One-Shots For All My Fave Fandoms [REQUESTS OPEN!]

This is a one-shot book I will make to post one-shots from any fandom I feel in the mood for. This will include but is not limited to:

-Percy Jackson
-Harry Potter
-How to Train Your Dragon
-Rise of the Guardians
-the Big Four (not five, I don't like Frozen or Elsa, sorry)
-5 Seconds of Summer
-All Time Low
-or any combination of any of the listed or more.

I will warn you, there are a lot of fandoms I don't know or don't like, so if you request something (e.g. Frozen, Divergent, the Fault in Our Stars) that falls in that category I will a) ignore it [sorry that may sound rude] or b) say sorry, I don't like that or c) sorry I don't know that, capiche?

Also, I mostly do boyxboy, but I will write boyxgirl or girlxgirl, feel free to ask!



2. Type-A, High-Strung Bitch (PJO)

Okay, yes, I did just copy and paste this from my Wattpad account. Oops. There will be more like this! But I just thought this was so cute! Do you think so? Anyway, I will be working on some originals, but PLEASE, send requests! I'm seriously begging you!   AU: Ethan never dies and Luke never turns into Kronos. Luke is new at camp and Ethan shows him around. Really more of a friendship than anything, but whatever. Percy never dates/dated Annabeth. He's actually really good friends with Nico, but they're too young to date, so... Anyway, people only respect Annabeth out of fear--everyone except Thalia, Nico, Percy, Luke and Ethan. Grover is out searching for Pan, and Juniper stays alone in her tree most of the time. Percy has been at Camp Half-Blood the longest (instead of Annabeth) and is a year-round camper after his mom died in an "accident". Percy is a son of Hades and outcast, like Nico would be (Nico's a son of Zeus). The son of Poseidon, the hero, is good friends with Percy though. He's Ethan Nakamura (ooh, killer twist there! ;D)


{Luke's POV} I was walking down the beach when I suddenly bumped into someone.


"Sorry!" they said immediately.


"It's fine."


I looked up to see a boy with tousled black hair, his manic black eyes piercing mine.


"Hey, are you new?" he asked. I nodded. "I'm definitely not new--I've been here longer than any other camper, but my friend Ethan Nakamura and I both could show you around camp," he offered. I grinned, showing my missing front tooth.


"Sure. I'm Luke Castellan, ten years old, son of Hermes."


"Percy Jackson, ten, son of Hades." He grinned back.


"Cool! Necromancy must be so awesome!" I exclaimed. Percy grinned and nodded.


"What happened to your tooth?" he asked curiously. I blushed and looked away.


"I... fought a monster?" It came out as a question. I silently cursed myself.


"Really now?" Even for a ten-year-old, Percy had a mouth and mind for sass. I stuck my tongue out at him like the mature person I am.


"Fine. I was skateboarding and my... former-friend pushed me and I banged my head. When I sat up, blood was everywhere, and my tooth lay in a pool of the sticky stuff, chipped and useless. I got a five dollar bill from the tooth fairy though!"


"Who was your friend?"


I bit my lip. "Probably no one you'd know. She had to move to San Fran with her daddy even though she didn't want to. She said her daddy forced her too because her stepmom wanted to go there. I don't know why."


"Name?" Percy insisted. He looked angry and annoyed, like he already knew who I was talking about.


"Annabeth Chase."


Percy clenched his fists. "That sounds like her. She's actally here, at camp. She's a daughter of Athena."


"Why's she so mean?" I scrunched up my nose. Percy shrugged.


"I wish I knew the answer to that."


We kept walking until Percy saw another boy--he had the same messy black hair but he had bright sea green eyes. Percy grinned.


"Ethan!" he called. The other boy looked up, grinned, then sprinted towards us. I noticed he had an eyepatch over one eye. I wondered what happened.


The boy--Ethan--stopped in front of us. "You called?"


Percy laughed. "Ethan, this is Luke Castellan, son of Hermes. Luke, this is Ethan Nakamura, son of Poseidon."


"Nice to meet you!" I said happily while smiling. Ethan looked around eleven, maybe twelve.


"I've gotta go. See you guys!" Percy waved then headed off to the Zeus cabin. Ethan smirked knowingly.


"He's going to go visit his 'special friend' Nico di Angelo," Ethan said. I laughed. "Wanna go spy on them?"


"Sure, why not. I've got nothing better to. Let's go!"


Ethan and I ran as quietly as we could and peeked through the window of the Zeus cabin [AN I don't care if there isn't a window in the Zeus cabin, there is in this story, and it's an AU anyway, so HA!]


A black haired boy with electric blue eyes was sitting with Percy. He looked around twelve. They were holding hands, cuddled up together under a blanket, watching a movie. I'm fairly certain they were watching a Paranormal Activity film. My prediction came true when Percy got this expression of pure horror and buried his face into the other boy's--who I know assumed was Nico--shoulder.


"They're so cute!" I whispered. Ethan nodded.


"Let's go hang out in my cabin. Come on, it's just next door." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the Poseidon cabin. Before we got there though, Annabeth blocked us. I tensed up and squeezed Ethan's hand, a look of absolute fear on my face. Annabeth sneered at me, then at our linked hands.


"Ew, stupid homos," she said like some stupid teenage gossip girl.


"Step off, Chase," Ethan snapped, trying to pull me around her. But my feet were rooted to the ground.


"I always knew there was something totally and utterly off about you, but I never knew it was this bad." Annabeth scowled at me. "Really Luke, I expected more from you."


"Leave me alone," I croaked.


"And I see you and your stupid family with dirt for money couldn't afford to get that tooth of yours fixed." Annabeth smirked at me. I felt heat rise to my face.


"Shut up about my family!" I yelled.


"Oh, and is your mom still possessed by that creepy, scary evil spirit that makes her eyes glow and she spits out random bits of words that never make sense?"


"Shut up Annabeth!" I screamed, squeezing my eyes shut and clamping my hands over my ears.


"Does she still grab your shoulders and shake you up, spitting out random things about your fate? Does she still convulse around on the floor like a person having a seisure? Does she still make loads of burnt chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter sandwiches that go moldy? Does she still forget half the things she talks about? Does she even know you're there ever? And does your precious daddy ever come around and save the day?"


I was sobbing uncontrollably by now, and a bunch of people had come out of their cabins to watch.


"Shut up, Annabeth," Ethan hissed through gritted teeth.


"Oh, save it Nakamura," she snapped. Then she turned to me again and grabbed the front of my shirt.


"Chase!" Ethan exclaimed.


"Well does she, Luke? Does she still scare you half to death? And how come your daddy never comes around to help? She always said he would. She always said everything would get better. But no. She just lied! Everyone lied to you, Luke! And it's all because you're a worthless little piece of shit! You hear me? You'll never have friends, or anyone to trust!" Annabeth yelled.


"Shut up!" I screamed, tears flowing freely down my face.


"You're such a wuss. I can't believe I was ever friends with you. And you know what? You know why Hermes never came 'round and helped? Because they don't care, Luke. The gods don't care about their children. I bet he rolls around on the floor of Olympus, laughing at how pathetically stupid you are. Because you're nothing, Luke. You'll never be anything to anyone, no matter how hard you try." Annabeth smirked at me. Ethan managed to tear me away from her.


"Stay away from us, Chase," he growled. Annabeth just laughed and strutted off like a queen or something. Percy and Nico rushed over to us. I curled up into Ethan's chest and cried. I just cried, and cried, and cried.


"Luke! I'm so sorry, she's such a prat, I don't understand what makes her so mean," Percy rambled.


"Shh, it's okay, you're okay," Ethan said soothingly as he rubbed my back. He pulled away slightly and looked me dead in the eye, holding onto my hands. "Don't you dare listen to a word that type A high-strung bitch says to you, all right? You're perfect just the way you are, and you're away from your past here. You're safe with me, all right?" I nodded and leaned into him, taking in his scent. It calmed me down a little. But now I knew that whenever I had Ethan, nothing and no one could ever hurt me. We would defend each other to the end. And Annabeth really is just a stupid, type A high-strung bitch.


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