Adopted by michael clifford

Jane is a 7 year old girl who has a hard life. She never speaks an is scared of every one. What makes it worse? She is an orphan. Everyone hates her. But why? What happens when Michael adopts her? Will it be ok? Will people accept her? And will he be able to open up this little girl?


2. 2:dad


I have been here a month and have gotten close to my uncle ash. I only talk to him. Right now it's just me and him at home. "Uncle ash?" "Yeah bug?" "Does Michael really care about me?" "Yea when ever it's just us four guys he doesn't stop worrying about you he asks how your voice sounds and he wonders when he will hear it" I looked at uncle ash. "I'm gonna talk to him today" "Michael?" "My dad so yeah Michael" "your going to call him dad?" I nodded and he started to laugh and looked behind me and saw dad. I smiled at him. "Hi dad" he smiled the biggest smile I have seen. "You called me dad and your voice is so sweet" he hugged me tight. "So when you gonna talk to your other uncles?" I shrugged. "Oh and princess you start school next month and it's home school cuz Liz lukes mum is going to teach you" "ok" "don't worry she is nice like grandma" "ok" "we need to pack for tour" uncle cal said to uncle Luke walking through the door. "Daddy what's a tour?" "Well me and your three idiotic uncle are in a band and so we go to places and sing for people" wait they are leaving me? Even uncle ash? I started to tear up. "Your l-l-leaving me?" "Oh no no no short fry your coming with us" "yay!!!!!!" Daddy laughed at my reaction. Suddenly someone picked me up and I noticed it was uncle Luke. "Uncle ashy help me!!!" "Smash to the rescue!!!!" He then took me from uncle Luke. "Thanks uncle smash" I giggled calling him that. "It was my pleasure" we all laughed. And I realized something. I'm happy.

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