Adopted by michael clifford

Jane is a 7 year old girl who has a hard life. She never speaks an is scared of every one. What makes it worse? She is an orphan. Everyone hates her. But why? What happens when Michael adopts her? Will it be ok? Will people accept her? And will he be able to open up this little girl?


1. 1:adoption


"JANE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!!!" I hear the caretaker Mia yell. I came down stairs and saw Mia and a guy with red hair. "Hello little one" red said. I waved hi. "What's you name?" Didn't he hear Mia say it? I still didn't say a thing. "Ok um Mia what's her name?" "It's jane" "well jane do you want me to adopt you?" I jut shrugged. I was a little scared but he would probably fore me anyways. "Then go pack I'm adopting you" I told you. Forced. When I was done packing we left but in a long black car. I gave him a look to say ' what's that?' "It's a limo" we got in it and the guy explained himself. "Well I'm Michael and you have three uncles I love to dye my hair and that's bout it so tell me bout yourself. I just shrugged. I pulled out a white board and marker. 'I don't talk told not to as a child' "oh ok well if you want to speak that's fine ok?" 'Ok' "by the way be and your uncles are a band ok?" 'Which one I love music' " we are 5 seconds of summer" 'I love your music' he smiled and I smiled for the first time in years. "How old are you ?" '7' "that's cool" 'are my uncles nice?' "They are very nice mainly your uncle Luke he is the shy one but not really shy now" I nodded. 'Why did you-' before I could finish we got there and the house was huge! 'Your house is huge!!!' He chuckled. "Yeah it kinda is but let's go inside" he took my hand and held it as we went inside and there were three guys all playing a video game well except one he looked like he hated the game. Michael cleared his throat and they looked at him then me. The one who wasn't playing the game he had curly hair so I'll call him curly. "Hey Mikey this the kid you adopted?" Curly asked. I looked and saw Mikey smile. "Yeah she is" the one who had a lip ring so I will call him lip. "How old is she? She has to be at least four" "no she is seven" the one who looked kiwi so I'll call him kiwi started talking. "But how she looks like a four year old?" "I don't know but she doesn't talk she writes" lip started "but a kid needs to talk" "hey I was taught not to talk my childhood not the best' "that's no excuse" 'I haven't been here ten minutes an I already hate it' after I wrote that I ran into the bathroom. I heard banging and Michael's voice. "Please jane come out please please jane please" I opened the door and he hugged me. "Please jane never scare me like that ever again" one thought or question was stuck in my mind. Did he really care about me?

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