When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


10. Chapter 10

// Niall's Pov\\


I left Anna with a kiss, promising her I'll see her soon to take her out for our date. That I have actually been planning for a week now. But first I need to deal with a bigger problem; Zayn.

I felt the anger boiling deep in my system, as hot as lava. It churned within as I stomped my feet to the traders room, only to be stopped half way down the hall and pulled into the kitchen opening by the devil himself.

"I need to speak to you" he whispers. I roughly pull my arm out of his grip and cross them, leaning against the bench "About?" I ask calmly but you could tell my voice was dripping in rage.

"She knows about Derek, we were talking this morning and she asked who Derek was and-"

"What were you talking about that led to that conversation?" I ask, giving him a hard stare.

"I can't remember" lie "but she's worried about it-"

"You don't remember the conversation? That's a load of bullshit!" I seethe.

"Niall are you listening to me? This is all the stuff you are putting in her head!"

"What about the shit you put in her head, what you say to her about our relationship, that you don't have a say in !"

"I was just wondering if she made the right choice" he defended, crossing his arms with a smolder.

"What's the right choice?" I spit with fury "You!"

"Maybe" his voice cuts through. I felt my eyes heat up and my face turn red as I grab his neck, smashing him against the fridge behind him. "Listen here you piece of shit, stay away from my girlfriend, don't talk to her, don't look at her, and don't even think of her. You're not getting her! You understand?!" I sneer.

Zayn holds on to my wrists, trying to loosen my grip, but I just kept tightening, until I completely dropped him to the ground. "Fuck you" he coughs out. I almost kick him before I realise he's not worth it.

I gave him one last glare before walking off into the room I've been staying in, planning to dress and do my best for I woman that I hope will fall in love with me all over again, like I do for her every day.

//Anna's Pov\\

I grip onto Niall's hand as we walk through the streets. Things were still a bit tense between us but I've decided to overlook the bad in the past week so I could bring out the good. I'm planning to tell Niall about the pregnancy.

He pulls me tighter as we walk in the surprisingly quiet city. Stars lit up the sky and the moon shone up above us, making the slight cold breeze bearable. Our winter shoes tapped against the pavement as Niall led me somewhere mysterious.

"Niall where are we going?" I ponder, swinging our joined hands back and forth. He grins at me "You're a child, you have never liked surprises" he tells me. I give him a pointed look as he turned another corner, and then stopped. "I'm going to cover your eyes babe" he tells me. I playfully scoff, a small grin coming out as I shut my eyes only to have Niall step behind me and cover them.

"Walk babe" he tells me. I cautiously take a few steps, feeling the air pick up a bit more. "Right" he tells me as I instantly trip right. He chuckles slightly and then stops me. "Okay keep them shut" he tells me as he wraps his arms around my middle. "Open" he tells me.

I quickly open my eyes to see one of the best things in life. The Eiffel Tower lit up in white lights, staring down at me. I gaze up at it amazed that this is the closest I've ever been to the gorgeous structure. The water fountain in front of it looked spectacular as it runs and the clean grass was cut to perfection. I turned in Niall's arms, possibly beaming red like a tomato. I place a kiss on his cheek and hug him tight "Are you happy?" he asked.

"I don't think happy could describe my feeling" I smile as I hug him tight. "Well it doesn't stop here" he smirks, gripping my hands as we continued our walk on the spongy grass towards the tower. I was soon in front of Niall with the small spring in my step that only seemed to increase. I stopped at the fountain and quickly pulled out Niall's phone from his pocket "Please take a photo with me"

"Sure babe, your acting like you haven't been here for a month" he jokes as he sits on the fountains edge, pulling me in his lap. "Oh shush" I grin as I open the camera app, extending me arm to take a photo of us. I snap it quickly then make a silly face, watching as Niall took my lead. Niall then takes the phone from me, cuddling me into his chest. "I love you" he tells me. I turn to look at him to see his breath taking eyes "I love you too" I say back. He plants a strong kiss on my lips as I hear the camera click again.

He pulls me closer if possible, deepening the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck as he leans forwards and I lean back. I feel my body almost slip off Niall's legs, giving out a small screech as he successfully catches me "I got you" he smiles, re-positioning himself on the ledge "I got you" he says again.

"Never let me go" I quickly say, the embarrassing cheesy words slipping out of my mouth. He gazes down at me concerned for a moment before speaking "I won't" he promises sincerely. We stare at each other for a few moments before he gives me one of his charming smiles and stands up, standing me up on my feet.

"Let's go, it doesn't stop here" he tells me. I stare at him questioningly as I wrap an arm around his middle and he wraps one over my shoulders. We walk slowly towards the tower, eventually going in it, only to stop when we reached the elevator in the center. I smile at him as he led me into it, shutting the cage and pressing a button. I couldn't hold in my excitement as i fiddled until we made it to the top.

I gasp as I stood flabbergasted over the view. A small round table set up covered in a white cloth, a candle burning in the center and it was all sprinkled with rose petals up until the entrance to the elevator. I quickly walked forward till the edge, pulling Niall along "This is amazing" I hum. "Not as amazing as your reaction" he smiles at me as he hands me his phone. I smile gratefully as I snap a few photos of the view. I turn to give him his phone back only to see my boyfriend pulling out a chair "ma'am"

I bite my lip as it turned into a smile but I play along. "why thank you" I smile, slipping into the chair as Niall sits across from me. "Now are you hungry?" he asked me, a beaming grin on his face. I stare at him curiously "What are you up to?"

"Nothing" he smiles innocently. Sadly the smile which means I'm in trouble. Niall claps his hands and out from behind the elevator shaft came out a man, suited up and holding two silver trays with bowls. A waiter. I cover my mouth in shock as he walked over to us "Madam and Missur, your meal" he smiles as he places our trays in front of us, lifting the lids.

I lean back in my chair in shock as Niall tried to hold in his laughter. In front of me there was a plate of frog legs and another bowl of snails. The waiter then came back and lined up our utensils rather quickly "Any wine?" he politely asks in his strong accent. Niall nodded "Your wine selection" he asked. I slightly nudge him from under the table and his smile widened "And a glass of coke please" he asks. The waiter nods and walks back behind the elevator.

"Frog legs and snails. Why would you do this to me? I told you I never wanted to try it" I whisper in fake anger, trying to contain my smile. "You must try it" he tells me. I stare down at the frogs and snails being a bit disgusted but I'm sure they taste nice. "Okay I'll try the frogs" I say. "No all of it, or I won't love you anymore"

I fake a shock "How dare you?"

He gave me a smug look before picking up a utensil forking one of the crumbed frog legs trying to feed it to me. I move away a little more "No"

"Do you love me?" he asked. I shook my head "I'm not sure anymore" I laugh. "Come on. It taste a lot better than you think" he laughs with me. I give in, taking a bite of the deep fried food, being amazed by the flavour. "Oh my God" I say. He laughs again, taking a bite from the same fork "Told you" he mocked, swallowing.

I roll my eyes at him, picking the fried food up with my hands and taking another bite. Who needs forks. We continued to eat the legs as the waiter brought us our wine, with a bucket of ice to put it in. Niall picked up a tong utensil and the small fork.

"Okay now the snails" he tells me.

I nod, if frogs taste that good, I wonder what the snails taste like. "So you pick up the snail shell with the claws" he tells me, doing as said "Then you just pick out the snail with the small fork" he explained continuing on as he ate the snail soon after.

I nod picking up the tongs and small fork following his lead only finding it harder to pill the snail out of its shell. Niall chuckled at me as I pulled a little harder, the tough snail still attached in the process. I sigh a little frustrated, pulling once more only resulting in the shell to slip out of the tongs, flying across the table and smacking Niall square in the forehead.

He surged back in his chair, his hand clutching his forehead. I quickly slipped out of my chair to get to him "Niall, I'm sorry" I apologize as I pat hi head. "It's alright babe" he says, rubbing the spot abit. "Can I see please?" I ask, bending down.

"It doesn't hurt, I'm okay" he smiles at me.

"Okay, just let me see it" I plea, chuckling at the situation.

Niall sighed before removing his hands showing a promenade red mark on his forehead that would surly turn into a bruise. I sigh at myself and grab a piece of ice, wrapping it in Niall napkin before placing it on his head. "I'm sorry"

Niall smiles up at me, using this opportunity to pull me into his lap sideways. I giggle as he does, resting my other hand on his shoulder.

He smiles up at me, biting his lip before letting out a hard chuckle. "What?" I ask. But Niall kept on laughing "Hmm, nothing darl, it's just, the snail flew" he got out.

I roll my eyes at him hiding my head on his other shoulder in embarrassment "Be quiet" I say. Niall gave out a cough trying to stop his laughter "Nah, it's just you were really trying" he tells me. I lift up my head and roll my eyes "You're so mean" I tell him, slumping.

He beams up at me some more, leaning forward to give me a loving eskemo kiss "But you love me"

I scoff "Sadly, yes". He continues to cuddle into me, raising his hands a bit to twirl the ends of my hair. It makes me wonder if this is the time to tell Niall about the baby. About how he is a father. But what if he doesn't accept it? I mean, he tells me he would like to start a family with me, and he would always want children, but what if the actual situation makes him hate the idea? And what about all these secrets he is keeping? I want him to be honest with me, to tell me everything, like I tell him everything. Maybe I should ask him first about Derek and then tell him about the baby.

"I love you too" his whisper, cuts off my train of thought. I let a few moment tick by before I speak "Um Niall?" I ask, suddenly finding this a lot harder to say "When a couple loves one another...they tell each other everything. They don't keep secrets" I explain.

Niall pulls back from our intimate moment with a sigh "Anna, I know where you're going with this. I'm not keeping anything from you. I promise"

"Well then, who's Derek?" I ask, folding my arms.

Niall sighs again, tightening his arms around me "Derek is just someone who is helping Matt, we know who he is and he could be dangerous"

"Who's we?"

Niall stayed silent "Niall there is something you are not telling me" I say annoyed getting up from his lap to lean against the railing. He runs his hands over his face getting up as well "It's just that the boys and I know about him, and-"

"how do you know him?" I push. Niall looked at me with eyes, as if telling me to stop asking questions, but I could feel my eyes start to well up with tears. His eyes soften as he moves the short distance closer to me "Don't touch me I his silently". He bites his lip dropping his hands down on the railing either side of me. "Please stop crying"

"Don't change the subject" I sneer

"I don't know if I should tell you" he says.

"What are you supposed to mean" I snap in disbelief " SO you are keep something from me" I ask, shocked. Tears spilling from my eyes as I try to move away from him.

"No, listen...I can't explain it"

Anna tries to get out of his grip "No please, don't run from me, I want to tell you, I really do...I just don't know how"

I stare at him, feeling a second layer of tears rise in my eyes. How was I meant to tell him about this baby now? Lord knows what he's kept from me. And Niall knows I can't stand secrets.

"Please don't cry. Just give me some time to think about where to start" he says.

"Just start from the beginning" I sobs

Niall lets his hands slip behind me on the railing, holding me close. I agree feeling that his hug will be the only thing that would calm me down at this point. I calm sown in a matter of moments, crossing my arms over my chest, waiting for an answer.

"Detective Fuller and Officer Carter spoke about This Derek person with the boys and I, he is meant to be a huge dickhead that's helping out Matt with tracking us down" he tells me, I nod for him to continue "It was my idea about not telling you babe. I didn't want to tell you right away. We were fighting and you were stressed and I don't want your...urge to come back" he tells me delicately.

I bite my lip, unsure if I should believe him "You don't believe me do you?" he asks "But you believed Zayn when he said you should re-think our relationship"

"That's not true!" I back fire quickly "And stop changing the subject. If I did believe Zayn, I would have not been in a relationship with you today" I tell him seriously.

"So why don't you believe me" he asks. I stare into his baby blues for a while longer before realising that I do trust him and he was just protecting me. He didn't want me to be more stressed out, he cares about me and he loves me. "I do trust you and I do believe you" I tell him seriously, feeling the urge to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. So I did just that, feeling him hold me closer to his body. We break apart when we hear a slight cough from the waiter. We both turn towards him "Shall I serve the first course sir and madam?"

Niall nods "Yes, thank you". The waiter nods his head and moves away as Niall turned back to me. "We are a bipolar couple" he tells me, with a smirk on his face. I lightly smack his head, it being the only thing I can think of hitting. Niall crowds away with a small 'ouch' holding his head "That's twice tonight darl, don't go for a third" he jokingly threatens.

I laugh lightly, feeling the issue float away with the breeze. We're back to ourselves. "Let's not do that again please, we always fight over what other people tell us"

Niall hums "I have noticed actually. And we don't fight we just have discussions that don't go very well. Now baby, shall we sit to continue this lovely date"

I give him a small smile as he turns back to pull back my chair, I quickly turn him back feeling that now that the air is clear and do you in fact have no secrets between us, then I shouldn't start one by not telling him about his own baby. "I actually have something to tell you" I say, feeling my nerves rise.

"What is it?" he asks, turning back around to give me his full attention. I start to twiddle my fingers a habit that is sadly coming back from childhood, and that Niall knew about "I'm sure whatever it is it's fine" he tells me.

"I'm...I'm...okay" I sigh, running my hands through my hair in frustration "I'm just really sorry, I didn't ask you with help with Louis' present I do trust your opinion." I spit out, completely annoyed with myself. I give off a smile and he beams back "I know you do babe, it's just Zayn likes you, and I know he's going to make a move"

"But whatever he does doesn't faze me because I'm in love with you" I say. I grins at me, pressing his lips against mine. I beam at him as we break apart, moving back towards our table to continue our romantic evening with the thought that I chickened out in the back of my mind.

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