When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


1. Chapter 1

// Niall’s Pov\\

We landed in Paris a couple of hours later, the need to rest drooping out of our eyes and the bright lights of Charles de Gaulle airport wasn’t helping. As I expertly lead the group by reading over each sign in my extent length of French I can read, I get us all to the baggage claim alright. I should really make Louis lead, he’s better at French than I am.


Anna rubs her eyes as we wait patiently for our luggage to roll out. I wrap an arm around her “You can sleep in a bed soon baby” I say, kissing the side of her face. She doesn’t bother with a response, just leans her head on my shoulder. I look around the airport noticing the cameras around. My eyes widened as I moved in front of Anna, covering her face; I motion the boys to do the same as we quickly grab our bags and speed out. We made it to the exits when I finally notice the rental car desk. I smile in success and pull our way over. I pushed Louis in front to speak most of the French, considering I don’t want to give away our cover.


We were soon driving in a seven seater Rang Rover sport to my favourite hotel in Paris the Shangri-La Hotel. Has a view of the Eiffel Tower right out of the room balconies. I yawn as I drive North through the large city of narrow street, large cobble stone unique buildings built around us. The yellow street lights, stood high on the pathway; lighting up the way for pedestrians who were out for the night. I smile as the navy blue night sky, sprinkles with white stars suited perfectly with the theme of Paris.


I gently rub Anna’s arm “I don’t think you wanna miss this”. She blinks her eyes open and stared in awe; looking around each widow for a new view. Restaurants and hotels now littered the streets attracting more people for the festivities.


We finally turned on to the street of my planned hotel, the famous Eiffel Tower spread out at the end of the narrow street. Anna grew a grin, quickly taking out her phone to snap a picture of the landmark shinning of lights. I smile as we pulled up the large, golden hotel; haunting in front of a red blazer dressed valet. I turn to the rest of the group informing them we have arrived.


I hop out of the car, running to the other side to beat the man into opening the door for my girl. I smile as I help her awe struck self out of the high car “This is beautiful” she says.


“Not as beautiful as you” I say, placing my hand on the small of her back to guide her up the golden steps. “Bienvenue à nouveau M. Horan” the middle aged man said from behind the valet desk. I nod politely as we made our way through.


“He knows you?” she asks in surprise. I smirk “Everyone knows me”


She sighs as the two doors were opened for us and a large room was revealed. Anna stopped gapping at the large, golden room. The floor was tiled in fine marble, which made every step echo. A brass stair case stretched, long, up until the second floor of the lobby. A large golden chandelier hung from the centre celling, just above the stair case, sending golden and sliver specks dancing around the room.


// Anna’s Pov\\


Niall pulled me out of my amazed thoughts as he gently pulled on my hand, leading me around the other side of the amazing stair case to what looked like a large desk in the colour of coffee, topped with a golden granite top. Exquisite paintings hung from the light goldenrod coloured walls.


I can’t believe Niall would take me to a pace as beautiful as this, I mean doesn’t he know how clumsy I am?


As we approached a pretty brunette greeted us with a smile “Que puis-je faire pour vous?” she said. I wracked my head of the little French I have learnt, trying to figure out what she said. Niall smiled back “Hello Angel, I’m here to see Adrien”


She nodded pointy, picking up the high tech looking phone and pressing a button. She whispered quietly into the phone, giving off sceptical looks and soon after I heard the door open and a quite thin, important looking man in a grey platted suit. His black short hair was slicked black, his face was smooth and shaven and he looked like he had more rings than Saturn scattered over his fingers.


He smiled wide when he spotted Niall coming from behind the desk in a quick manor “Niall” he calls, his broken French accent clearly behind it. He opens his arms wide to give Niall a big hug, excitement and surprise over his face “It good to see you” he smiles.


He then turns to both Louis and Liam giving them similar greetings “is nice to see you boys” he smiles “What can I do for you?” he asked, positioning himself behind the desk again. Niall leans on the bench “We’re in a bit of trouble, that we will discuss later” Niall begins “But I would like the penthouse suit please”


Adrien’s eyes darkened but kept his smile, continuing to nod and type into the computer “For how long?” he asked. Niall looks back at the boys before turning forward again “As long as we need”


Adrien nods, understanding “There are only five rooms in this suit” He says un-sure. Niall smiles, putting his arms around me “That’s alright”


Adrien’s eyes lit up with happiness again “You” he smiles pointing at me “Oh that’s lovely”


I giggle as his adorable accent “Thank you”


He smiles back, handing out five golden cards with the number six on them, no shocker to all five of us. I smile and nod as a ‘Thank you’ as I have been guided up the stars to a second level that looked just as glamourous, the only difference was the golden elevators that were aligned around us.


“I call pressing  the button” Audrey calls, the first words I’ve heard her say in a while and I laugh as she runs full force to the first elevator that had a number ‘4’ on it. She swiped her card and pressed the button frowning as it didn’t light up. I laugh as I rush over to the elevator with the number six, following her actions and smiling successfully as the doors opened.


She crossed her arms annoyed before getting into the elevator with the rest of us. I let out a tired chuckle as I swipe my card again and let her press the top floor button. We rode in a comfortable silence, trying to ignore the blinding light. The elevator dinged and I expected it to open up to a hallway of golden doors but I was wrong, it opened up to a room that looked like it was built for angels.


The walls were pure white matching the creamy tiles and identical in colour double doors. There was a glass mirror handing above a glass table which looked to be just for house warming decoration. Each of us walked up to the white doors with, surprise, surprise because even the door knob and hinges were gold, and engraved with swirls and elegant designs.


“Shit” Eve says allowed. I giggle I know.


Niall swiped his card and opened the door to our room. I gasped, literally gasped. The room was pure beautiful. Niall walked in first, placing the bags in his hands by the door. I walked in after him, or more like slowly shuffling as I look around the room in front of me. The room was open, the first thing I saw was a long glass table with eight plush chairs around it, with a giant window showing a glimpse of the lit up city below. I walk a little closer to see to the left was a large tiled and posh kitchen, much like Niall’s at home.


“Okay, there are rooms down that end” Niall said pointing to the right corridor “And the ones down the left” he continues, pointing past the kitchen and lounges towards another corridor “And I call the biggest one” he finishes.


Louis pouts a little, before signing “ I should of known to call the room when I knew where we were going” he mumbles under his breath, grabbing the suit case. ‘Niall’s been in France before’


I went to grab my suitcase, before Niall beat me to it “Come on babe, follow me” he says.


“Goodnight” he calls over his shoulder as we start the way towards the room. I hear a chorus of goodnights after us as I follow Niall; passing the white plush lounges that look like clouds and giant glass skyscraper windows.


We walked into our room that we are staying in and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack from all this beauty. The room was large a dim dark from the night but it still looked beautiful. He bed was large and cream, topped off with plush pillows, decorating it perfectly. No matter how beautiful the room is, I turned the right and started walking towards the large window, gasping at the site of the city of love right in front of me.


Just by looking at it I could tell I’ve already fallen in love with the great city.

“You like it?” he asked as he stood next to me by the window, watching the glorious tower shimmer in lights. “It’s…amazing” I say almost speechless, letting out a short yawn. “Come on baby, let’s get some rest” he tells me.


I shake my head, feeling I can watch this view forever. Niall slowly comes behind me and grabs my waist, pulling me away from the window into his chest “Do you want to shower first?” he asked. I nod “Is the bathroom going to put me in cardiac arrest” I say. Niall chuckles, “Nah baby, now come on”


He leads me to the bathroom and I choose to ignore it for now, rubbing my tired eyes. “How’s your head? Still dizzy” he asked as he started to take of my clothing. I shake my head  “The painkillers are working, I’m just tired” I tell him, turning for him so he can take of my bra.


I love when Niall undresses me. I love it when his fingers deliberately scrape over my skin in appreciation. It makes me feel wanted and loved.  After he pulled down my bottoms he turned over to the shower and turned it on, letting the water run till the right temperature.


“Towels are here baby?” he tells me.  “You’re not staying?” I pout. He smiles “Would you like me to join?”


I nod, leaning in to kiss his soft lips and slowly taking off his jacket. He kicked off his shoes swiftly as I grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifting it up. He raised his arms obediently as I snatched it off dropping it to the floor. My hands then found their way to the button of his jeans, undoing it “You know I never got to give you our anniversary gift” I smirk.


“Really?” he ponders, pulling down his jeans with his boxers. “Yep” I tempt, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him into the shower with me. The spray hit us both warming us up and I suddenly got a rush of excitement.


“Baby, maybe we shouldn’t, you’re not feeling well” he says, holding my hips. I whine “No, please, I feel better and I haven’t had you in me in a while”


“Okay, but let’s not do it here because what if you feel dizzy and fall. Let’s just shower.” He explains. I roll my eyes but nod, turning in the rather large shower to grab the little complimentary shampoo bottle to hand it to Niall.


He smiles turning me around and scrubbing my scalp. I hum lightly “ I love this”


“I love you” he tells me






After our loving shower, Niall grabbed two towels and handed one to me. I smile, wrapping it around myself and quickly drying off, hopefully to get to the activity I wanted to do earlier.


I watched as Niall placed the towel over his head, rubbing over his wet locks to get them damp. I took this as my shot, stepping forward as he removed the towel, kissing him hard. He hummed in surprise, dropping the towel and wrapping his arms around me. “You’re eager”


“You’re slow” I saw, starting to push him back out of the bathroom. He moves happily, walking backwards towards the bed until his knees hit and buckle on top of the mattress. I smile and climb over him, straddling his growing hard on. I ran my hands down his arms, pinning his hands to the bed. 


“Whoa, look who became frisky” he smirked. I roll my eyes “Behave or no gift” I say seriously. “So what is my gift?” he asked. “Well it has three parts” I say, leaning down to kiss his jaw. “First part?” he asks in a shaky breath.  “Shhh” I smile, kissing down his chest. His hands got out of my grip and held my waist “What are you doing?”


I ignore him, moving further down till I side to the floor to kneel in front of him. I take Niall’s hard member in my hand, stroking it slowly. “Shit” he hissed. It felt like ages since the first time I had done this to Niall and for a long while he put it me off doing it for him. I don’t know why since he obviously enjoy’s it. Ignore my thoughts trying my best to make Niall feel good.


I stroke him a little more, teasing the slit, glancing up to see Niall sat up on his elbows, watching me. I look up and smirk before leaning forward to take the head in my mouth. Niall let out a pleasurable moan; his head tipping back just at the contact of my wet lips around him.


 I stroke the rest of his long length as I continue to suck, hearing short cut breaths out of Niall. I hum satisfied with his reaction as I relax my throat to take more of him in. I sink lower, hearing Niall groan “Ohhh, don’t…don’t push yourself baby”


I ignore him, relaxing a bit more as I go lower. I feel Niall’s tip hit the back of my throat; I gag a little, but continue on, hearing Niall moan and pant above me. “Fuck baby, so good” he groans. I felt Niall thrust up a little, gripped onto the sheets, roughly pulling on them as I suck harder.


“Baby pull off” He pants. I ignore for a moment before doing as he said. Coughing a little as I pull off. Niall looks down at me, his bottom lip bitten and red and his pale face, flushed. Niall quickly kneels down in front of me quickly, cupping my face in his hands and kissing me roughly. “You’re perfect” he whispers between his pecks.


I blush peering down; even in the most intimate moments he can make me feel so innocent. I bite my lip and continue with the gift “Are you ready for part 2” I smile. Niall raises one eyebrow “and what’s is it”


“It’s the opportunity to fuck me anyway you want” I grin. Niall face grew into a sexy grin “anyway?”


I nod. I bite my lip nervously as Niall’s hands skimmed down my waist “Let’s get on the bed baby”. I do as he says getting up to sit on the bed. Niall follows slapping my bum in the process. I jump in surprise, that’s never happened before. “Did you figure out what you want for part 2?” I ask.


Niall nods “Turn over on your stomach” he tells me. I do as told, turning away from him as he grabbed a pillow and placed it under my hips. “This okay with you?” he asked. I nod “Yeah, your gift”


“Tell me if you feel uncomfortable” he says. I nod as I wait for him to do…something.  I suddenly feel Niall’s hands on my ass cheeks. My breath cuts short at the new feeling. He ran his hands up my back and back down, to spread my cheeks open. “You have such a nice ass” he says to no one in particular.


I heard him shift down the bed and wiggled impatiently; just waiting for something to happen. I felt him grab my ass and spread it apart blowing air on my hole. I shivered dramatically at the sudden moment. “Relax” he tells me. I do, resting my head on the pillow again.


I then felt something cold and wet against me and I moaned out at the different touch and I felt myself push back a little. It took me about second to realise Niall was eating my ass out and another second to realise why I’ve never done this before. I then felt Niall’s finger at my clit rubbing it a little.


“Oh shit” I moan, loving this. I then felt his finger prod into my wet heat. I grip onto the sheets, soon pushing back on both Niall’s mouth and finger, oh lord. “You like this baby?” he asks, applying pressure on my clit. I moan out “Y..Yes”


I could literally feel him smirk and slip another finger next to the first one. I push back a little more, knowing Niall is teasing me right now. “Look at you” he grunts “Acting like a slut for my fingers” he growled, pushing a third finger it. I groan “oh yes baby!”


“You ready for my cock darling” he asks, twisting and turning his fingers so much that I couldn’t even give him a proper answer, I just nod. Niall pulled his fingers our and I whine at the loss of contact, “Hands and Knees” He tells me.


I obey, lifting myself up from  the bed slowly. Niall placed his hands on my hips pulling me back till I was on the edge of the side of the bed, Niall standing right behind me. “For part 2, I would like to fuck you in front of this view” he whispers out. I shiver at his words, looking over the city of love, spread out in front of me.


“You’re practically dripping” he tells me, his finders sliding between my slits and over my ass then back down. I inwardly groan shaking my ass of him to hurry up. I hear Niall chuckle, when I see Niall’s hand come in front of my mouth “Lick”


I do as he says, licking stripes over his hands for a moment before he pulls it back and rubs it over himself, slicking his prick up a bit more. I stare back in awe at his hand when his free hand grabs onto my hair and turns my head around “Face the front”


I shudder at the rough feeling but I like it, a lot. “Ready?” he asked me. I nod waiting for some sign that he was about to enter me. I got a sign moments later when Niall plugged himself in me hard and fast, bottoming out. I scream out, gripping the sheets and tipping my head back. He gave me a few moments before he pulled back slowly and then slammed his hips forward again starting up a quick rhythem.


I feel my limbs shake a little at the weakness and collapse to the bed, still moaning out in a pure bliss. I then felt Niall’s presence over me, his hot chest clinging to my back and his mouth against my ear “You Like this baby?” he asks, plodding in for empathise. I nod, shutting my eyes in concentration.


“Oh no no no” He tells me, lifting off my body and grabbing me from my hair to lift me up “You need to keep those pretty little eyes opened for me baby”


I groan as Niall slowed down on his thrust letting go of my hair to shuffle me up on the bed and kneel behind me. He positioned himself pointy before grabbing onto my hips “Ready” he said before thrusting forward, right where my g-spot is. I scream out Niall name in pleasure as he continuously hit that spot. I had given up  to stand on my hands just my elbows and my ass in the air, at a perfect angel for Niall to fuck it.


“Oh you’re so big” I moan out, feeling my climax approaching. I let out little “Ah, ah,ah’s” as Niall continued, obviously an indication of me about to cum as Niall thrust faster,  moaning something along the lines of ‘such a tight pussy’


I rock back on Niall meeting his thrust only making the both of us pant more. “Cum for me baby” he moaned and i did. I came hard and fast on his cock, letting out screams that I’m sure that people in England would hear. Niall continued thrusting, fast and sloppy and moments later, came. He slipped out of me and fell beside me, pulling me into him. We panted for a moment just looking at each other and then I cracked a smile “I like that position”


He smiles, pulling me in closer “Me too” letting out a strong yawn “I’m so tried”. I let out an identical yawn and he kisses my nose “Let’s sleep” I shake my head sleepily “I need to give you your 3rd part”


He happily sighs “More sex?”


I shake my head “This is an actual gift. It’s in the suitcase” –yawn- “Eve packed it for me”. I started to move to make my way over to the bag but Niall pulled me down “Stay, we will do it tomorrow”


I pout “I wanna give it to you now”. Niall sighs defeated lifting his arm to allow me to walk nude to the suitcase, but I’m sure he didn’t mind. I opened my suitcase and rummaged through the poorly thrown in clothes, until I found the blue box I had been looking for, I quickly lift the lid to make sure everything is in there and I smile, walking back over to Niall who sat up on his hands, leaning back comfortably.


I smile as I place the box on the bed and lye next to him, in perfect view of his reaction. Niall looked at me before smiling and flipped off the lid, he pulled out the first item, his eyes big and his smile wide. “You got me the limited addition Forza Horizon 2, video game” He stuttered out.


I smile “Yep. Now the second thing is sort of for my benefit but I know you like it”


He shakes his head fondly before pulling out a Armani Mania aftershave, that I absolutely adore. He chuckles “I knew when I ran out you would buy more. But these gifts are expensive” he says. I roll my eyes, holding up my wrist that had the Pandora charm bracelet around it “so was this”


He now rolls his eyes playfully, moving the presents to the floor before reaching over to kiss me. “I love you” he tells me. So many times now he’s said it and I feel that I love it even more each time he does. “I love you too”


He grins “Lets got to bed baby, I’m going to spoil you with shopping in Paris tomorrow” he says, ripping the sheets back. “Oh yes shopping” I fake cheer. “Oh common, when I pamper you in presents and food and stuff, I’m sure you will love it”


I smile at him, slipping under neither the sheets and clinging to Niall’s body. He wrapped the soft sheets around us once more and planted a kiss on my head “Goodnight, baby” he says. I smile happily “Goodnight Niall”


No matter what circumstances Niall and I are in, I love the way I spent my first night in Paris.




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