I swear all I could see was forest as his eyes met mine. His hands gripped the alcoholic beverage in his hand as I continued to move sexually on the stage. I bit my lip in anticipation as I stared back into his lustful orbs.


2. Forest Green Eyes


My knuckles had turned white from gripping the sink tightly. It felt like someone had punched me, my lungs couldn't seem to get enough oxygen. I was a complete mess with my disheveled hair and smudged makeup.  

Two red lines had managed to turn my life upside down in a matter of seconds. I was afraid of what he might do if he finds out. We were barely scraping by as it is. I released the sink from my grip. He wouldn't find out, I told myself reassuringly.  

I grabbed the positive test and quietly made my way to the kitchen trash can. I threw the test inside and grabbed the black trash bag. I finally took in a deep breath when I tossed our trash into the complex's dumpster.

 Inside I made my way back to the bathroom and turned the shower on. The water was hot but I didn't care. I needed it to relax my very tense muscles.  

The time read 8:30pm when I finished. I had only thirty minutes to finish getting ready before I had to be at the club. I let my hair dry to its natural red curls. My makeup was simple. A quick swipe of eyeliner, mascara and of course red lipstick, my signature look.  

I reached the dressing room at 8:50pm giving me enough time to put my costume on. It was a simple black corset covered in a number of fake jewels that pushed both of my size 40C breasts up. I slipped on my black pumps just as my boss called my name. Well my stage name, Ruby, because of my red hair and red lips.  

My heels clicked on the silent stage as I walked into the spotlight. Men and even some woman of all ages had their eyes on me. I began to move my hips to the steady beat of 'Partition' by Beyoncé.  

I gripped the pole tightly as I began to spin slowly dropping my body. The audience cheered when I landed doing the splits.  

I pulled myself up again letting my hands roam my body in a rather sexual way. My fingers loosened the ties that held the corset in place on my body leaving my breasts completely exposed to the crowd. Money rained down on me as I began my next move.  

My back lay flat on the stage as I let my long legs wrap around the pole. Using all my upper body strength I pulled myself up. I spun around while flipping myself around on the pole. I threw my head back letting my eyes wander the crowd.  

I swear all I could see was forest as his eyes met mine. His hands gripped the alcoholic beverage in his hand as I continued to move sexually on the stage. I bit my lip in anticipation as I stared back into his lustful orbs.  

The song ended and I froze. The money was collected off the stage and handed to me backstage. My mind had been elsewhere when I changed back into my clothes.  

"Ruby, You have a client that would like a private dance." My boss Misty walked in wearing her usual cheap perfume.  

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute. I have to change." She nodded and then left me alone.   I shifted through my small collection of costumes. Nothing caught my eyes so I decided on a white see through lace top and a matching pare of boy shorts. I shoved my feet into yet another pair of pumps that were white. I then tied my hair up into a lose pony tail.  

When I reached the private dance rooms Misty led me into one of the VIP rooms. Inside sat a group of men. Most likely a bachelor party. Some of the men already had girls dancing for them, but one man sat alone watching me as I moved in his direction.  

Those same forest colored eyes studied my slow movements. The song currently playing changed to 'Figure 8' by Ellie Goulding, one of my personal favorites. I shut my eyes and let the music decide my dance moves.  

My hands gripped the man's knees as I got down in front of him. I grabbed his hands pulling his body forward. I placed them on my breasts as I tilted my head back.  

His warm hands closed around my breasts kneading them slowly. I closed my eyes in pure lust. Normally when working with a client I never let them get this personal nor did I ever get turned on this much.  

I stood up watching as his hands returned to his sides. My body was begging to be touched again by this stranger. I hovered over his body as I laid my head on his shoulder. I began to grind my ass into his dick instantly feeling the affect I was having on him. His lips found my ear while I continued to grind on him.  

"What is your name sweetheart?" His voice let alone made me moan loudly. My sudden outburst made him smirk.  

"Ruby..."   "Ruby isn't your real name love. I meant your real name." I turned my body so that I was now chest to chest with the man.  

"That's confidential."   "Mhmm I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."  

"I'm afraid I just can't share that information. It's for safety reasons."  

"Well I suppose I can't argue with you. After all I could be a serial killer or even a rapist." I stopped grinding on him.  

"Well I would hope that wasn't the case, it would be a good waste of man." He smiled after running a hand through his brown curls pulled back by a bandanna.  

"It would? Harry is the name by the way." I nodded.  

"Nirvana." I said quietly as I began to dance again.  

"Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." His lips found their way to my neck. We were breaking so many rules but at that moment I didn't care. There was something about Harry that made him different from all my other clients.  

A few songs passed before I was told that his time was up. Harry paid me upfront one thousand dollars which was over the amount I charged.  

When I reached the dressing room again I felt an odd sadness. My body craved for his touch again. His touch that I would probably never feel again. I changed out of my costume and put my other clothes back on for the second time tonight.  

I collected my money and headed out the back entrance to my car. I turned the radio on and heard the familiar song 'Figure 8'. Instantly my nipples hardened thinking about my private session with Harry.  

I gripped the steering wheel tightly. I shouldn't be thinking this way. It wasn't right. I had a boyfriend and I was pregnant with our child. Men like Harry don't go for me anyways. I'm average and I am a stripper for God's sake.  

My mind was instantly taken of Harry when I noticed Ben was home. Quietly I walked into the small apartment. The lights were off meaning he was probably in bed. I sighed in relief, but was soon frightened when the kitchen lights came on.  

"How long were you going to wait!?" Ben stood only a few feet from me. His voice was slurred and his black hair a mess.  

"Wait for what...?" I quietly responded.  

"Are you pregnant?! Don't lie to me. I saw the empty box laying in the trash."  

"I... I.. Yes.." I mentally cursed myself for leaving the damn box upstairs.  

"So you were going to fucking hide it from me?" His body came at me full force slamming me up against the wall. Tears had already began to run down my cheeks.  

"Please Ben you're going to hurt the baby.." I placed my hand on his cheek hoping to snap him out of his drunken fury.  

"I don't give a fuck and from the looks of it you're probably fucking your clients also, it's probably not even mine!" He slammed his fist into the wall right next to my head. He then shoved me to the ground.  

"What?"   "Look at the hickey on your neck you fucking whore...!" He kicked my side with such a force that I didn't even have time to take in enough oxygen by the time he kicked me a second time. He spit in my face before walking out the door.  

I wiped the spit from my face while I laid there feeling too weak to even get up. I prayed to God that he hadn't hurt the baby.


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