When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


17. Chapter 17


//Anna's Pov\\

I sit anxiously on the bed as I wait for the doctor. Fidgeting and Unfocused. Much so that even Niall is annoyed by the paper I have sat on that is frequently moving and scratching against the plastic surface of the adjustable bed. But he doesn't comment, knowing I'm too nervous to settle down.

I take my time to look around the neat room that smelt of disinfectant. Christmas and Birthday cards and drawings splattered across the wall, little assorted Disney plush toys around his desk. Even a micky pen.

I cross and uncross my legs again, holding Niall's hand a little tighter as I feel the seconds tick by.

What happens if the baby is not healthy because of me. Should I have eaten differently when I found out I was pregnant? Maybe search a little harder on google about dieting? Should I have eaten that packet of salt and vinegar chips before I came in here? Probably not

"It's going to be okay baby" Niall tells me.

As he said that the door finally opened and in came a ginger haired man, with a clipboard.

I shake now.

"Ed" Niall smiles getting up to greet the man. Niall welcomes him in a hug with a wide smile "Mate, how have you been?"

"I'm great" he replies.

The doctor 'Ed' turns to me and smiles "You must be Anna" he says, stretching out his hand "I'm Doctor Sheeran, or Ed as I like it"

I take his hand and shake it smiling shyly. Niall takes his seat next to me again and holds my hand.

"Niall mate you really snagged a lady, she too good looking for you" Ed proclaims as he sits at his desk. I laugh at that.

"Eddy play Nice" Niall scowls.

"So" Ed starts as he pulls the chair closer to us. "I have been told that you Anna are pregnant for now...6 weeks..arriving to 7" he said looking at his clipboard. I nod.

"I'm just going to have to take a few checks and then we could have a look at the little one inside of you. Is that alright?"

I nod again.

"Niall mate, move out of the way will you?" Ed says jokingly. Niall rolls his eyes as he moves an inch to allow the doctor to move closer.

"Okay, I'm just going to go a few checks, like breathing, heart rate, blood pressure. Should be done before Niall shoots me dagger for going close to his girlfriend"

I chuckle this time. "Could you turn sideways for me?" he asks. I do as he says and he informs me he is going to lift my top now to check my breathing. He does that quickly the cold metal of his stethoscope leaving as quick as it came.

Next was blood pressure. He strapped the fabric around my arm and squeezed the pump. He made a humming noise "Normal"

The little check continued on for a few more minutes before Ed finally stepped back "Everything seems to be normal and healthy", he says and "We need to keep it that way for the sake of the baby" I nod strongly.

Ed sits down again at his desk again and types a bit before turning to Niall and I again.

"Now pregnancy is not an easy thing, it is something that both the woman and the male in the relationship have to experience and it will impact both spouses. Now, A woman's good health is essential to the good health of her baby. Women who eat well and exercise regularly along with regular prenatal care are less likely to have complications during pregnancy. They're also more likely to give birth successfully to a healthy baby" he explains. My ears tune in as I take note in my mind.

"A nutritious diet is directly linked to a higher chance of a normal birth-weight, improving fetal brain development, and reducing the risk of many birth defects. A balanced diet may also minimize morning sickness, fatigue, and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. Good nutrition is also thought to help balance mood swings and may improve labor and delivery. So protein, vitamin C, calcium, lots fruits and vegetables, whole grains, iron-rich foods, adequate fat as essential in everyday eating."

"Many women are concerned about how much weight they will gain during pregnancy. If your weight was in the normal range before you got pregnant, a weight gain of 25-35 pounds is recommended"

"To protect yourself and the baby from bacteria or parasitic infection, make sure that all milk, cheese, and juice are pasteurized. Don't eat meat from the deli counter or hot dogs unless they are thoroughly heated. Also avoid refrigerated, smoked seafood and undercooked meat, poultry, and seafood"

I blick at him as all this information comes rapidly. How am I meant to remember all that?

"I will be sending you home a book with all you need to know in greater definition" he says to me "It also covers your Prenatal Vitamins you should take, Exercise intake, bad habits like alcohol consumption or smoking" he says looking at Niall.

Niall rolls his eyes "I quit a while ago, even chucked away the cigarettes" he tells Ed. Ed nods and continues "Also what the boyfriend should do if you get sick during your pregnancy and body changes" . I nod once more, feeling to worried to speak up.

"And that is just what begins in the first trimester" Ed tells me.

My eyes widen "Don't worry, it gets easier he smiles at me"

"have you noticed anything that has changed since you discovered you were pregnant?"

"The morning sickness" I say, my voice feeling scratchy. Ed laughs "Yes that can be a pain, but he passes in the second trimester"

"Also I can't stomach the smell of eggs" I say.

"Ah yes" he says as his pen writes against the paper "Your nose as well as your feelings and body will become much more sensitive"

A few more minutes pass as Ed continues to write everything down "Here is a list of all the vitamins and antibiotics you will need to take" He says handing the list to Niall "And your prescription" he signs.

As Niall pockets those and takes my hand again is when Ed smiles "So, who's ready to see the baby?"




I feel my nervousness move on to Niall who is now fidgeting in his seat and being replaced with excitement. I'm going to see my child!

Ed has walked us into another room, minute prior and asked me to lay flat on the bed as he gets the machine ready. Niall sits in the chair next to me, holing my hand tightly. "Okay, here we go" Says doctor Sheeran as motions me to lift my shirt. I do so as seconds later the gel is being applied over my stomach. I shiver at the coldness.

"Are we ready" I nod. As he places the tool onto my stomach slowly moving it around. The screen is still black and fuzzy as I wait to see what my child looks like at 6 weeks.

"Ah ha" Ed says as he find the baby. And there is was a beautiful large blob. I smile at it. Even though it was a blob, it's my blob, and in a few months is will be my child. "The size is normal for the six week mark" Doctor Sheeran tells me.

I feel tears well up in my eyes as I look at Niall to see his reaction, only to see tear brimmed eyes and fascination written all over his face. He turns to me when he notices me staring "That's our child" he says allowed.

I nod, feeling the tiers of happiness roll down my cheeks. "I'll leave you two alone for a moment" Ed says and he ups and leaves the room.

"I can't believe this is really happening" he says shocked "Baby, we are going to be parents. We are parents!" he says happily. I smile wider at him "I didn't know a blob would make me cry" I said to him. He chuckles coming forward to kiss me, pulling apart only to resting his forehead on mine "We're going to do this together yeah? I promise no matter how many times you have mood swings on me I won't mind. I'll be supportive and help you and cook for you. I promise"

I chuckle at Niall "I know you will be baby, you are going to be the best dad. And I promise not to yell at you too much when the hormones kick in"

He smiles at me and kisses me again.

The door opens and Ed walks in "Horan don't you wanna wait till this baby is born to make another one"

I laugh at this, pulling away from Niall.

"Oh shut up Sheeran" he says, wiping his eyes. Ed rolls his eyes "Okay, so here is the book on pregnancy and in the folder is the altra-sound pictures. He hands the papers to Niall in order to clean the gel of my stomach and sits me up.

Niall hands me the pictures and I look at them again, mesmerized that what was in the photo was mine. Niall continued to whisper to Ed something that I couldn't hear but I didn't really care.

"Ready to go baby?" Niall asks. I nod at him, jumping the small distance off the chair and holding the papers close to my chest. I thank Ed personally as we walk back over to the main room with him.

"And if you guys have any questions just give me a call" he says.

We thank him and bid goodbye again as we make our way out of the building towards our car.

Niall opens the door for me as always and shuts it jumping the other side of the car. "You know babe" he says as he jumps in "Looking at the baby now it's not round enough to be called soccer, it's more oval like football" he eplains.

I groan as I put on my seat belt "I'm just going to ignore that" I tell him.

"Are you hungry?" he asks me. "Starved" I say.

"Well I know a perfect little restaurant overlooking the city? Shall we go and enjoy a lovely lunch"

I smile at him "We shall"




After a very healthy and filling Lunch, Niall and I collapse on the bed of the so called 'little apartment'. It's more like a bloody mansion. Plus it overlooks the harbor. Bingo.

I groan as I hit the mattress, so full from lunch that I don't think I could move an inch. "I'm so full" I say to Niall who was in the bathroom to the right of me. "I know, you ate three times what I did" he laughs.

"Hey" I defend; turning to see him, considering the door was wide open "I am now eating for two people here"

Niall hums and turns off the tap. His shirtless torso leaning over the sink to examine himself in the mirror, as well as I am examining him. I found myself in awe of his hard, lean frame as he stood half naked before me. I followed the tuffs of his hair to the smooth curve of his back down to where the light shone over the pink scar until my eyes stop to the v-line that tucks under the waistband of his jeans. That then left my imagination to wander.

I tried to tear my gaze from the pale outline of his magnificent form, but it was no use, and his devilishly handsome features shifted away from the mirror, his mouth turning into a knowing grin as he caught me staring.

"Are you checking me out?" He asks, turning to face me. I shake my head, the front of him his even better. "No, I'm just wondering when you are going to shut the bathroom door, the crap you did stinks"

Niall throws his head back in laughter "I didn't take a shit mind you" he says walking out of the bathroom, until the edge of the bed. "Oh so it's just you that stinks" I smile.

Niall raises' a questioning eyebrow at me "Oh really" he says, crawling on the bed, just over my stomach, running a hand over the side of my stomach. Oh no.

"Apologize" he says. I shake my head giggling, shuffling away slowly. "Alright" he says. Letting his fingers run wild over my stomach until he eventually reaches under my shirt. I laugh loudly trying to move away from him, eventually just stopping his hands by joining the together. "You're a menace" I tell him.

He hums again, his face hovering mine. He gives me a nice kiss before moving away and just letting our eyes linger together. "What were you looking at in the mirror?" I ask, letting go of one of our joined hands to fiddle with the ends of his hair.

"My stubble" he says, lifting his chin a bit. I giggle again, dramatically squinting my eyes "What stubble, there is no hair" I joke.

"What do you mean no hair?", he exclaims. "It's as smooth as a baby's but"

"How dare you" he says "I'm a man!"

Niall then makes the most manliest decision to rub his chin all over my cheeks so I can indeed feel the light stubble on his face. I laugh some more, wrapping my arms around his neck "Ok, I get your point!"

Niall smiles, planting sloppy kisses on my cheeks, with each one becoming soft little pecks "You feeling a bit frisky babe?"

I laugh at him "Is that the best 'I want sex' line that you could come up with?"

Niall rolls his eyes and moves down to give the same gentle kisses to the column of my neck "Is it working?" he whispers in between kisses. I bit my lip and he nips my skin "Maybe..." I murmur.

Niall hums once more, continuing to gently assault my skin and moving down. He makes a show slide my shirt up till in stays above my breast, keeping eyes contact me we as he slowly sucks on the visible skin my bra doesn't cover.

I breathe deeply, feeling his hands wander down my sides and reach for the button of my jeans, slowly undoing the button and zip. His eyes widen when his fingers trail over my underwear to find that they are lace. Black lace. Niall looks down and groans satisfied. His body leaning away from mine to grab hole of the sides of my jeans and pull down quickly.

"What lovely panties you have baby"

At this point he just looks amazingly alert. His eyes squinted and lips smirked as he wandered over the exposed area. The sunlight cast upon him making him all the more beautiful "These are very new" he says to himself.

"What's my little innocent baby doing wearing lace panties? Wanna please me don't you?"

I have never seen this side of Niall. The really dominate side, the talkative side. But I'm slowly starting to enjoy the way he is talking to me. I nod to him.

"Use your words" he says, running a hand slowly up my inner thigh. "Yes I wore them for you"

Niall hums and mutters a "Good girl" before spreading my legs and settling himself between them. My breath hitched as he traced the ends of my panties, occasionally hooking his finger under and then unhooking.

I move my hips up slightly only to have Niall hold them down "So Needy"

I roll my eyes, trying to keep my hips down so he would continue. Niall runs a finger down the centre and I shake, pushing my hips up again. Niall stops and holds my hips down again "Hips down" he tells me verbally this time.

I nod, letting out a shaky breathe. I look down to see him continue to tease me before he finally pulls aside the lace and actually touches my core. I give off a small moan, gripping on to the sheets a bit.

Niall makes a point to blow air on my core, I strain not to lift my hips up as he continues to tease me. "Niall, please" I groan.

"I call the shots today baby girl" he says "And if you're good for me I'll give you what you want"

I nod a few times, agreeing. Niall smirks and bends down to lick at my core. I moan out, gripping the sheets harder. I feel Niall, smirking into my core. Bastard

One of his hands holds my left thigh as the other fingers stretch my panties to the right and licks deeper into my core "Shit Niall"

"It's been a while, hasn't it baby" He says, slowly moving his lips away to gently brush them over my folds "Extremely wet baby" he whispers, tracing patterns on my left thigh. His finger trace up to my hip and then slowly back down where they outlined my sensitive hole.

I moan again "Jesus Niall, please just.." I'm cut short when he slowly inserts on finger. I feel my hot body sizzle and throw my head back and let out a long moan. Not being physically with Niall for 6 weeks has been stressful and has made me horny. But now that all my nerves pile up and are about to explode, it make waiting, worth it. And if feels good.

"Another?" he asks. I nod, feeling another finger slowly slide in next to the first. The burn was bearable as he slid them in and out, curling them occasionally. One of my hands lets go of the sheets and grips his hair. He quickly slides in a third making me moan his name out as he also lets his tongue join the party.

I feel myself shake and become a blubbering mess "Oh shit Niall...please,please, please"

"please what baby?" he smiles, moving his tongue faster. "I want your cock, Please?!"

Niall hums and I groan at the vibrations. Niall pulls out his fingers after a few seconds and stands up, stripping himself quickly from his clothing, moving towards our luggage and pulling out a bottle of lube from the zipper.

He walks back over and pops the cap, graciously squirting it over his dick and rubbing it down. He seals the bottle again before throwing it to the edge of the bed.

Niall gives me a sexy once over before pulling on my ankles so I can meet him at the end of the bed. He sits me up "Let's get rid of these clothes"

He strips me of my top and bra quickly, throwing them to another part of the room. I hook my fingers into the sides of my panties before Niall stopes me "Nah baby, I'm gonna fuck you in those. I shutter at his wording, the thought of it being so pleasurable.

Niall smiles, holding my legs up and adjusting me fo my ass just met the corner of the bed "Ready" I nod, leaning myself on y elbows.

Niall pulls my panties to the side again before grabbing hold of himself and running the head over y entrance. I moan at the friction, wanting more. Niall smirks as he pushed in. I moan his name out, my shoulders going weak from the simple gesture as I lay back on the bed.

Niall groans with me, pushing further and further, strips of colourful worlds leaving his mouth. He gives me a few second before he finally gave me a thrust. I grip the sheets bellow me again in surprise as i take his length. His rhythm accumulating faster with each thrust.

Niall gripped onto my thigh, fucking into me harder and harder "That's right baby, you take my cock so well" he compliments.

I moan after that, feeling my hips buck up and meet his thrusts. Niall moans louder, loving the feeling of the hot, tight space taking his cock. "You like this don't you baby, tell me"

I open my eyes shocked for a second. We have never really been dirty in bed. My thoughts were stopped when Niall gave a particularly hard thrust "Oh yes Niall, I love this, I love your cock" I chant, still meeting his thrusts.

Niall grunts and stops moving. I feel him pick me up and move me up the bed so he can kneel. He makes appoint to stare at my in the eyes when he throws my legs over his shoulders, chaining position. I moan loud as Niall leans over me and starts to fuck into me again.

My fingers finding the way to his back and scratch it. Niall hisses as he fucks harder, giving rushed pecks when he can "I love you pussy" he tells me "Such a tights pussy"

My moans were continuous after that. You couldn't shut me up.

Niall , if it was possible, fucked into me even harder and deeper, making sure to hit that special spot to make me clench around him. Niall lets out a strong 'fuck', trying desperately to hit the same spot. I hear my moans and words become endless, mixing perfectly with Niall's smooth dirty talk as he fucks me into oblivion .

"Oh baby, I'm almost there. So good!" he says.

I smirk up at him, still meeting his thrust and making sure to give a few extra tugs to his hair. I feel myself hit my realise without even noticing. My body clenching around his cock only making him cup loudly. Fucking us through our orgasms.

Niall collapses over me after he pulls out his cock. Fuck niall breathe out, kissing just above my right eyebrow exhausted.

"That was worth the sex that we haven't had in six weeks" He mumbles tiredly. I roll us to our sides and nod into his chest, "You're so sweaty" I mutter, only pulling him closer to me. I could almost feel Niall smile "Well I did do all the work"

I scoff, lightly smacking his chest. "Okay, okay. Most of the work"

I accept that, shutting my eyes, too tired to worry. Niall runs his hands up and down my back slowly, making me drip deeper into an almost slumber. "You think we could spend dinner here tonight?" Niall whispers to me. I hum lightly for him to continue.

"I'll make you dinner yeah? And we can have a nice picnic on the balcony? Overlooking the harbour?" he decides. I smile into his chest, nodding slowly. "Why don't we cook together?" I suggest.

Niall shrugs "If you want"

I nod again "I want. But first sleep"

And we did




Niall and I sat together on the balcony cocoon chair, wrapped in each others limbs despite the hot weather. Our dinner plates and candles left dirty and died out on the balcony table, but our dinner wine still joined us in glasses that were grasped into our hands.

"I would like to go and visit the opera house, see what it's like" Niall says, filling the comfortable silence. "Really, I would too. I've lived in Sydney my entire life and I have never even been in the opera house"

Niall hums "I guess that's another place I'm going to have to take you"

I roll my eyes playfully as I look back to the view. "You know school emailed me"

Niall scoffed "Fuck school, Detective Fuller called and explained our situation, they are well informed" 

I nod and lean back into Niall. "Doctor Sheeran seems nice, where did you meet him?"

"Our mums are very close," Niall answers quickly "Just another mate I grew up with"

I nod "Did you think that guy in the waiting room was wearing a wig?" I ask, now remembering him.

"What?" Niall chuckles "Of course! Did you see when he sneezed and jolted forward and the wig shifted?"

I giggle with him "Poor man. I don't know if you noticed but my asshole of an uncle and bitch of an aunt were wearing wigs yesterday" I give out.

"No" Niall says.

I nod "Yeah and my slut of a cousin. Fake extentions. I just wanna rip them out" I say to him.

Niall smiles a me, before cuddling me in "My little rough girl"

"She was making googlie eyes at you. I swear it's like ever girl stares at you"

I feel Niall dip his head to kiss my ear "You want a tea?". I nod "If you don't mind"

He smiles at me again, before lifting me off his lap, collecting the plates off the floor and moving into the kitchen. My eyes follow him into the open kitchen, catching that he almost dropped a plate whilst moving towards the sink.

I giggle slightly, petting my still flat stomach subconsciously.

'He will be an amazing father'. He would love to play around with our little child all day long, making sure the clothes get dirty so I have to scrub them. My little boy or girl will walk in with dirty and grass stains all over her clothes, giving me a innocent puppy look that she learnt from her father. I would scowl and he or she would tell me it's 'Dad's fault'. Then Niall will walk in equally as dirty and give my a warm guilty smile. I eventually forgive them both, in return getting the dishes done by them.

Yeah I could imagine that.

I stroke my stomach again and wonder for a name. It's been eating me alive even at the early stages. A name for my child that he or she would have to stick with forever.

I absolutely loved the name Robert for a boy, after Niall's Dad. Or maybe even Alesandro?

For a girl I had no clue. i wanted something very unique for a girl. Something special.

I turn back to Niall to see him taking a sip of my tea mug, tasting it on his tongue before adding a bit more milk. I blush lightly is he checking that it's just the way I like it?

He comes out moments later, settling beside me with the tea and handing it to me. "Are you thinking of baby names?" he asks.

I nod, shocked he knew what I was thinking about not that bothered anymore. As he always says he knows me better than myself and it's so very true.

"I want a nice girl name. Do you have any?" I ask, cuddling into him again. Niall bit his lip for a moment in thought. Is now a bad time to say that's too sexy for me to function? Possibly.

"I really like Robert for a boy. And since Bobby is so close to you. I thought it would be a win-win situation"

"I'm sure he would be thrilled to hear that" Niall smiles "Yeah, Bobby is a good lad"

I hum as he goes back to thinking "Well what about Lucy?" he asks.

I blush deeply "Lucy was my mums name" I mumble lowly. "Really?" he asks shocked, rubbing his hand up my back for comfort. I give him a watery smile.

"I like that name if you want to name the baby after her" he tells me slowly. I nod "I'll think about it"

I rest my head deeper into Niall's next, resting my eyes. "I love you" I hear a faint whisper before I am overcome by sleep.




Any suggestions for BABY NAMES!!!

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