My names Eva. My best friend is a pop star who is supper popular. I right songs for him and we are like brother and sister At least that's what i thought.


4. Chapter Three

I get to class a few minutes before the bell. I have to sit next to Matt, a popular guy who is a jerk and will do anything to get in a girls pants. But I get to sit next to the window so it doesn't bother me as much as it could. I walk over to my seat and sit down. The bell rings and Shane and Connor walk in. Connor sits in front of me and Shane sits behind me. They walk to there seats, but before Connor sits down he hands me a note. I take it and unfold it under my desk "do you Eva Jenssen give me Conor Bilk permission to officially hit Shane upside the head?" I giggle under my breath and fold the note and put it in my pocket. He looks at me expectantly, I smile and shake my head "sorry." He narrows his eyes and turns around. I laugh under my breath and go to grab my notebook. Our teacher walks in and starts to say something but I ignore her and look outside. The morning sun is casting a shadow of light on everything in its path causing everything to look like a golden color. I spend the rest of the class doodling in my notebook, as I do for the rest of my classes. Finally it's lunch. Me,Connor, and Kanin walk with each other to our area outside. It's a grassy area that most kids hang out at. Macy and Ella are already there "hey guys" me and the girls say in unison. We all say "jinks" at the same time and then start laughing. Connor shakes his head "girls". I nudge him in the gut and then go and sit down. Connor comes and sits next to me and hands me some candy. "Aww you guys are so cute!" Ella yells. I roll my eyes and say "he's like my annoying older brother" as Connor says "she's like a quiet little sister." We look at each other and laugh. It's true, we are like siblings. Since I'm in foster care, he's the only family that I've got. He's protected me since we first met. That's why he doesn't like Shane. He's just a protective brother and I don't know what I'd do without him. Ella stops talking all of a sudden. I look at her and see that she looking behind me. I turn around and see who she's looking at. My breath catches in my throat and Conor stands up and in front of me. Walking towards us is Eli, someone I thought I was never gonna have to see again. I stand up and hide behind Ella and Macy who are standing next to Connor. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone heading over here. I turn and see Shane. He walks and stands next to me, just as he was about to say something I elbow him in the gut, keeping my eyes locked on Eli. Shane must've seen the fear in my eyes because he shut up and put his body halfway in front of me. Eli stops I front of us and studies everyone, then he sees me and smirks "we'll look at you Eva! You look hot, how have you been?" I can see both Conor and Shane tense in front of me. "Don't even look at her" Conor growls. Eli holds his hands up and says "whatever just thought I'd stop and say hi to every one" then he turns and walks away. But then he stops and turns to me "I'll be seeing you later" then he's gone. I'm frozen in place, I am so full of fear that I can't even move. Conor is in front of me, he looks at me and then pulls me into a hug. Everything comes into focus and I hug him back.

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