My names Eva. My best friend is a pop star who is supper popular. I right songs for him and we are like brother and sister At least that's what i thought.


2. Chapter Two

It takes about 20 minutes to drive from my place to school. "What you thinking about?" Shane asks looking back and forth from me and the road in front of us. I shrug and put my feet on the dash board. "Hey don't get my baby all dirty!" He yells batting at my feet. I laugh and hit him playfully in the arm. He rolls his eyes and says "well were here." I remove my feet from the dash and grab my bag. Shane grabs his keys and climbs out and I go after him. All the girls are glaring at me, well all except my friends Stacy and Ella. Shane walks over to his friends and I head over to my group of friends. It's not a really big group. There's me, Stacy,Ella,Connor, and Kanin. "Dang you look hot Eva." My friend Stacy said. I look down at the ground without saying anything. "Omg Eva did you here that Shane is dating Kelly? Like, why Kelly? She's a total slut and she is so mean!" Ella says. Kanin joins in "yeah, she once told Kyle and Michael that she would have sex with them if they filled my locker with dildos." He pushes his glasses further up his nose. I remember that day perfectly. It was on a Wednesday just after lunch. Me and Mike went with Kanin to his locker since we all had lockers near each other. Kanin put his combo in and opened his locker. All of his books and papers came falling out with a bunch of pink dildos. Along with this was a not that said 'thought you would want these. Now you don't have to use the vacuum;-)' Every one was laughing at him. Poor Kanin just took off and ditched the rest of the day. I remember that me and Kanin had to clean up the mess. My thoughts were untutored by the school bell ringing. We all walked up the stairs and through the doors of the school. We all walked with each other to our lockers since they were all right next to each other. Stacy was 20, ella was 22, I was 27,Connor is 29, and Kanin was 32. Shane's locker was actually on the other side of me, but he never uses it. If he does I know something is up. Me and Connor have our first class together. The others leave and Connor comes over to my locker "ready?" He asks leaning on the locker. Connor is actually not a nerd at all. He has blonde shaggy hair with blue eyes and a perfect tan. He's built and smart. He belongs in the popular group but he says that were cooler. A bunch if girls like him but he pays them no attention. "Yup" I say as I close my locker. Connor is one of the few people I talk to. He smiles and we walk towards our class. "Don't look now but Mr. Perfect is heading this way." He says nudging me in a playful way. That's what he calls Shane. He doesn't really like Shane. With Shane is the school slut. I nudge Connor and say "don't look now but Mrs. Slut Strut is heading this way." We look at each other start laughing, like really hard. I'm laughing so hard I have to hand Connor my books and grip my sides. I stand straight again still hold my sides when I notice Shane and Shay are standing right in front of us. My smile immediately. "What's so funny nerds?" Shay says twisting her hair in one hand. I look down at my feet and don't say anything. I feel one of them looking at me so I look up and find Shane watching me. I look away while Connor starts to say "oh nothing, just talking about the time Max here pushed me out of a tree when I got stuck up in it." I smile at that because that actually happened. We were in kindergarten and me and Stacy and Ella were outside playing when we walked past a tree that Kanin was standing by. He told me that Connor was stuck so I offered to help him. By help I meant push him off of the branch and hope he has a safe fall down. Shay rolls her eyes and says "whatever losers. Well babe I'll see you later. About seven tonight, your place." Then she struts off swaying her hips. When she's out of hearing distance I giggle a little. Both of the guys look at me with questioning looks. I shrug and walk away. I can feel both of them looking at me but I don't dare look back.

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