Petition Arugement Idea

This is my idea.

©Rhianna Jackson


1. PAI (Part one)

{Changing Gender Roles in the UK}

{Petition Arugement}

{By Rhianna Jackson}

Boys like girls. Girls like boys. That's the rule. But, that rule isn't right. That rule is what we call gender roles. Gender roles are things like:

Girls are supposed to like makeup, nail polish, dresses, ect. 

Boys are supposed to like football, hockey, food, cars, ect. 

Now that you know how gender roles work, let's focus on the REAL matter. 


In Alabama, there are laws PREVENTING homosexual (same gender) marriage. In England, you can have a homosexual marriage, but not if you don't fit the binary gender roles. Why, you ask? Because, people who control the government are most likely homophobic. Homophobia is the fear or dislike of homosexual people. 

I honestly wonder how you could sleep at night, knowing that you crushed a couple's dreams? I have personal experience with a homophobe. Not just one, a whole group. 


My grandmother, my sister and I were at a motel in Tennessee, and we were talking about how homosexual relationships arent really bad. My grandmom said, "If a woman likes a woman, it's perfectly fine! God created her that way. And when people say, 'Those people are mistakes,' that's saying God made a mistake. God doesn't make mistakes. He WANTED those women to be that way. I see nothing wrong with it."


The very next day, we went to Cades Cove. We were at one of the old church houses, and this group of elders from a church were there. One of the men in that group had said, "It takes a man and a woman to create a kid, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman!" Who says something like that ON THE PROPERTY OF A CHURCH? 


By saying that, those people were saying, "Their love is evil." If that love is evil, they are calling God evil, because God IS love. That really upsets me, and a whole lot of others as well. 


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