When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


18. Chapter 18

//Anna's Pov\\


I was awake by what sounded like the buzz of a phone. I squeeze my eyes tighter when I feel Niall’s arm drape off my waist and the bed dip down. I choose to ignore the sound and snuggle myself into the warm spot that he left. I let my ears tune out of his quiet murmurs into a phone, but the hairs on my next stood up when I hear Niall’s voice raise above the hushed tone. “What? What happened?!”


I use that as my que to open my eyes and go and calm down Niall. It took me a few seconds to raise myself from the mattress but I was too late when Niall barged through the door again and hands me the phone before he pull out a small duffle bag. I look at the device in my hand before holding it to my ear “ ‘ello” I muttered in a drowsy tone.


“Anna” I hear a sob on the other side. My eyes widen “Audrey? What’s wrong?” I ask quickly. I hear a few more cries before she finally muttered a word “He…He..”


I feel my nerves pick up when I hear those words but my heart sinks when I see Niall pulling a black object from the zipper in the suitcase. A...gun? Where did he get a gun? I almost scream. “Louis...he tried to fight him” Audrey’s words bring me back and I shake back into consciousness. I jump out of bed, trying to get a hold of Niall to stop him, but he was moving too fast, he was in the bathroom now. I run my hands through my hair in frustration almost feeling tears fall from my eyes as well “Fight who?” I ask in a broken tone.

“I don’t know!” she screams through the phone “But he was following us and Louis is hurt…stabbed ….I’m s-so scared” she mumbled. I heard a few murmurs on the other side that was obviously Louis “Anna pass Niall” I hear him say.


I could feel the blood drain from my face…stabbed. I finally got a hold of Niall’s shirt to stop him. He looks at me seriously before his eyes soften. He slowly takes the phone from my hand and speaks into it as he carefully pulls me into his arms. “I’ll be there soon” was the only words that he said before hanging up. I then left out my first sob as I clutch onto Niall harder. He was leaving.


“Where are we going?” I ask. He sighs “Not you, just me” he explains, pulling away from me a little. “Louis it in trouble, I’m just going for a day or so then I’ll bring them back with me” he says to me. I shake my head as he explains “Just let them come back themselves when do you need to go? Louis got stabbed, what if …if you-“


“Nothing is going to happen to me” he says holding my chin in both hands “I need to go and help Louis” he tells me slowly. I bite my lip “I don’t have a say in this”


He shakes his head in disappointment “Not when it comes to this, if I don’t end this now he might come for you too” he says. I felt tears drip down my chin. “I’m coming back baby” he smiles “Then we can have New Year all too ourselves” he winks. I don’t smile. I’m too upset to be happy.

He moves me until I’m sitting on the bed. He gives me a small peck before making it stronger. I hold onto the back of his neck and pull him closer. He pulls away too soon for my liking and goes back to packing. I get an uneasy feeling when he packs what looks like two magazines for his stupid gun and I sigh. He finished quickly and puts on a change of clothes before looking at me in the eye. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m just going to get Louis and Audrey and bring them back” he says to me.


“Then why do you have a gun?” I spit out. He shakes his head and picks up his bag “Backup” he says simply. It’s silent for a few more moments as I study him. Determined. Willing. Dangerous. I watch as he rubs his eyes “Look baby, I’m going, and I would really like it if my girlfriend would give me a kiss” he says.


I let out a shaky breathe before breaking out into a run for Niall. I quickly wrap my arms around him. I heard him drop his back and wrap his arms around my waist. “I love you” I tell him.

“I love you more”


I bite my lip in anticipation. The apartment is too quiet for my liking. Niall has been gone for a few hours now and the apartment was too quiet. He made me promise not to worry for myself and for the baby, but I couldn’t help it. He eased it by telling me that he is contacting the detective to meet him and get this guy, but it worries me even more that he just stepped into a line of fire.

I sigh again as I get up from the kitchen counter and walk into the bedroom to see a cheap plastic mobile phone sitting on the bedside table. One that was untraceable. I quickly pick it up and dialled the number I would never forget, hoping this person could help me.

I place the phone against my ear and waited for the dial tone to stop “Hello”

“Hi Nonna”


//Niall’s Pov\\

I carefully walk up the back steps to the safe house that Louis chose for him and Audrey. I felt my gluggy self-look around too many times to see if anyone was following, only resulting in my back to pop one to many times from the uncomfortable plane trip. I pull my beanie down a sigh as I look at the door again.

I know knocking would only freak the hell out of Audrey so I decided plan B. I quickly take out my credit card from my wallet and a bobby pin that I stole from Anna and quickly went to work on the lock, picking at it. I unlocked it in a few seconds flat and opened the door quietly. I cautiously stepped in the door way not wanting to frighten anyone, I look to the left first to see a cupboard open with numerous pots and pans laying around, even broken plates by the looks of it.

I didn’t even get a chance to look at the right side before I felt a blow to the side of my face. I groan in pain and fall, luckily letting my hands catch me. Without a second though I pulled my pistol out of my holder and aimed it at my attacker.

Audrey’s face turned white as she stared down the barrel of my gun. Her tired body stood in a weak stance, a fry-pan held out in front of her as defence and she looks as though she has been crying.  I sigh as I drop the gun and remove the beanie.

She gaped at me before lowering the pan “Niall…I’m really sorry” she says quickly, trying to help me up. I let her, feeling the side of my hand expand with pain. I hold onto the nearest counter top to steady myself for a bit before turning to face her again “Good hit”

She doesn’t laugh. But that’s understandable. She quickly moves to the fridge on the other side of the room and grabs an icepack from the freezer, handing it back to me. I take it from her and place it on my head and groan. “Where is he?”

She beckons me to follow him down a hall before reaching a room. She opens it and I sigh. Louis lays shirtless on the bed. His left side and shoulder bandaged up, blood seeping through, and his eyes closed. “He’s asleep, let me stitch up the wound before he wakes up” I tell her. I notice her eyes tear up a bit more as she looks over him.

She then nods and moves towards his right side, leaning over to un-bandage his shoulder, a sick look on her face. Poor thing hates blood. “I’ll take care of that, just get me a warm cloth” I tell her as I drop the ice pack. I set the duffle bag on the bed and bring out the first-aid kit. I slowly un-bandage it, wincing at the wound.

I quickly get to work and numb it, disinfecting it before stitching it slowly. Audrey was with me now, looking down at Louis’ pained face, trying to distract herself.

“He just came out of nowhere and stabbed him” She began in the silence; I look up at her, asking her to continue. “I had been a little brat these past couple of days and he decided to take me out on a date” she continues “He told me not to worry about anything around me”.

“We were walking along this little beach front when a guy just came and stabbed him in the shoulder” I can tell by the way her voice is cracking that she is on the verge of crying. “He pushed me back, telling me to run. But I couldn’t leave him, I was too worried for the stab wound. I started screaming for help, and the guy, he looked at me” she said in disgust. “With these eyes, cold, evil eyes…and he got off Louis and started coming for me. But of course Louis wouldn’t have that and got him from behind and tackled him. Gave him a few good hits too. I was about to do…something when I felt a different pair of arms come around me and hold me in place. Louis threatened the guy holding me, but he couldn’t do much whist he was pinned Evil Eyes to the ground. But the guy, he turned around on his back and fought back. They were yelling…hateful words to one another, about one another, about me. Then it just happened, he got Louis by the throat and stabbed him in the side” she sobbed.

“Before I know it there were police cars and the two ran off, I was just left crying over his body and trying not to let him loose too much blood. He refused to stay in the hospital after that. Detective Fuller came before he could go to the hospital and get proper stiches, said it was too dangerous for me. I wish I knew how to fight out how to defend myself. I swear if I see that I guy ever again I’m going to get a gun and shoot him without hesitation” she finished, whipping a few tears.

I lean over from where I’m holding the thread and pat her shoulder “He’s fine. He is going to be perfectly fine. And I promise you when I find this asshole, you can pull the trigger” I tell her. She nods and wipes her eyes as I get back to finishing his wound. He stirs a second after that and opens his eyes.

He hisses as I pull on the thread. He give me one look before saying “ you fooken idio’t that ‘urts” he sneers. Audrey giggles from beside him and he turns to face her, lifting his good arm and wiping away her tears “Hey there pretty, why you crying” he mutters. She doesn’t answer as she hugs into his side and I smile. They needs bit off happiness before what’s about to happen.


“You want me to what?” Audrey shrieks at me the next morning. Louis and I have been isolated in the living room all night, darkness over taking the house as everything has been closed off.

“I want you to be bate” I repeat as I sit across from her in the living room. She looks at me as if I’ve grown two heads. “You must be insane” she says. Louis beside her caresses her back “It’s the only thing we could think of on such short notice baby” he tells her.

She looks at him for a few moments, before turning back to me. “I lure him in, you and detective fuller get him and then I can shoot him?”

“What?” Louis almost shouts. I shake my head “As lovely as that would be, we need him alive for questioning, get him to confess on a few things of how to stop the people coming after us and who they are…and then you can shoot him” I say.

“Deal” she says before getting up from her seat and walking down the hall.

Louis shakes his head “A little rebel that one” he smiles. I nod and sit back in the lounge. “So when do we tell them that it is actually your Dad that is trying to get us?” Louis says, wincing as he lays back a bit. I roll my eyes “Hopefully never. Now let’s prepare, she’s going out before Night fall” I say.


Audrey twitched as she held her keys in one hand and her empty wallet in the other, it only containing a small tracking device. She shook as I asked her to recite the plan to me again and again just so she knew. “Everything is going to be fine” I tell her, I will be behind you and Louis is tracking from here” I say. But she still wasn’t sure, this was Louis’ part to step in and help.

He beckoned her over and I turned to the walkie talkie that found itself in the mail box this morning. It was from Detective Fuller himself, he told e to keep the channel open and he will be ready as planned.

I pace around the room, re-thinking the plan myself. Send Audrey out to the supermarket, let her be followed until they are out of sight, the park not far from the house would be empty and that’s where detective fuller will be waiting. We hope more men will come as she is going to a quiet location and no one will be spotted.

I nod to myself. I just have to follow her and make sure she keeps on track. I hear little crackling from the device in my hand before I hear two words that made my heart stop. “It’s time” Detective Fuller said. I nod to myself and walking to the living room again where Louis and Audrey sat enveloped with each other.

“There ready” I say and Louis nods, planting a long full kiss on her lips before she gets up and walks to me.

“Wallet and Keys” she held them up for me to see. “Alright, let’s check the ear piece. I say pulling out the small remote from my pocket. I press a button and began to talk quietly into it and she nods. “Good to go. And remember don’t stay too long in the store because they will just be impatient and come out to get you” I explain. She nods and I sigh “Here” I say, pulling out a smaller pistol from my side “Take it and be careful” she hesitantly takes the weapon and nods. Hugging me before walking out the door. I quickly give a nod to Louis and run out the back to my rental.

I start it up and began to drive the opposite way around the block, I found myself at a stoplight as I watch her car go past me. Nothing behind her yet. I quickly turn after her when the light goes green, keeping my distance.

After a minute of driving I notice a car in the far lane cut in and pull up right behind her. I take a deep breath, and continue following her into the parking of the supermarket. Audrey Manages to find a parking right near the front door. Quickly getting out and walking it. The mysterious black car parks right across from her and I sigh. I park a few spots away from them, facing the shop. The glass windows clearly showed the checkout counters meaning Audrey was somewhere in the aisles on the other side.

I shrink into my seat so he the man the in black car doesn’t notice. I take a peak over to what looks like is that he is not the phone. I bite my lip as I check my watch. I then press the button down on the talkie to make contact with both Louis and Fuller “8:14 p.m, she’s in position” I mumble.

“Fucken watch her Niall, this aint  time for your James Bond shit” Louis buzzes in. I could tell he was deadly worried and only trying to calm down from the fact that his girlfriend is being used as bate.

I watch the guy in the black car begin to tap hi fingers on the steering wheel. Impatient. “ Come on” I whisper. The man was no longer on the phone but I could tell he was trying to get this job done quickly.

A moment or two later Audrey pops out of the shops, a plastic bag clutched in her left hand as she climbs back in the car. I let out a sigh of relief.

She starts the car again and drives off, black car following her. I decide to wait a few seconds before pulling out of my spot. I managed to keep an eye without being noticed and sooner rather than later Audrey parked her car at the curb of a deserted park.

She climbs out of the car, plastic bag still clutched in her hand as she walks and sits on a park bench. Black ar parks right across the road and I park a few cars away, getting out slowly and crouching down so I wouldn’t be seen. I noticed majority of the parking spots were full, probably the undercover cop cars.

I shuffle closer and draw out my extra gun as I watch him cross the road and approach the park. I moved with him, closer and closer. I feel myself begin to sweat as I pull out the remote “Don’t worry Audrey, I’ve got eyes on him, I’m right here” I confort. I am finally right across from them on the other side of the street when I notice the man slowly his pace as he approaches her. I shut my eyes to slowly focus myself for a few moments. I’m doing this for Anna, I’m doing this for Anna, I’m doing this for-

“We meet again Horan” the liquid voice says. I quickly open my eyes to see the figure standing over me. I recognize his face in the almost darkness but I can’t remember where. The barrel of the gun was pointed down at my nose and I found myself feeling the familiarity of the situation.

“Not really” I says before I lift bother hands to grab his wris and twist his hand up. The bullet shooting in the air instead of in me. He quickly took his leg and swung it under me, making me trip and hit my back. He takes his foot and steps on my face, his other leg finding spots of attack my middle.

“You had a lovely girl Horan, too bad we have to kill her. I manage to wrap hold of his ankle and his forearm and turn my body to the left, resulting in him loosing balance and hitting the ground. I quickly turn out of the grasp and get up, watching him almost doing the same before I kick in the shoulder, I heard a crack and he hits the ground in pain, I give him another blow and another. I take out my pistol in pure anger before I feel a hand on my shoulder.

I noticed that a few people, police have gathered around too stop the small fight. Three men quickly tackle him down again. I sigh as the hand on my shoulder was Audrey. I give her a strong hug as people crowded around me including Detective Fuller.

“Looks like you were almost about to Kill him”

I just nod, looking at the person on the floor now with the lights being shone on him, I still haven’t gotten a good picture of his face yet. “We will take him in for questioning. We searched the car and found a phone, we will track  ‘em” he tells me. I nod as I still look at the man. They turn him over and I get a proper look. I vaguely remember him as the man who hit on Anna when we went shopping for bed sheets.

He works for my father? Who else does?

“His name is Christian Dio, criminal record long. Lets go” Detective Fuller informed. The people around us moved again. I watched as Christian struggled to move with the cop. I kept eye contact with him as they pulled him away with great difficulty.

“You won’t get away with this Horan, just wait till Derek comes to get you. Just wait till that slut finds out” He says as he was shoved in a car.

I sigh as I watch him leave and notice Audrey it still next to me. I snap my head to her to see her do the exact same to me “Derek…What does he mean Derek, do you know this person who is coming for us. Oh …my…NO” she says as she glues together the pieces of the puzzle.

She then turn to me and lands a hard hit on my chest “You asshole, you got u into this, how do could you do this?” she almost screams.

I shake my head as a paramedic comes up behind me and offers to clean the back of my head. I nod at the lady before turning back to Audrey “Can we explain after, you don’t know the whole story” I tell  her as the paramedic brngs me to the boot of her car and gets me too sit down. Audrey looks stunned before following and sitting next to me. She crosses her arms and answers question that a man is asking her only a few moments later.


We make it home in an hour and walk through the door.  Watch as Louis almost leaps from the coach in the living room to see Audrey again. She quickly runs too him so he doesn’t have to move that much and I smile.

“You did so well baby” he tells her. My smile soon fades as I realise that calling Anna ‘baby’ was one of my favourite things to do and how I wish I she was here so I could have a hug from her. “She was really good, calm and collected” I compliment. Louis nods but doesn’t take his eyes off her still whispering little praises.

Audrey turns in her grasp and glares at me. “I’m not done with you mister” she says pointing at me “I want the truth, now sit the fuck down and tell me I swaer to go I will rip your balls off and ground them in a blender. Understand”

I nod as I slowly make my eyes to the coach across from where Louis was siting on before hand. I rest my elbows on my knees.

“Are you sure Niall?” Louis asks as he sits back down with Audrey. I sigh and began to spill out every detail that was important.

I rather tell Audrey now rather than her finding out and spilling it to Anna later.


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