ruined from the rain.

I put my keys in the ignition and turned them. And you know what happened? Nothing. "Great," I groaned. "the battery is dead."

"What? No, May! We're going to be late!" Eve yelled, tears forming in her eyes. "No! No we won't! Just...call a taxi. I promise you will get there on time."

10 minutes after Evelyn called the taxi, it pulled into the parking lot. We got in, and I gave the driver the adress for the venue. 15 minutes after that, Evelyn was sleeping, and we were stuck in traffic.

Evelyn is not going to be happy when she wakes up. I thought while looking at the clock.

Another hour later, we had reached the venue, and the meet and greet was just ending.

I paid the taxi driver, and then carefully woke Eve up. She opened her eyes, looked at the clock, and almost had a heart attack.

"May, the meet and greet is over." She said while clenching her fists. "Don't worry, we can still get in, come on, let's go."

We got out of the car and started walking towards the building. The storm was still going stong, and it didn't show any signs of stopping.

Right before we walked inside, a security guard stoppeed us. "Sorry, no more fans are allowed in." He said, crossing his arms. "You don't understand, we have tickets. We just got stuck in traffic." I said, pointing to the tickets in Evelyn's hand.

"You being late is not my problem. No means no." At that moment Evelyn started bursting out in tears.

I quickly wrapped my arms around her to comfort her. The rain slowly started to take over us.

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