When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


11. Chapter 11

// Anna's Pov\\

As the last few days were put behind me, so was Niall and I's constant bickering. We continued to be our original loving selves, spending quality time together, choosing and buying presents for the group for Christmas and sharing our nights wrapped up together quietly.

The morning of the 24th, was the morning that came loud cheers of spoons banging against buckets, loud music and happy screams all for Louis. The clock had just struck 12:00 when the playful children we all are erupted in celebration for his birthday.

The group decided to stay up until Louis actual moment of Louis birthday to give him our blessings to see who could be the first, Ahem, me. Now here the group is with busted ear drums and comfy Pj's making a ruckus out on the freezing cold balcony. When the clock turned to 10 past, we made the responsible decision to get to bed. After a noise complaint call from the manager downstairs of course.

We moved ourselves inside from the cold. Audrey shuts the balcony doors and slides the drapes over the glass "Well that was fun" she smiles.

"Yeah" Eve agrees putting away her own pot lids that she used as cymbals. "Sorry, what did you say darl? I can't hear you" Liam dramatically sighs, rubbing his ears, him being the only one against the idea of making a birthday band out of kitchen utensils.

Niall laughed, draping his tired body around me "So bed?" I rub my tired eyes "Yeah" I yawn, looking over the empty chip packets as a job for a couple more hours later. We say good night making sure to give Louis a hard head scratch before moving on with Niall into our bedroom.

Niall shuts the door quietly before collapsing on the bed in exhaustion. I smile at him as I sleepily make my way to our own curtains pulling them back so only the sheer, see through curtains before I slowly climb in under the covers. Niall shuffles slowly, wrapping his arms around my covered body, giving off a tired sigh "Did you choose what you were going to wear for tonight?" his sleepy voice asks. I shake my head, as I tangle my fingers in his tight hair, trying to loosen the hair gel "No"

"I'm sure the girls will find you something" he tells me. "Hmm" I sigh. "Are you going to get under the covers?"

He whines "That would be a smart idea" he said as he lifts himself off me and slowly slipped in the covers. He crawled over me, giving me a much needed good night kiss before position himself over me again "Goodnight baby"

"Goodnight Ni" I say back.




A couple of hours later, we were awaken by someone loudly jumping on the bed "Wake up you pack of lazy mutts. It's my birthday, no one can sleep in" someone who is definitely Louis screaming at us. I groan as I sit up, resulting in shifting Niall off me.

"That's it Anna, up, up, up". Then the annoying bouncing was gone.

I open my tired eyes to see Audrey standing in the doorway with a large smile "He thinks we are just going out for breakfast and that's it, he has no idea we are going to Disneyland" she whispers to me happily. I sigh happy for her love as I flipped off the covers. Niall groans loudly as he also feels the sheets slip off him.

"Sorry babe" I say as I move on to one of the draws, pulling out a pair of blue ripped jeans out. The to the wardrobe to grab out a nice loose singlet top out, small gold studs around the neckline and around the sleeves. Next I get Niall's outfit out, his black skinny jeans and white supras, along with his white 'Crazy Mofo's' Shirt.

I move off into the bathroom next, turning on the shower and stripping off my clothing before stepping in for a quick wash. Niall walks in after a few moments in just his boxers, stripping them and stepping into the shower with me. I smile at him as he connects his lips with mine, holding my face in his hands as he pulls me closer "Good morning" he tells me. "Good morning" I smile back at him. Our quick shower continued silently as we washed each other and stepped out together.

He wrapped a towel around his waist quickly before wrapping one around me, drying me off. I smile at him gratefully until our silence was cut off by a loud knock on the door. "Guys hurry up in there" The voice of Zayn says "We are leaving soon.

Niall rolls his eyes and let out a loud gruff, mouthing the word 'fucker'

I roll my eyes at his attitude. He briefly mentioned to me a day or two ago, how he and Zayn has an argument. And I believe it was completely stupid of the both of them to be upset with one another, they were best friends and are making a big deal over an assumption. Idiots. I call back an 'okay' as I loosen myself from Niall's grip and motioned him to open the door. Niall did so, happy to see that Zayn had left and he let me step out in my almost naked attire.

I quickly disposed of my towel and slipped on my undergarments before the outfit I had picked out for myself. I evidently turn away from Niall, taking my hair out of its loose bun that I managed to keep dry.

"Don't be mad at me" he mumbled, pulling up his jeans and buttoning them. He rests his hands on his hips as he stares at me through the reflection. I sigh as I tangle my hangs through my somewhat straight hair. "I'm not mad at you, I just think you are really stupid for fighting with Zayn"

"I'm doing it for a reason" he tells me, moving closer. "Is the reason me?" I ask stopping my movements "Because that's a stupid reason. I mean I know he said some stuff to me, but what does it matter unless I listen to him, which I'm not" I say turning towards him.

Niall runs his hands over his face "He has feelings for you, and he won't stop till he gets what he wants. Kind of like me" He tells me.

I bite my lip "I'm not going to ignore him" I say "He's a friend. It doesn't matter what he feels for me. Okay trust me, I don't feel anything for him" I tell him, holding his shoulder. Niall willingly nods in agreement "But if he touches you, I'm going to hit him" he says, as he wraps his arms loosely around my waist.

I just hum in agreement wanting this conversation to be finished. "Now put on a shirt" I smile, running my hands over his chest "Staying half naked is unacceptable, especially when we can't do anything" I wink, moving back to the mirror to apply some lip balm.

He chuckles behind me while slipping on the top I set out for him, then his socks. I do the same as I slip on my black vans. I stood at the door ready for Niall as he puts on his supras before going to the top drawer of his bed side table, grabbing out his wallet and phone. He moved to the bottom of the drawer pulling out another item, that I haven't seen in a while. I stare curiously at him as hold out my phone for me to take "I do trust you" he tells me. I smile at him before taking the phone from his grip.

He looked at me worried, I know he trusts me, but sometimes I just have the mentality to do what I want. That include wanting to text my family if the temptation comes up. "You know" I say open my dresser "I don't really need this" I say shutting the drawer. He looks at me amused for a moment "Besides, your phone takes better photos" I smile, pulling out of the room so we won't be late.

I notice the group scattered in parts of the apartment, waiting, snacking and talking. I smile at them a good morning "Are we ready?" I ask. They all shake their head "We are going to give Louis his presents first" Audrey claps in excitement, probably more excited than Louis.

I raise my eyebrows as I nod, returning back to my room to grab Louis present that I had wrapped neatly under the bed. I also grabbed the present that Niall got him as well, moving out of the room again. They were all crowded in the living room now all leaning anxiously in their seats to see what Louis got. Such kids.

I set Niall's and my gift on the table, settling comfortably in Niall's lap out of instinct, he didn't seem to mind though, as he wrapped both his arms around me and hooked his chin over my shoulder. Louis began with Audrey's gift first and then moved around the table. After receiving expensive nike shoes, a pair of vans, video games, a pricy watch he finally got to me.

"Oh little miss Anna, what do you have for me" he hums in suspicion. "Just open it" I tell him, waiting to see his face. He rips open the rapper quickly, pulling off the lid and staring down in shock "You got me a skateboard" he smiles. "Not just any skateboard"

He stares a me for a moment before flipping the deck over, seeing the superman logo "No way" he says "How did you know I like superman?" he asked. "I found my sources" I smile.

"Well, thank you" he says, smiling wide. I lean back into Niall, happy he enjoyed the gift.

"Shall we go to breakfast Now" Says Audrey after a few more moments. We all agreed leaving the hotel room suite and taking the elevator down to the lobby, making out way out of the hotel. Louis being the most jumpy as he has already booked where to go. He ended up leading us to the exact same café that Zayn and I went to the same day I discovered I was pregnant.

Zayn gave me a worried glance as I continued on as if it was no problem. Liam ended up taking to the hostess and she led us up the stars again. I almost giggled to myself when I see our set up table was right next to the table Zayn and I sat a few days back.

Louis took the opportunity to sit next to the window, landing Audrey in the seat next to him. Seats began to fill as I let Eve have the next window seat, then Liam then Niall, then me at the head of the table and Zayn between Audrey and I. I watched as Niall gave Zayn a slight glare across the table not happy that he was sitting across from him, or even worst sitting next to me.

I slightly nudge Niall with my foot and he got the message calming himself down. Our waitress soon came up to us and I couldn't help but memorise the familiar voice. The same woman with her baby bump came by. "Oh hello sweets" she smiled at Zayn and I. I cringe back "How are you?"

"Oh I'm fine darling, just pregnancy kills sometimes, but you'll get used to it" she tells me, pulling out her notepad. My bloody ran cold as I quickly swipe my head to Niall, noticing that he was already looking at the menu, not concentrating in what the waitress had to say.

"Um, yeah I'm sure girls get used to it" I answer silently. She smiled at me confused "Alright, I'm just gonna ask for your drink order"

We all nod as we flip through our menus, not sure if I want an ordinary drink or something different. "Babe they have ice chocolate milkshakes" Niall mumbles over to me. I smile at him and order it immediately, it being my favourite drink at the moment. She walks away with our drink orders.

I watch as the rest of the group flip through their menus. I felt a nervousness in my stomach, considering I am now 4 and a half weeks into my pregnancy I already have a really sensitive nose I don't think I could handle another wiff of eggs.

"I feel like something sweet" Eve says allowed. I bite my lip as I move over to what looks likes the pancakes page, smiling at the types, vanilla, butter, with ice cream, what type of ice cream? Should I get strawberries or not? I raise an eyebrow at the fact that I couldn't' make a decision.

"Anna's found the pancake page" Smiles Zayn. I roll my eyes and shoot fake daggers at him "Shut up, it's hard to decide"

"Oooo, ii want pancake" Louis clapped like a child. "I found Niall's favourite" I smile, pointing to the 'blueberry forest' pancakes. He grins at it "My lady made my decision" he says, closing his menu, holding my hand.

You guys are actually so cute it's sickening" Louis said in a mono-tone. The table gave off a giggle, except for Zayn. I notice that clearly, and I didn't like that. "I feel like pancakes too" Eve ponders. "Me three" Says Audrey.

I smile at the fact that close to all off them aren't going to order eggs. A different waitress came back with a tray of our drinks, he placed the chocolate deliciousness in front of me as I licked my lips at the whip cream drizzled in chocolate. I slowly drag it to Niall, watching as he gave in and took one sip. He knows by now not to argue with me.

He nods in approval "Its good" he smiles. I smile back before taking my own sip, letting the flavour pour in. I hum in agreement, as Niall stares at me fondly.

"So ladies" Louis begins "How are your sexy outfits going" he grins wickedly. I roll my eyes "It's cold outside wierdo. I'm wearing pants" I smile, leaning closer on the table. Louis rolls his eyes "What about you babe" he smiles looking down at Audrey "Surprise" she smiles.

Louis scoffs "You guys are no fun"

I roll my eyes as the first waitress came back again "Ready to order?" she ask happily. A few of us nod as I look over the menu again, tossing up between, weather to get chocolate or butter pancakes, or if I wanted strawberries or blueberries. A few moments later a hand landed on my knee, squeezing it slightly "Baby, did you choose" I heard Niall's voice.

I look him and shake my head sheepishly. Niall smiles before asking "Could we please make a change?" Niall asks. The lady nods and stretches he notepad ready to write "could we please have one chocolate and butter pancake with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and another of vanilla sprinkled with strawberries and chocolate syrup?"

The lady smiles at the two of us before nodding "You may" she beams writing the order down. "You too seem like a lovely couple" She smiles walking away.

I blush a deep red when Niall gives my thigh another squeeze as he leans forward and plans a kiss on my cheek. "Like I said, sickening" Louis jokes.

We continue our happy breakfast, enjoying our pancakes and sweet drinks. I tried my hardest not to let the scent of what the tables around us have ordered and also tried to ignore a splitting headache that have just popped up.

We finished in a couple of hours' time, saying our goodbye to the pregnant waitress who gave me a secretive wink. We walked back out onto the streets of Paris, moving quicker than Louis to try and get back to the hotel so we could take him to DisneyLand.

We make it back quickly where our rental car was waiting for us. "What's going on?" Louis asks suspiciously with a slight smile on his face. Audrey undid their joined hands pulling out a black mask from her back pocket. "You are gonna have to put this on" she smiles, leading him towards the car. Louis buckles in, in the middle of the car as Audrey places the blind fold over his eyes.

"Everyone buckled in?" Niall asks from the front seat, taking my hand in his as he drove off after an answer from everyone. We drove a while through the stone streets almost covered in Christmas light, listening to the French radio on low as Louis guessed where we were going. To our dismay the sky loomed with clouds, almost as if it was going to rain.

We make it to a busier part of Paris and I smile as Niall pulls the car into a parking lot. He drives pass the available car spots and straight to valet parking.

We jump out, making sure Louis doesn't peak from under his blind fold as we still had a bit to walk. We take an elevator up to the main floor. Screams of joy were heard when the elevator doors open, obviously reactions of over excited children. "Where the fuck did you guys bring me" Louis ponders as we lead him out of the elevator. We walked the brick street a lovely tall, pink and blue castle in front of us. I feel my lips stretch wider into gaping grin and my eyebrows arch for the sky. Its quite a sight to see.

We stop at a perfect angle as Audrey slips out her phone, ready to record. "1...2...3!" she yanks the fabric off his face, watching his reaction. It takes a second or two before the new information sunk into him, but sooner than later we watched him jump and squeal like all of the other little girls in the area.

"You brought me to bloody Disneyland! Holy Crap, I love you guys!" he cries. I laugh at him as he hugs all of us individually before Kissing a twirling Audrey around. "It was all Audrey's Idea" Eve smiled. And at that moment we were all to witness the love in Louis eyes and smile that was only for Audrey as he mumbled out a meaningful "Thank you so much baby"

"Let's take a photo" I smile, pulling out Niall's phone from his back pocket. Niall so kindly asked a person on the street to take a photo of us in front of the Disney castle. We smiled wide for the camera and soon went through the castle gates and into a child wonderland full of Disney characters and Christmas decorations and the smell of candy and children, some humble some spoilt. And honesty? I think I' more excited than Louis, but I didn't tell him that.

Niall clasped his hand in mine, walking me to the first few ride and games Louis want.

A few hours later, there was micky mouse ears propped on top of my head, and a Lady and the Trap toy that I was trying to clutch into my arms as I try and beat Louis in an old fashioned balloon pop. Louis one in the end, but that's because I let him win. Yep.

I pout and shuffle to Niall who had Woody cowboy hat perched on his blond locks, looking happy. I smile up at him as he cradles me in his arms as Louis cheers. "Should get something to eat?" asks Liam, looking at his watch, I looked as well to see that it was nearing 4. "Yeah but we won't eat at dinner" Says Audrey. Liam pouts and Eve was quick to his defence "How about we get something small to tie us over. Then I guess go and get ready for dinner"

We used our maps to find the best place to get something to eat when Liam spotted "Toy Story's: Pizza Planet Restaurant" We laugh at his excitement and make our way towards the restaurant. WE bounce on the ball of our feet as we make our way into the restaurant. We smile kindly at the waitress as she led us to our table. "I think now is time for a bathroom break and to wash our hands" Liam informed.

"Yes Mr Responsible" Zayn salutes as he made his way to the sign that said 'Restrooms'. The rest of the group soon lifted from their seats and made it towards the sign as well "Ill hold the table" I say to Niall's unsure expression. He gives in getting up from the table and rushing towards the bathroom.

In this time I sit and observe. Look over the dark blue sky and little green minions around the room, claw machines. And even a buzz lightyear Character walking around.

It was at that moment that I felt something odd. Like someone was around me, watching me. I look around only to see children chopping on pizza and annoying their headache filled parents. I felt my insides itch and my heart in my throat. In my instinct reaction I felt I should run but I couldn't, I was rooted to my seat too scared to comprehend, incapacitated with fear. I shake in my seat now turning around once more and back only to catch a glimpse of something I thought I never wanted to see them again. I turned back to that very spot only to see the buzz light year character infront of it, talking to children at a table. I shrink in my seat hoping Niall will come back soon and that I'm just being paranoid and it wasn't him. It wasn't him. Wasn't the same almost black eyes, or wicked grin. It wasn't him. The fear sits on me like a pillow over my mouth and nose. Enough air gets by it, allowing my body to keep functioning, but it's crippling all the same. I then felt something completely different from my recent feelings, Nialls hand pressed against my shoulder, sitting next to me. "You okay baby?" he asks, worried, moving closer.

I give him a shaky smile "Yeah, I'm just hungry" I tell him.

I made a deal with myself not to tell Niall about this paranoia, which I pretty sure is all this is; me being paranoid. This is Louis Birthday and Christmas Eve and I'm not going to let myself make Niall worry.

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