When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


2. Chapter 2

We woke up tangled in each other’s limbs, the cold Paris air seeping through the room. I groan in Niall’s chest “Don’t they have heaters in Paris?”

Niall chuckles, wrapping his arms tighter around me “Maybe we shouldn’t have fallen asleep completely nude in winter”

I hum in response, soaking in the amount of warmth that Niall’s body has to offer. “So who is the one that loves me enough to get out of the bed and get us some warm clothes” I sing song. Niall stares at me annoyed for a moment before quickly shuffling out of bed to our suitcases, quickly slipping on some trackie-pants and running back to the bed with extra clothes. I smile “These are your clothes”

He grins “I  know, now let’s get dressed so we can get breakfast” he says, tugging on his jumper. I nod slipping on the clothes without undergarments, but no one needs to know. I jump out of bed and Niall takes my hand, leading me through the white hallway to the seating area, grabbing a plastic covered paper of what looked like the room service menu. He sits on the lounge and pulls me into his lap, draping the fluffy throw over us. He caged me in and hooked his chin over my shoulder “What do you want babe?”

I almost missed the question, loving the position we were sitting in. “Babe?” he asked again. “Hmm” I say, snapping out of my trance “Umm, I’m in a Frenchie mood so, Crepes?”

He hums in delight “I agree”

“And for everyone else, when are they gonna be up?”

Niall leans forward to take a look at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall “Well its 8:30 now, knowing Liam he’s awake, Louis will sleep till 9 or so and Zayn would sleep until the end of time” he chuckles.

I smile looking at him fondly as he faces the menu again. His truffled golden hair, thin pink lips, adorable nose and amazing sparkling eyes; sometimes I feel like I’m falling all over again. I still get goose bumps every time he looks at me, and tingles whenever he touches me. I can’t believe it started with me hating him, with me judging him. I used to think terrible things of him and I was so wrong. I love him now, though I’m pretty sure I’ve always loved him, and I can’t imagine being without him. 


I snap out of my thoughts for a second time now and just lean in to the small gap that separates us and joining our lips together for  a split second “Whatever you want” I mumble.

He smiles “What’s gotten into you?”

I sigh happily “I’m just a bit distracted I guess”

“Good morning” I hear from behind me. Eve holding Liam’s hand soon came into eye sight and they sat across from us and I smiled “Good morning”

“You two still look like new lovebirds” Liam spots out. I bush slightly, leaning into Niall more “We are wondering what to order for breakfast” I say, sliding over the menu.

Soon enough everyone was awake and breakfast was served by men in white suits on silver plates. Served perfectly and tasted amazing. The groups light conversations, non-stopping and cheerful.

I now stood Niall and I’s bathroom, stunning bathroom, running my hands through my wavy hair and pulling a black beanie over them. Pulling up my light blue jeans, with warm stockings underneath and folded Niall’s jumper back over the waist line. I lastly tugged Eve’s back knee high boots higher and smile. Now that I’m thinner than I used to be, I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror as much as I used to. I apply a fresh layer of lip gloss over my lips, trying to make an effort and slipped my phone in my pocket. I smiled once more at myself and walked out of the room to the entrance where a few people were waiting.

I watch Zayn’s eyes follow me as I lean against the wall, waiting for the others “You lost weight” he says. I smile brightly and nod “I did”

“You look good…I mean not that you didn’t look good before, but, like, umm” he rushed out. I raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to move on with his point.

“Alright Malik, stop complimenting my girl, that’s my job” Niall interrupted, coming from Louis’ room hallway. He had a playful smile on but I could tell that it bothered him the way Zayn was eyeing me. I smile at Niall and wrap my arms around his waist.

Soon enough everyone was bundled up and walking out of the front of the hotel. “It’s good that we are on the street with the best shops” Louis says, lacing his fingers with Audrey’s.

We continue on the path of friendly people, beautiful buildings and lots of flowers. We pasted many stores, enjoying the atmosphere, before Audrey squealed at a ‘gorgeous, Kardashian Kollection bag’

 I roll my eyes as we trug into what looks like once of Paris’ most expensive shops. I looked over all the designer bags of every different colour, sitting on glass shelves. I looked over all the different brands and prices, immediately gasping at the expense.

She gazed at a soft pink ‘Kardashian Kollection’ bag at stood on a single glass table with a tag that looked like it had to maybe zeros for my liking. Audrey looked over the bag and then the price, turning around “Never mind. Who needs another bag”

Louis stopped her “Nah babe, if you like it get it” he said.

She rolled her eyes “With what money?”

Louis rolls his eyes picking the bag off the stool and sitting it on the front desk. The woman behind the counter with caked make-up and a ruler straight back gave one look at us before pressing a button on the cash register.  She said the price and went back to her nails. Louis quickly swiped his golden card and the lady wrapped up the bag without another word. He picked up the bag and wrapped his free arm around Audrey “Next”

“Are you nuts, I would have to sell my house to by that bag” She screeches. Louis smiled “Lucky you have me”

Audrey gave him a kiss and that’s when I turned back to Niall, continuing our walk. Eve then stops at a shop window “Gosh, look at the clothes in Paris” she gleamed. “Less fabric, more expensive” I comment.

Eve hummed “Like you wouldn’t love that golden dress on you”

I roll my eyes “I didn’t say I wouldn’t, it just I don’t want it” I say.

She nods walking into the shop anyway, taking a look at clothing items. I stay outside not really interested in looking at dresses. “Don’t you want something to wear for Louis birthday?” Niall asked. I bit my lip in thought “I’m not in the mood for dresses, especially in winter” I say “What is Louis doing for his birthday?”

Niall shrugged “He just said he wanted to go to a restaurant and then a club for the night”

I grit my teeth ‘Yayy Clubbing’ “That sounds okay” I smile. Niall rolls his eyes at me wrapping his arm around me again. We continue to walk the street again. I took my mind off of me for a few moments as I look around my surroundings. The winter wind blew through the street again, bringing the sweet smell of chocolate croissants and freshly picked flowers. I smile at the little kids playing on the cobble stone road and public cartoonists. I admire the beautiful old looking buildings that looks like it could be a 3 dimensional artwork made by Davinci. Being in Paris feels that it satisfies something me that I always hungered for in England; Adventure.

“You scare me a little when you zone out” Niall whispers, as if it’s a secret between the two of us. I smile “Just thinking”

Niall hums in response, looking over to a lady with a basket of flowers, he gingerly pulls out some change and places it into the basket, taking out a long stemmed rose.

I bite my bottom lip in a grin, trying so hard not to blush at the adorable gesture. He passes it by my nose, letting me smell the slight fragrance before handing it to me. “Thank you” I smile gratefully. He grins, pecking me on the lips and I don’t think I will ever get used to how Niall treats me.

I look back behind me to see both Eve and Audrey walking out of the store with a few bags in their hands, screeching about how great Paris is. I smile at the two, continuing on. I smile looking forward looking at my next target; the Eiffel Tower. That's all I wanted to see today. I've always loved the tall, metal structure. It always looks so beautiful.


"Mate, check out dem shoes" Zayn called out. Niall stopped again turning to the shore with brands of shoes hanging on the wall. Niall stared at me for a moment and I smiled, allowing him to move towards the shop with the rest of the lads.


" Anna, come with us in here" Audrey said, pointing towards the jewellery shop right next door. I nod, stepping into the shop with them, being refreshed by a Apple perfume. I look around the light pink store, noticing that it's a Pandora shop. I look around at the glass displays and smile at the charms on my own bracelet. I look over all the silver charms, feeling the urge to want another one. But as usual everything in Paris is more expensive.


" See one you like?" I hear Niall's voice  behind me. I jump a little, leaning into his body “they’re all pretty" I hum. Just as I spot one I really like.


It was a simple Eiffel Tower charm. It was silver with a small Diamond heart on the front. It was shiny and pretty and I realise that I'm gonna be selfish and I really want it.


I point at it "I like that one"


Niall smiles calling the woman over in his French and I bite my lip happily watching the woman pull out the tray and picking out the charm. Niall pulls out his golden card handing it to the woman. I kiss his cheek "thank you" I say for a second time


" Anything for you babe, you know that" he tells me, pulling my wrist forward and un-clasping it and placing it gently on the table, picking up the charm next and slipping it on, clasping it back around my wrist.


The lady comes back with the card and recipe smiling at Niall as she handed it to him. He nodded a thank you before wrapping his arm around me again and walked out of the shop to the group.


"Shall we continue " Audrey asks. At that moment I hear Liam's phone tone go off as Niall led me down the street. "Maybe we should go back, I'm really cold" Liam says.

//Niall’s Pov\\

"Mate, we have only been walking for like an Hour" Louis says.

"Yeah but I'm cold" Liam says, handing me his phone and he pulls Eve with him. We all agree as I look down at the phone noticing the number with the small phrase of ‘We will find you.’

I lock the phone quickly and pull Anna along "Yeah I am a bit cold too" I tell them.

We all make it to the hotel quickly, the girl’s faces hold some suspicion, but I ignore it. "what's for lunch" I say.

Anna smiles “of course you are hungry; we ate not even 2 hours ago" she says, grabbing a rear by vase off the table and walking towards the kitchen to fill it up.

I smile at her, setting is down on the lounge " let's order some popcorn or something and watch a film"

I watched as all the boys agreed, settling down beside Niall and making themselves comfortable. I watch as Anna sets the vase down on the kitchen bench with her new rose blooming in it. She gently smiles at it before turning around to the cupboard.

I love that smile. The smile of pure gratefulness, it comes with blushed cheeks, happy eyes and bitten lips and I don’t think I can go a day without seeing it. That message replayed in my head and I sigh, syncing into the couch. I can’t lose her.

//Anna’s Pro\\


Something didn't feel right, I thought as I pulled out the already bought packets of popcorn from the cupboard. The Boys behaviour was odd and their attitudes are different. It feels like they know something we don't. It feels secretive.

I was distracted from my thoughts when Eve walked  into the kitchen to make some tea; that I don't even recall hearing people asking for.

We stood in the kitchen a mere few meters away from the others. Eve started with the prep for the tea as I placed the packets in the mircowave, still thinking.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Eve asks.

I shake my head, putting on the timer, not actually knowing the answer to that question. "do you feel like the boys are acting strange? Like different?"


She bites her lip "what do you mean?"


I move closer to her, toning my voice to a whisper " I mean like, we just randomly packed out things and flew to Paris, I know what for but the boys are reacting weird about it" I say, trying to put scrabbled thoughts into sentences. She stares at me curiously before I continue " they act like this is a holiday, like there is someone not out there trying to get us. I feel like they know something bigger than what actually happening, that we don't and they are covering it up”

Eve looks confused for a moment “I’m not understanding”

I sigh a little “I feel like there is something else going on that involves us”

Eve moves away from the mugs and facing me with concern. “Anna, I don’t know if you know this, but you are under a lot of stress right now, I can tell and…im not saying you’re wrong but maybe you are just over thinking this situation a bit” she speaks calmly.

I breathe in deeply, taking in her words. Maybe she’s right.

“Just think of this as a holiday with your friends and don’t think about what’s happening. I smile at her nodding, hearing the microwave beep. I pull out the four packets I put in and placed them in individual bowls, taking them out to the lounge room, sitting on the coach in Niall’s arms. Eve comes in moments later with a tray of teas and we turn on the t.v, starting the process of choosing a movie.

I zone out once more. ‘I shouldn’t think about it and I won’t’

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