When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


8. Chapter 8

//Anna’s Pov\\


I smile brightly as I lean on the shiny counter of the large skateboard shop. The cashier on the other side was wrapping up Louis new skateboard while talking to Zayn. He spat out a few phrases then watched us. I’m assuming it was the price so I turn to Zayn for confirmation.


Zayn takes my wallet and pays before grabbing the white paper bag with the shop logo and salutes the man before walking out.


We step out onto Paris streets. I rub my tired eyes, which I have been doing all morning and continue to walk with  Zayn. “Do you think everyone will be awake?” I ask, checking Zayn’s watch.


“At 9:30am? No way, we all had a pretty late night” He says. “Do you wanna go back? Or get some breakfast? I’m feeling a bit hungry”


I thought for a moment. If we go back now it would have to be awhile until we had breakfast, since it would be polite to wait for the group to wake up. “Sure” I nod. “You know a place”


He nods smiling as he keeps walking, turning a few corners before we had a long street ahead of us. He had a skip in his step and a smile on his face as he continued on the street. “You’re so happy this morning” I point out.


He turns to me giddy “Paris would have to be one of my favourite places in the world. I don’t know just like the atmosphere and the vintage look and the accent. I plan to live here one day”


I smile “I had the same thought, I used to tell Niall how much I love Paris, but he never told me he had been or that he speaks French, I guess he wanted to surprise me” I say.


Zayn hums deeply, almost like he’s not agreeing with me. Before I could make a comment he mutters out “We’re here”.  I turn to face the modern breakfast café, smiling slightly. He walks us through the surprisingly big café, turning sharply around tables “Zayn, how big is this place”


Zayn stops at a pair of steps “It has an upstairs” he told me “come on” he smiles, grabbing my hand.


I follow him up to a much brighter upstairs, where couples and groups of people were together enjoying their breakfast. I gasp at the large window taking up on wall of the café, that showed a stunning view of the Eiffel tower. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The sky was this amazing clear blue, the grass below the tower looked trimmed and clean and the people around it carrying on with their happy lives. I smile at it, before Zayn tugs gently on my hand once more, leading us to sit at a table right next to the window.


“You like it?” he asks as he sits down. I follow his lead still mesmerized “I love it”


“Do you mind if I use your phone? Niall still has mine” I say. He nods, passing over his phone. I quickly slide up the camera mode a snap a few photos of the view. “So why does Niall still have your phone?” Zayn asks, looking over the breakfast menu.


I shrug my shoulders, passing Zayn back his phone and getting my own menu. “Why did he take it away?” Zayn asked. I roll my eyes at my stupidness that started the whole situation with Niall “He just took it away because I was looking at my brothers messages and he thought I was going to send a message. And he took it away, he hasn’t even mentioned giving it back” I sigh, looking over the breakfast options and smile.


“SO he doesn’t trust you” Zayn points out. I purse my lips looking back up at Zayn “Well…no…”I trail off, unsure if Zayn was right or not. Zayn smiles “A boyfriend should trust his Girlfriend” he says shrugging his shoulders “DO you see anything interesting?” he asks. I shake my head from the questions I need to ask Niall but never actually get a chance anyway...”Um, yeah, I feel like an omelette” I say.


He hums “I might get the eggs, do you mind if you take my bacon, I can’t eat it”


I nod as a sweet smiling waitress with a slight baby bump, named Kylie, comes by and takes our orders along with a milkshake for Zayn and an orange juice for me.


I look back out the window and smile at the view once more “I can’t believe we have been here for 3 weeks and I still haven’t been on the Eiffel tower” I tisk. “almost 4 weeks” Zayn smiles “I can take you up there after we’re finished if you want”


I look back at his innocent face happily. It seemed like a nice idea, but I really want to see it with Niall for my first time. “I think I’ll wait for Niall, thank you though” I say politely as I crossed my arms on the table.


“Yeah Niall, how is your relationship with him going?” He asks. I nod “It’s good, moving forward”


“Are you happy?” he asks again “Cause all I hear from you two is screaming”


I grin politely once more “We’re a couple Zayn and couples fight. It’s not that big of a deal, I know Niall, we’ll deal with it”


“How well do you know Niall?” He asks again as the same waitress brings us our drinks. I take a sip quickly. “What’s with all the questions?” I ask curiously.


“I’m just say you haven’t know Niall personally for long” he explains. “9 almost 10 months” I cut him off. “Well yeah, I’m just wonder how much  you know about him, how much has he told you about his life?”


“Enough” I say quickly. “Look Zayn, I don’t know what you’re getting too, but Niall and I are very happy together. There is nothing wrong with us. I appreciate the concern but I don’t need you to butt into my relationship” I say firmly.


“Look Anna, I’m just being nice here, I just don’t want you to be lied to. So I’m gonna ask you again, how much do you know about Niall?”


“Is there something I should know?” I snap quickly. Zayn sits back in his chair quietly. I stare at him angrily, how dare he. Trying to get me to doubt my own boyfriend. I stare out the window and run my hands through my hair. What if there is something Niall isn’t telling me, what if it involves this Derek guy, or even Matt. What if this Paris trip is for a whole different reason and what if Niall is the problem?


I calm my face as the nice waitress brings us our food. “Alright “ She smiles “Omelette  for the lady and The Big Egg Breakfast for the man” She smiles “Anything else”


Zayn shakes his head as he grabs his cutlery “I’m sorry, it’s not up to me to ask you questions about your relationship”. I nod “it’s okay, sorry for snapping”


“So, How are we going to surprise Louis for his birthday?” He asks quickly changing the subject.

I smile slightly picking up my cutlery. The smell of my omelette and Zayn’s eggs hit me at once, but instead of enjoying the smell like I do, I felt a queasy feeling in my stomach.


I sit back in my chair, holding my stomach a little. “Are you okay?” Zayn asked me.


I smile at him for a second before feeling my throat become heavy; I quickly cover my mouth with my hand before taking a glance at Zayn before bolting out of my seat. I thankfully spot a bathroom and run it, shutting the door and emptying all of last night’s dinner into the bowl. I sit down on the surprisingly clean floor holding my head.


I hear a hard knock on the door, then Zayn’s sharp voice “Anna, what’s happened?” He asked. I quickly shut the lid of the toilet and get up slowly, walking towards the door to unlock it. Zayn walked in concerned “Did you throw up?” he asks. I nod disgusted.


Zayn walks over to me and places his hand on my forehead “You feel a bit warm” he tells me. “Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well”


I shake my head “I didn’t really feel it till the food came. The egg smell was terrible” I say “I feel a bit better now that I’m away from it” I admit.


“Alright, as long as you feel better”


I nod as I rinse my mouth out and walk out with Zayn. As we make it to our table, I watch a male waiter take away our plates. I smile grateful as we sit back down and Kylie came up to us.


“You alright there sweetie?” She asks. I nod “yeah I’m okay, sorry for all the costumer confusion, I’m sure the food here is great, it’s just the smell of eggs didn’t agree with me that moment”


“Oh honey you don’t have to explain” she says as she wipes down the table “The pregnancy nose gets better, I promise you she says” smiling down at her own stomach.

I stare at her it shock as does Zayn “What?”


She looks at me and smiles “I can tell you’re pregnant from a mile away. This is my third child so I have a bit of experience” she says “Also your skin is practically glowing and your senses are heightened” She says taking away our half-ful glasses. “Drinks and stuff are on us. Congratulations you too” she smiles as she walks away.

I stare in daze for a second or two before beginning to rush out of the restaurant. I make it onto the streets of Paris and just keep walking. Unsure. Scared. What does she mean pregnant. I can’t be pregnant. Niall and I either use a condom or the pill, always protected. I run my fingers through my hair and pull on it a little. What happens if I am pregnant? What would Niall do? What would Niall say? What would I do? I’m too young. I have my whole life in front of me.

I feel my eyes sting from almost crying. I wipe my eyes as I feel a hand on my shoulder whipping me around. “Anna calm down, please”

“Can you just leave me alone? I need to think?” I say as I begin to walk away only to be pulled in by Zayn “I can’t leave you alone. Okay you can’t walk on these streets alone…..It’s okay” he tells me, pulling me closer, hugging me. I wipe my eyes. “You don’t even know if it’s true” he tells me quietly.

I pull back from him, quickly “Take me to a Pharmacy”

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