Devil May Cry: Rise of Dawn

Two millenniums ago, there was a war. Between the human world and the other... the Underworld. But somebody from the Underworld woke up to justice, and stood up against this legion, alone. His name was Sparda. Later, he quietly reigned the human world, and continued to preserve harmony, until his death. He became a legend, The Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda.
Before his death, he resurfaced in the modern day and married Eva, who gave birth to his twin sons, Dante and Vergil. Original Owner : Fallen Rai


3. Remembrance

I never gave the moment I came back to Earth a thought. I was never really interested in the underworld but since my mother died and I never knew where the hell my father went to my grandmother who is a demon decided to take care of me. She told me many stories of my mother. At the age of eleven I decided to go back to my home Earth but I didn't really think about it. On how Where would I live, what would I'd for money, food and water. Once I made it to earth I found a guitar. I knew how to use a guitar but really did use one. I started doing street performances. Student people started giving me money because I sung very good. Rich people would come by and watch as well. I remembered my mother's job on how she was a demon hunter even though she was a demon herself. I started making my own job and my own career I called it Demons Shall Die. I tried making it similar to the demon hunter place called "Devil May Cry." Later I started having people call in and come by because there were several mysterious things happening around Limbo city. Even though I was a solo fighter I was a bit lonely so I started to recruit people at least a few people. I was really selfish. Eventually I got some recruits but they were only guys. One was a technician, the other was get is jobs from anyone and the other one was a demon as well as a demon assassinator like me though he insisted to be my bodyguard. They were decent guys The other two knew we were demons but didn't mind at all. 

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