One-Shots For All My Fave Fandoms [REQUESTS OPEN!]

This is a one-shot book I will make to post one-shots from any fandom I feel in the mood for. This will include but is not limited to:

-Percy Jackson
-Harry Potter
-How to Train Your Dragon
-Rise of the Guardians
-the Big Four (not five, I don't like Frozen or Elsa, sorry)
-5 Seconds of Summer
-All Time Low
-or any combination of any of the listed or more.

I will warn you, there are a lot of fandoms I don't know or don't like, so if you request something (e.g. Frozen, Divergent, the Fault in Our Stars) that falls in that category I will a) ignore it [sorry that may sound rude] or b) say sorry, I don't like that or c) sorry I don't know that, capiche?

Also, I mostly do boyxboy, but I will write boyxgirl or girlxgirl, feel free to ask!



3. Best Christmas Ever (PJO)

Yes, another copy-pasted one. Yippee. This one is short, too. Just warning you. 

Jason and Nico spend Christmas at Sally, Paul and Percy's place. (**Also, there will be some almost-smut and a bunch of fluff. Don't like it, don't read it**) p.s. This one'll be short because I had no idea how I could make it longer. Oh, and there's a House of Hades spoiler, so if you somehow haven't read that yet (no offense to anyone who hasn't) just try and skip it if you really don't want to know. Sorry, I just had to say something. :)  


{Nico's POV}

"Hi Nico." Sally Jackson smiled at me. I smiled back.  

"Hi Mrs. Jackson."  

"Please, sweetie, call me Sally." Sally laughed, ruffled my hair, and went back to the kitchen.  

"PERCY!" I shouted, running up the stairs. I pushed open his bedroom door only to find him snogging the one and only Jason Grace. I froze to the spot instantly, staring at the two. When they finally broke up, Percy noticed me. He blushed crimson as his eyes widened.  

"Nico, please, it's not--"  

"What it looks like?" I chuckled. "I think it is."  

"You're not mad or grossed out?" Jason frowned. My smile melted and I fiddled with the cuffs of my aviator's jacket.

"I-I'm actually gay. I-I just never told y-you guys," I said quietly. (AN **caution House of Hades spoiler** Sorry if you haven't read House of Hades but I need to say this for everyone who did: pretend Jason never found out Nico was gay/bi. It didn't actually say in the book, so I say gay or bi 'cause no one really knows 'cept Rick himself. Back to the story)  

Percy laughed. "Well then, come on."  

My eyes widened again. "W-what?"  

"You didn't think we'd let you miss out on the fun." Percy smirked and snagged my hand, pulling me onto the bed. I landed on my side in between the two heroes.  

"What are you--?"   I was cut off by Jason who all of a sudden pressed his lips to mine. I almost immediately kissed back. Percy sucked and nibbled on my neck, making me moan, which gave Jason the perfect opportunity. He stuck his tongue inside my mouth, exploring every inch of it. Then Percy and Jason switched positions. No offense to Jason, but Percy was a better kisser. Nevertheless, both kisses were amazing. When they both pulled away, I knew I was getting harder by the second. Percy caught his breath then fumbled for my pants zipper. I caught his hand.  

"Are you sure we should go that far yet?" I asked quietly, nervousness clear in my voice. Percy leaned in and quickly pecked my lips.  

"If you're not ready, that's okay." He smiled sweetly at me, and so did Jason. Suddenly, the door opened and we all scrambled apart. Paul, Percy's stepdad, stood there with wide eyes.  

"Dad, please don't tell Mom, we were just--"  

"Percy, it's fine. I'm just a little surprised. And I won't tell Sally, I promise." Paul smiled at the three of us. We smiled back. "I just came to say that dinner was ready. And if you three plan on doing anything while you're here, I suggest you wait until we're either asleep or you're all alone." Paul winked and left the room. Percy just laughed, Jason chuckled, and I just smiled. Paul was the best.  

"Well this was the best Christmas ever," I commented, kissing both demigods on the cheek.

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