When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


7. Chapter 7

// Anna's Pov \\


I stood in the kitchen at 5 in the morning. My head trying to wrap around the situation.


‘Maybe we didn’t leave London, just because Matt was after us. Maybe Derek and Matt are working together?’


I set down my mug, noticing I’ve finished the tea inside and began to pour the already hot water to make my 4th cuppa. I sit on the stool in silence, wondering why Niall would keep such secrets from me. Shouldn’t he tell me I’m in danger?


I get startled by rattling keys and quick feet moving into the kitchen. Zayn popped in soon after in running shorts and a jumper, his head phones in his ears and messy bed hair. He stared at me confused for a moment before pulling out his headphones “What are you doing up?”


I shrug my shoulders “Thinking”


I contemplated about asking Zayn about this ‘Derek’ person, but what if Zayn doesn’t know about him and then Niall would be in bigger trouble.


“What are you thinking about?” he ponders. I smile a little “Stuff”


“Would you like to come for a run with me? Clear your head?” He asks, rocking from his toes to his heals. I bite my lip. I haven’t done any exercise in a while and with all the food I’m eating, I’m sure it’s showing.

“Sure” I say, placing my cup in the sink “Just give me a second to change”


I walk into my room and too the suitcase, praying Eve packed me some running clothes. My prayers were half answered when I found my running shorts but not my shirt. I grabbed my sports bra and singlet top, quickly getting changed and pulling my hair into a neat high pony tail. That would have to do.


I walk out to Zayn ready with two water bottles. His phone with the headphones wrapped around abandoned on the table. “I figured we could talk” he said.


I nod and check the clock that read 5:15. “Let’s go before it gets to cold”


He nods and follows my lead out the door and into the elevator. I took a minute to take a glance at Zayn. He was quite handsome. Sharp jaw, tanned skin, high cheek bones, nice eyes.


“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” I ask him. He turns to me confused, as if to say why I’m asking.

“I mean, your nice and good looking, I’m sure you could find a nice girl for yourself” I continue on as the elevator bell rings and we step out. I spot that girl. Angel? At the front desk and politely waved, whereas Zayn greeted her verbally.


As we step outside into the cold, he spoke “Well there is this one girl”


I jump a little “oooo do I know her?” I smile.


He nods “Fairly well”


“Hmmm” I taunt “Can I know her name?”


“No” he says quickly beginning to jog away from me. I roll my eyes “Come on Zayn” I say as I jog after him.


We dropped the subject as we ran through Paris streets, climbing stairs and stopping to drink from our water bottles from time to time. We stopped in a busy market circle, a fountain in the middle and a few people around. I could feel the sweat dripping from my body and I wanted nothing more than to jump into the fountain. I strip my singlet top and tuck it into the side of my shorts as we make our way over to the fountain.


“So what you were thinking about this morning” he says as he wets his face “Is it problematic? Can I help? Or is it something you can handle on your own?”


I bite my lip “I don’t know”


“Is it a thing with your grandparents?” he asks.


“Sort of?” I try “Let’s not talk about it”


He nods. “The Tommo’s birthday is coming up. Did you get him something?”


I shake my head “I thought I could buy him something from here. A skateboard maybe? You know a place?”

He smiled “Yeah I know a place. Good present. He was telling me the other day that he wish he brought it to Paris”


I smile “Perfect, can you help me pick one?”


Now he smiles “Sure. Now?”


I nod “No I brought no money, later today?”


He nods. “Let’s jog back, im getting a bit hungry”


I nod “Race ya” I smile as I take off. I hear him laughing close behind me as I pick up speed down to the hotel.

When we made it minutes later, panting and in a ball of sweat, laughing.


“You know I knocked over someone’s flower stand” he says. I laugh nodding, barely able to walk “I saw. The woman’s face was priceless”


He rolls his eyes “Don’t think I didn’t see you slip and land on your ass”

I laugh harder “Who could see that person hosing” I smile.


We enter in and out of the elevator in seconds, through the door of the apartment, still laughing. “What about you almost kicking that small dog”

“It wasn’t a dog” he defended “it was like a rat, so small and ugly. I probably should of kicked it”

I laughed again, walking into the kitchen where everyone sat “What’s going on?” I ask. Noticing that even Niall was sitting at the end on the table, a seat vacant next to him.


“Where did you to go?” Louis asks. Zayn shrugs his shoulders “For a run”

“Anna, put a shirt on” Niall tells me seriously. I roll my eyes “Well hello to you too” I say, walking into the corridor only to be backed up by Liam with an agent behind him. My cheeks turn rose red as I cover my bare stomach.


“We have things to discuss” the agent says. I nod, quickly moving into the bedroom and grabbing the first shirt I see, which was Niall’s and slipped it on. I walk back out to see the seat next to Niall taken by Liam and I inwardly groaned sitting next to Zayn instead.


“Now kids, would you like good news or bad news first” the agent begins.

We stayed silent, too anxious to know which one we wanted first. “Some good news I guess”  says Audrey.

He nodded “We know Matt is close”


“How is that good” she interrupts.

“Because we might be able to arrest him. Put him in a cement confinement for Life” he continues.

“Oh that’s nice” she says again “The bad News?”.


“You kids sadly won’t be home before the New Year. Maybe a week or two into it” he says apologetically.

I blink a couple of times. Not only do I not spend Christmas with my family. I cant spend the new year with them either.


“Can’t you send us home, with security and such?” Niall asks. The agent shakes his head “I’m afraid not, it’s out of my hands”

Without knowing my actions I slam my fist on the table “Well isn’t that swell, we can’t go home , we don't have families, we don't have people who love us in other parts of the world. Lets just stay here and keep them guessing, having heart attacks" I scream as I barge into my room and slam the door.

I bite my lip in anger, feeling the need to throw something. Sadly a knock on the door interrupted my actions. I refuse to answer it, it’s probably Zayn or something


I hear the door open slowly and footsteps approach Pale white arms sling around my waist and pull me in. I relax a little with the familiar cologne I brought him and lean back.


"I know you're mad, but don't take it out on him. Take it out on me" he says quietly. I don’t respond, feeling the need to wrap my arms over his to hold him tighter.


"If it makes you feel better we'll tell them where we are, we will even fly them out if you want" He speaks again.

 "No” I breathe out “I just want to tell them I’m okay and where I am and what’s happening. I don’t really want to spend time away from them this way.  They're old and I want to spend how much time they have left with them…And plus my brother will freak out if he hears I’m in some random place with a guy”


I hear Niall smile behind me “We will see if we can call tell them on skype so you can see them and speak to them, anything that makes you feel better”


I turn around in Niall’s arms, making sure to view the face that I love. A face that I hope doesn’t lie to me. Maybe I should ask tonight about Derek. When we’re in the same room, calm and rested.


I nod to his suggestion and peck his lips, missing the feeling. He leans in forward for more, catching my lips again. I smile a bit, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. He hooks his hands under my legs and wraps them around his waist.


I pull away quickly “Niall, I need to have a shower and we have an agent in the house”

He whines “But it’s been so long”


I roll my eyes “You can wait” I say, jumping off of him and making my way into the bathroom. His hand pulls my back in too quickly to escape, pulling my close enough to set his forehead on mine. “We okay again?” he whispers.

I nod “Yeah” I smile “We’re okay”


I continue to make my way into the shower. Striping and washing myself till I was sweat and stress free. I take notice in the breakfast smell in the air, eggs and bacon? My stomach churls a little at the scent. ‘I must be hungry’ I think.


As I finish and open the glass door, the scent thicken and my stomach now felt heavy. I take a moment to think before I’m rushing to the toilet and throwing up all I ate for dinner last night. I felt a hand pull back my wet locks and another rubbed my back.


I finish soon, wiping my mouth and shutting the toilet to get rid of the smell. Niall flushed it for me, staring at me concerned. “I’m okay” I answer his un-asked question.


He nods helping me up. I motion to the mouth wash near the sink and he gladly grabs it for me. I wash my mouth out quickly, rising it with water before I feel a white towel being wrapped around me.


“Not that I don’t love seeing you naked, because I do, but you need to dry off and get in bed love” He tells me.

I smile at him as he grabs my blow dryer, letting me sit on the toilet as he dries my hair out. I shut my eyes and enjoy his long fingers running through my hair. Never wanting the feeling the end.


Sadly it did after a short while. Without a word Niall picked me up from my seat and carried me into the bedroom. He skilfully opened the bed, removing my towel and setting me inside. “Painkillers?” he asks. I shake my head “Just some water, if possible”


He nods and opens a little compartment fridge that I didn’t even know was there and opens me a bottle of water. I smile grateful. He sits on the edge of my bed “This reminds me of last night” he says.


“You remember last night?” I ask, screwing the lid back on to the bottle. He nods “Yeah, I remember that I forgot you were my girlfriend and like yelled at you for touching me” he smiles.


I chuckle “Yeah but at least in your drunken state, you know that no one can touch you but me”

He grins at me, leaning forward a bit “So protective”


I shake my head “I’m just being territorial” I say, leaning in fully to give him a kiss. I hook one hand around Niall’s neck pulling him in closer, feeling like one day feels like years, and that I need him close to me again. He places his hands on my waist, the thin sheet between us highly annoying me.


“I love you” he blurts out. I pull back so only our noses were touching “I love you, more than anything Niall”


He leans in again, the kissing lessened due to our wide smiles. My hands slowly make it to the zipper of his jacket, pulling it down. “I don’t wanna do anything tonight. I just want you to kiss me” I whisper. He hums slipping the jacket down his shoulders “I think that could be done”


His shoes go next, along with his top and jeans in boxers all in one go. He crawls into bed with me, positioning him self over my naked body. He leans down again, catching his soft lips with mine. His hand roaming my bare stomach, pulling himself closer. I wrap my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss, playing with the short hairs around the base.


He hums in response “If you do that, this will be more than just a make out session”


I giggle, running one of my hands down his torso, felling the bumps and curves of his defined body. He drops his hips a little, allowing me to feel the half hard on he has. I smile into the kiss “You’re so horny”


“How can I not be” He tells me. I hum, wrapping one of my legs around his waist. Our hot bare privates touch as we moan in sink. “It’s been a while” I remind him. He nods in response, bucking his hips up a little more. “Oh you drive me crazy” he tells me.


I bite my lip a little, contemplating if I should just pleasure him or make him wait. My thoughts were disturbed when Niall’s ringtone went off. I look at his confused face “Just ignore it” he tells me. I nod and we continue on. Only to be disturbed a second time. Niall groans regretfully parting from me, to pick up his pants and scoop up his phone from the back pocket.


His face angers as he sees the calls. Pressing decline. He scrolls through for a few moments before his message tone goes off. He taps a few more times, reading.


“Niall who is it?” I ask. He shakes his head, switching off his phone completely “No one important”


He runs his hand through his hair. Even stressed he still looks amazing. He crawls back in bed and lays on his back, his fully hard cock resting on his abdomen. I turn to him “Well whoever it is, it’s making you angry” I say.


“It’s nothing” he tells me. I sigh “Niall we don’t talk anymore, you don’t tell me anything. I want to help you out. I don’t want you angry every time this person calls” I tell him.


He stretches out his arm, his long fingers gently patting my cheek “Ill tell you soon, okay? Just not now”


“How soon is soon?” I whine. He shakes his head, pulling my body over his. I move willingly.  “Soon” he tells me, yawning. I roll my eyes, resting my head on his chest.


“I still have an erection, ya know” he tells me. “You deal with it” I say, upset. He sighs. “Can I use you to deal with it?” he asks jokingly.


“No” I say seriously. I hear him chuckle “Goodnight baby”

I roll my eyes “Night” I say, kissing his chest.

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