You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


9. 9

It was twenty past three when Marty showed up at work; Steve wasn’t amused when Marty walked in.

“Sorry Steve I know I should have called you but I had urgent business.”

“What was so urgent that you couldn’t come into work?

Marty was just about to explain when the press walked in and began taking photos. “What the hell is going on here?

“Please close the shop Steve and I’ll explain.

“Right; you lot out of my shop, now!

The press left and Steve closed the door and the blinds too.

“Now Marty, what have you done?

“Steve you are not going to believe this but I’ve just won nearly £800,000 on the pools.

“Well I’ve heard some excuses mate but that beats them all.”

“It’s true I swear.” Look they even gave me this to tide me over until the money goes in the bank.” Marty took out the money and showed Steve whose eyes bulged out of their sockets.

“The press are hounding Pat and I now Steve.”

“Look Marty you need to get out of the country for a while mate, no doubt you will be retired now.”

“Really; I don’t know what to do at the moment.”

 “This is why you need to get away because when the papers print this story every press man in the country will want your story.

I’m going to let you around the back door and leg it to a taxi; then get him to wait whilst you and Pat go to the airport and get away.”

“You can take your bank book with you and draw more money if and when you need it.”

“You’re right of course Steve.

Steve ordered a taxi to come around the back and soon as possible.

Within five minutes the taxi was waiting.

“Good luck my friend. Martin embraced Steve then got into the taxi.

Marty told the taxi to wait after he paid the fare.

He told Pat to pack a small bag with toiletries then they left for the airport.

“Where are we going Marty?

“Anywhere we can get a cancellation Pat.”

 Marty went to the reception and asked if there was any cancellation’s there was a choice of three, Malta, Greece, or America. The flights would only cost £40 pounds each to America first class so Marty showed the receptionist their passports. The tickets were processed. And they went to the café and bought a coffee and some cake.

Their flight wouldn’t be taking off for two hours so Pat and Marty wondered around the shops. They spotted someone carrying a newspaper and the front page had their photo all over it of them receiving a cheque for £782,256



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