When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


19. Chapter 19

//Anna's Pov\\


I tap my converse covered foots excitedly against the carpeted floor of the car, twisting my hands with each other and searching out the window, wondering where Niall is taking us tonight. I take notice in the amused smirk on his lips from my nervousness. I don’t bother to ask where we are going, to avoid his torturing smile that says ‘I know and you don’t’

I roll my eyes at his attempt to impress me further with his ability to drive faster than the actual speed limit “slow down” I remind him for the 10th time. He chuckles a bit and goes back to normal just as he pulls into a familiar dirt road. I gasp at the surroundings and smile at Niall. He bites his lips coyly and continues driving until we come to where the trees are more prominent and he parks the car.

I quickly scramble out of the car as Niall reached in the boot and pulled out what looked like a picnic basket. I smile shyly as he walks over to me “You’re so sappy” I joke. He smiles even brighter “I thought it would be nice just us, here, alone..”

“In the woods, where someone could kill us and no one would ever know” I finish quickly. He rolls his eyes and joins our free hands together as we begin to walk. I quickly switch on the flashlight as we make our way through the trees; the sun was almost set as it paints the sky in various colours of dark oranges and pinks, perfect. Niall pulls me closer towards him as I took more confident steps to reach our destination “Baby, we have all night” Niall reminds me.

I turn to face his illuminated features smile down at me and I pushed up and gave him a quick peck, pulling on him to move faster until I could see a glow that wasn’t coming from the flash light,I stop abruptly, thinking that someone else is already present. Niall was less hesitant, pulling me along further “Common, I have a surprise” he tells me. I nod as I continue to follow him and be struck in surprise from what’s before me.

Lights. All bright. Strung from the dangling branches around us and shone on the edge of the water bank. Candles, lit perfectly around a bed of mismatched pillows and blankets and roses. I take a look at Niall again before back at the scenery as he leads me towards the pile of cushions. I plop down gently only to feel the plush surface sink, what?

“You blew up a mattress?” I ask, in shock. He nods proudly, smiling as he pulls up the basket “Now I know, you can’t eat a lot of things during pregnancy, but I managed to make something that you can eat” he tells me, reaching into the basket and pulling out a large container “It’s Dark-Chocolate, Irish-cream mousse…”he smiles, opening the lid.

I smile down at the thickened chocolate, with a white coating and sprinkles with cut strawberries “You made this?” I asked. He nodded and pulled out a bottle of lemon cordial and champagne glasses “And since you can’t have any alcohol, I though some sweet cordial would be enough…?” he hopes.

I nod cheerfully, still speechless and shocked…and happy. I watched as Niall screwed off the lid and turn to me and that’s when I cut in and plant a strong kiss on his lips. He hums in surprise but doesn’t hesitate to kiss me back. I move closer to him quickly, causing him to shift abruptly and accidentally spill some of the drink. I giggle into the kiss, not stopping as I reach my hand around his neck and pull him impossibly closer towards me, causing him to tumble a little on the plush mattress. Still holding himself up with his available hand and for me to move further forward. He smiles into the kiss now, pulling away from the kiss slightly, our noses still nudged together “Are you trying to make me fall?”

“Are you trying to make me fall in love…again” I quickly add. He chuckles again “I would save you the inconvenience…but I don’t think I could live without you in my life” he speaks with sincerity. I tilt my head in appreciation before he’s glancing down to the untouched chocolate desert in my hand, moving away slightly to grab a spoon from the basket “Common now, let’s eat up before it melts” he tells me. I smile and nod as we reposition ourselves on our fronts facing the mini waterfall, each of us taking spoonful’s of the mousse from the container. The calm sky darkening.

“You know what I miss” I speak up between the peaceful silence. Niall turns his attention to me, and I don’t wait for him to respond “Your guitar playing” I tell him. He perks up at the mention of it “Really? You liked it that much?”

I nodded at him “I loved it, I thought you would play more around me but you don’t that much” I tell him. “I didn’t really think I had time to play, and I didn’t want to keep you up, because you get tired out during the day”

I shake my head and shuffle closer “I wouldn’t be tired of your playing, actually…from now on, I want you to play guitar to me every night and I’ll play the spoons” I suggest, taking a spoonful  and feeding it to him. He chuckles, nodding “Good idea”, he swallows and takes a spoonful of the dessert and feeds it to me as well “I think the harmonica would be a great addition to the band” he says.

“Band?” I ask in interest. “Yeah, you, me and junior here will start the Horan Band” he offers. I stare at him strangely before belting out a loud laugh, “No, No, No” I said, between giggles.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asks innocently.

“Well first, we are not calling the baby Junior” I point out, “Second we are not forming a band…and third if we were forming a band it wouldn’t be called the ‘Horan Band’” I list.

He pouts “Why not, we are going to be The Horan Family one day”. He informs me. That’s were my giggles ended and awareness rose. Of course, Niall and I had touched on the topic of marriage one or twice in our conversations, but now with our baby on the way and a strong relationship blossoming, the idea seems so surreal.

I wonder if there will be a day where Niall will give me a sparkling band for my fourth finger and a marriage celebration. Days were we introduce ourselves as husband and wife not just boyfriend and girlfriend. Sport events or school gatherings where parents should attend for their children. Moments where we argue for what’s best for the family, or bills or petty things we shouldn’t really care about as long as we have each other. The tears, the laughter, the hurdles, the good times and the bad. I want them all…and I want them all with him.

I finally nod at his suggestion “Yeah, the Horan Family….Kind of sounds like the Whoring Family, don’t ya think?” I giggle, to bring up the carefree mood. Niall fakes a gasp “How dare you disrespect the family name! I think The Horan Family has a very nice ring to it” he states.

I smile at him and plant a firm kiss on the corner of his mouth before turning towards the small scenery again.

It wasn’t long after before Niall whispers through the silence “Would you want to marry me one day?” he asks timidly. I turn to him without hesitation and nod “I do want to marry you someday”

Even under the faint light I could still make out a blush that rose to his cheeks “Would you want to marry me?”

“Baby girl, if it was up to me, we would be planning a wedding right now” he smiles at me “But unfortunately, it’s not the right time yet, but I promise you, when it is. I’ll be down on one knee faster than you could say yes” he promises. As those words spoke through the silence, my own speech was lifted with them, leaving me completely defenceless, which left me with my last resource.

I move it slowly towards Niall and capture his lips in mine; trying to force all the passion I have for him into one slow kiss. Niall pulls away too soon for comfort and presses a spoon on the delicious dessert against my puckered lips. I take it gratefully, making the unnecessary eye contact and and lip licking as I swallowed it down. “That’s not fair” he tells me.

I giggle softly and stare back at the waterfall. “Do you think the water is cold?” I ask “As in, too cold to swim in”

Niall hums, “I think so, you wanna give it a go?” he asks. I don’t give him a reply before I lift myself from the cushion mountain and purposely taking a few steps away from Niall and strip of the woollen jumper, turning to throw it at Niall. He catches it with ease, his face still struck with shock from my current actions. I giggle and turn back to pull down my jeans, making a point to bend down in front of him. The adrenalin and courage pushing my actions further, I make a point to leave the jeans in there spot on the ground and take a few more short steps towards the water.

“Baby, it’s too cold” I hear him call. But it wasn’t. I didn’t feel the chilly atmosphere around me. I felt the heat of determination, for…for, I don’t know exactly what for. But it includes Niall, I’m sure about that.

I turn on the spot and throw Niall a sparkling smile, posing in my undergarments “Oh, come on Niall, come for a swim” I tease, as he examines my almost naked figure. He clears his throat as he rocks forward “I think, I’ll just watch” he stutters out as he shifts uncontrollably. I smirk as I notice the growing tent in his pants and reach behind myself to slowly unclasp my bra, watching his eyes widen as I drop the garment to the floor and slowly turn around “Suit yourself” I smile, quickly ridding of my underwear and using the lights to guide me towards the ledge of the stream, truth be told it wasn’t the first time I’ve swam in this stream. I dip one foot in and notice that the water was bearable, almost warm, as I gracefully stick the rest of my body in, to where I could touch. I take a few moments to myself to swim on my own, dipping my head back a few times in the water enjoying the freshness wrap around me, I take a look back at Niall who was now standing near the stream with a charming smile. Music that is playing in the background going unnoticed until now as I swim to the edge, towards him. I hook my elbows over the edge and peer up at him.

“You’re going to catch a cold” he tells me, crossing his arms against his chest. “At least I’ll have you to take care of me” I wink.

Niall gives me a pointed look and I sigh “Come one Niall” I beg.

We gaze at each other for a few moments before he makes a move to take off his shirt “There’s nothing, crawling, in there. Is there?”

I giggle and shake my head “ No nothing, I’ve swam in here a few times” I tell him, he looks un-unimpressed for a moment as he un-buttons his jeans “By myself” I add quickly. He shakes his head chuckling, stripping off his jeans. I watch him shiver from the cold air, goose bumps rising on his body.

“Crap it’s cold” he seethes, stripping of his boxers. I blush at his naked body shivering and quickly making its way into the water, chattering his lips along the way. I quickly make my way to him, wrapping my limbs around his. He shivers even more, but only pulls me closer “You’re cold” he tells me.

“Sink your shoulder under the water” I tell him, leading him further into the water. He lets out a satisfied sigh and wraps his arms around me tighter “Shit” he lets out a sharp breathe. I giggle as I hold onto the nape of his neck trying to press him against me to warm him up.

“Can I get out now?” he asks, smiling. I giggle again and shake my head, splashing the water onto his face, wetting his hair “Anna” he shouts in surprise, holding me at arm’s length, I laugh louder, splashing him again. He does the same this time, splashing me back, as if we were a bunch of kids.

I un-wrap my legs from around his waist and swim away from him, I hear the splashes of him chasing me from behind and smile as he catches me and pulls me back safely in his arms, tickling me. I laugh louder than before, leaning back against him in merriment, trying to rid of his hands.

 Niall makes a point to pull me impossibly closer, pressing kisses to the column of my neck and slowing down his hands just wrapping his arms around my waist and I feel my resistance crumble. I reach out and grip onto his hair, trailing my hand to caress his own neck and back up to his hair.

Niall starts moving us in slow circles in the water, starting to hum in tune with the music. I quickly make my move to turn in his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist once more and wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him close again so the our foreheads rested against each other. We stayed like that for a few moments, just enjoying each other’s company and drifting until trickling water came in ear distance. I smirk, leaning my nose against his and letting our lips ghost over each other till we were in arms distance of the water fall. I leaned in to place a soft kiss on Niall’s lips before pulling him under the rushing water with me.

He shouts in shock and from the cold water showering us. I tilt my head forward over Niall’s shoulder and laugh as he quickly retreats from the water, teeth chattering. I rest my head on his shoulder and gaze up at him as little snickers left my mouth.

“You sneaky little bugger” he teases, lifting me slightly before throwing me into the water. I resurface still laughing as I cling onto him again “I just wanted a kiss under the waterfall” I pout childishly. Niall stares at me for a moment before carrying me over to the water fall again before dipping us in it again and placing his lips against mine again. I hum into the kiss, feeling the water drip over us and passing the cracks of our lips before passing on.  There is something so heavenly about the kiss, a tender moment that just won't wait. It’s that burst of love that is expressed as soon as our lips locked, making the world itself cease to exist and blurred out. I push my body against him further, gripping onto any available region I could grab. I feel his hands take turns in roaming my body, scratching at my back and gripping at my thighs.

He pulled back from me slightly to catch his breath, bring his hand to caress my cheek “Bed” I mutter after a deep swallow. His eyes poured into mine, full of hunger. He peck one more kiss on my lips before rushing us to the edge of the water again, but I couldn’t wait as I started assault his neck and jawline, gripping his hair.

Soon, Niall carried me out of the water, the cold air hitting us both, but we couldn’t care at the moment, Niall quickly stumbled over to the imitation of a bed and placed me down gently before detaching himself to move towards a bag he brought. I whine at the absence but soon a fluffy towel was thrown on me. I smile at the object and quickly sit up, wrapping the towel around me tightly. Niall uses another one to wipe my legs and I smile, feeling like royalty. I take  another available towel and wrap it around

He smiles at me with chattered lips and heart eyes, leaning forwards to kiss the droplets against my lips. I smile into the kiss, pulling the towel around his shoulders tighter, bring him over me as he lies over me. Niall brings one hand to hold my face and uses the other to swipe my hair off my neck before moving back and leaving an inch between our lips “Your hair is wet baby, you’re gonna get a cold” he whispers softly.

I look up at him and blank out the words he just said, watching as Niall’s hair, wety draped over the perfect bone structure that drives me crazy. I wonder if he knows how crazy he drives me, how it makes me want to feel every inch of his skin. I trail my handover the wet tuffs to push them back and watch a sly smirk paint his face “You’re not listening, are you?”

I ignore that as well and I move up to attach our lips again, and grip at his shoulders. He groans into the kiss and sinking into my arms. I quickly move my head to my designated spot under his jaw line, sucking hard before letting out a deep moan when I feel his face dig into the curve of my shoulder biting hard before lapping his tongue over what most likely is going to be a bruise.

I whine in desire “Niall no foreplay, just go”

He looks at me with intense lust, before griping onto my waist and pushing me up in one movement before continuing to attack the lining just under my breasts, sucking biting and licking his way down until he reaches my hips. I grip onto his hair, groaning as he makes direct contact with my core. I whine “Niall, don’t waste time”

Niall stares up at me “Don’t want to hurt you baby” he says to me. I shake my head “You won’t” I tell him. He continues as before, lapping at my core as well as slipping one finger in. I quickly buck my hips up and grip onto the hand that was fumbling with my left boob, trying to pull him up to face me.

“You’re so impatient” he chuckles. I whine again, successfully pulling him up to be aligned with me. He smiles at me before I grab his erected cock and his face drops in pleasure. I giggle as I line up his cock with my hole, I nod at him. He pecks my lips in response, entwining his hands with mine and pinning them above my head. He rests his forehead upon mine, leaving small kisses on my nose as he pushes into me. I moan loudly at the pressure building up, bucking my hips up sharply to fit him in. Niall let out a reduced groan “I love you”, he tells me before bucking his hips against mine.

I felt the electricity from his skin, my hormones shutting down from my higher brain and raising in my animal self. I let one of our tangled hands go, griping onto his shoulder and slowly scraping them down his broad back. My moans were uncontrollable as he continues to pound into me, match his moans when I buck up into him.

“Yeah, baby, nice and tight” he hums before bringing his head down to rest in the crook of my neck. I moan his name louder, tilting my head back in arouse. My free hand aligns with his face, moving past is collar bones and gripping onto his defined back, digging my nails in and grazing them on his back. It was hard to resist, marking him, claiming him, loving him, but it’s moments like these when I know that he loves me just the same back.

The moment lasted for what felt like forever, until my emotions caught up with me and I released, letting out the loudest possible moan yet, gripping on to everything that was close. Niall did the same, wrapping his arms around my tense body as he lets go.

My body relaxed again into submissiveness as I try to curl up into Niall’s arms again. The once cool night feels warm and sticky as I’m brought back into the reality. Niall slowly slumps to my side and pulls me closer to him as we lay in silence, looking up towards the night.

I visibly shiver after a few moments and Niall makes a point to lift himself up, letting cold air make more contact with my bare body. I whine but he returns quickly with what looks to be one of his jackets. I hum in content and let him slip it on me and lye back down, wrapping myself around him again.

Niall began humming a few instants after we became comfortable. I smile, cuddling closer into him. He begin mumbling the words to what I recognize as the song Niall wrote for me “Love your curves and all your edges…all your perfect imperfections” he whispers too me, running the tips of his fingertips along my back.

I hum along with him as we look up at the string of lights above us. The rest of the song was mumbled out in broken sentences and beautiful tone, until I hear Niall yawn, a few hours later.

“Don’t fall asleep” he tells him. “I’m not” he says back.

“Have you heard from your mum” I ask him. “Yeah, and Dad, even Greg. They are wondering when we are going back”

I hum in curiosity. But I know better than to ask the question. I wonder when we can go back to reality, back to school, getting out life back on track.

“I told them that when we get back, you can’t go back to school until you have the baby” he informs me. I nod into his chest. “You could always, just not, go. Ya know. Just stay home, stay home mum”

I look up at him now “I still want to study, get my job, raise our kid, the norm you know” I explain.

He shakes his head “I don’t suggest it, it’s not safe”

I dramatically role my eyes at that and sit up a little more “Your over exaggerating. What is not ‘safe’? I want to finish school and be what I want to be” I try to explain again.

He sits up on his elbows and sighs “Baby, don’t be angry, but for now the answer is no, even after the baby is born, it’s a no, only until I think it’s safe”

I stare wide eye at his bluntness and sit up on my knees “And who says you’re in charge of me. What makes you think you can make the decision for me because it’s not safe! And what out there is not safe?!” I question him.

Niall stares at me blankly before sitting up and levelling his eyes with mine “It’s a no, no question”

I groan “Why?”

He shakes his head and gets up from his spot, picking up the basket and packing it away. I stare at him with almost black eyes as he ignores me. I role my eyes at him as he gives me a side glance as if telling me to get up. I stay put on the blown up bed with my arms crossed.

He sighs as he stares at me “Get up” he tells me. I snort “You can’t control me Niall, I can do what I want”.

He grits his teeth “You are carrying my child then you do what I say, get up. We’re going”

I bit the inside of my cheek before finally getting up, tugging down his jacket to cover my exposed body. I don’t help him pack up, or fold the blankets.

He hands me a pair of track pants and I snatch them, tugging them on my legs and slipping on the shoes I came in and followed back to the car. I switch on the flashlight for the silent walk back through the woods. I feel what must be Niall’s hand, linger on my waist to keep me close, but I shuffle away. I hear him sigh deeply and drop his hand away from me. “You can’t be mad about me about this” he mutters mostly to himself.

I ignore him and walk faster up the path towards the parked car. The white vehicle comes into view and I rush to the passenger side as Niall automatically unlocks it. I hop in to escape the piercing cold and hug my legs towards my chest to gain more warmth. My door opens again to my surprise and a soft blanket we were once lying on was thrown over me and I hum.

Niall quickly fills in the seat next to me and turns on the car, cranking up the heat. I notice that minute’s pass and the car still hadn’t moved. I turn to glance at Niall only to meet his eyes that were staring at me right back. I turn away in a huff and cross my arms tighter.

He scoffs from beside me “You can’t be made at me about this” he quires “What else is wrong?”

I ignore him, turning my head at the window. He wouldn’t understand. Even if I did speak to him about it, like previous times, he would just distract me from the topic that is getting him in trouble and move on. Making my attempts useless.

He practically groans “Fine” he growls and starts to move the car. I roll my eyes and buckle my belt, hearing him follow my actions.

After a minute into the drive I hear him speak up again “What else can I do to please you?” he scoffs sarcastically “I do everything for you, and all I ask is for you to listen to me to stay safe and you can’t handle that. Fucken hell, you women. You should be happy, that’s all I want is to make you happy and you practically spit in my face” he yells, hitting the wheel.

I snap my head back at him in fright but I found my tongue “How can I be fucken happy, if you lie to me!” I yell back. “That’s all you do, lie and lie and fucken lie. I’m so sick of it” I sneer.

“Oh shut up Anna” he fires back “You don’t understand what I am doing-“

“Then explain it to me!” I plea “Explain to me why your family has so much money? Or why we had to fucken flee the country? Why you had to leave so suddenly to Perth? Or why you always fucken come to me beaten from head to toe without as much as a reason?” I scream at him, my heart pumping with pure anger and my eyes blurred from unfallen tears. Niall stares straight ahead but I could tell he wasn’t paying attention to the road or the speed of the car.

“You don’t understand what it does to me to see you in pain! Or to know that you’re lying and I know about it, okay? I know when you lie! And that makes it worse!” I cry out.

Niall’s grip remains firm on the wheel and I collapse in my seat. I turn to the window and try and wipe my tears, watching the world pass in a blur of white and red lights. How did I know, deep down, that it would turn like this. Him ignoring my very existence at the moment made it feel like he didn’t give the slightest care. I try and silence my whimpers as we keep on driving, breaking all possible speed limits and passing every red light. What I couldn’t believe is that after all we’ve been through, the journey we took together; I’m still pushed to the dark spaces in his mind. Like and outcast. Safe. Wasn’t a good enough reason. I would never be safe, anywhere. It’s just his method to cover himself up and leave me with the headaches. I should have known this deep down.

“Do you think it’s easy for me?!” he yells back. “I have to deal with your sorrow shit whilst I try and solve all this shit we’re in!”

“What are we in Niall!?” I fire back “Is it really just Matt after us?! What are you hiding!?” I say, turning towards him again.

Niall gave off a big growl and smacked the wheel before turning full face towards me “Stay the Fuck out of it!”

It was then did I notice something behind Niall was coming up fast. My lungs contracted with such force that I was afraid that they would fold into themselves. I had barely time to scream or warn Niall in any way before the airbags knocked him back. My torso and head smashed up against the windshield while my arms and legs were flailing, searching for somewhere to hold and stop the forward movement my body was going. I felt the car turn and the metal crumble, the glass crush and the crackles of what I hoped wasn’t bones.

But above that I notice silenced voice, it scared me more than the pain. Shouldn't Niall be moaning or calling out? I tried to move but I was pinned by the collapsing roof and the steering column. My arm too fragile to move...

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