My names Eva. My best friend is a pop star who is supper popular. I right songs for him and we are like brother and sister At least that's what i thought.


1. Chapter One

I woke up to the sun shinning in through my bedroom window. I roll over on to my back and stare at the ceiling. The color is something between white and yellow. I spend so many endless nights staring at this very ceiling just thinking. I get out of bed and go to my closet. I got out my black skinny jeans and a red plain short-sleeve shirt. I went into my bathroom that's connected to my room and changed. I took my brush and started untangle ing my long blonde hair. It went all the way down to my waist and had some curls in it. I took a rag and washed my face because I don't really like wearing makeup. And I honestly don't have to because my face is smooth and clear and I have naturally long eyelashes. When I'm done I go and grab some socks and my black heeled ankled boots. My phone bused on my night stand. It's a message from my bestie Shane. He's this big teen pop star who everyone loves. Sometimes it can get annoying but I suck it up and deal with it.

SHANE: Im picking you up today'


Downstairs,I grab some cookies and a cup of coffee. There's a honk outside so I run and grab my black leather jacket and throw it on. My camo bag is sitting on the floor and it already has all of my books so I throw it over my shoulders and grab the house keys. I awl out the door and lock the door behind me. Shane is waiting in his all black mustang. He reaches over and opens the door for me. "Thanks" I say as I throw my bag in the back and climb in the Front. Me and Shane are actually weird friends. He's popular, good with the ladies and can talk to anyone. Whereas I'm a geek, scare boys off, can't talk to anyone because I'm to shy, and is hated by every girl in and out of school.

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