You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


6. 6

They showed there boarding passes as they boarded the plane. “What seats are we in Uncle Marty?

“D27 ABC

“Found it Said Christopher; as he took the window seat.”

Pat took the middle and Marty the aisle seat because of his long legs. Marty suffered from cramp so he opted for the aisle seat every time.

The plane taxied to the runway at Dalaman Airport and awaited clearance to take off.

Ten minutes later the plane was in the air and they were on their way home. Marty spent the time doing crossword puzzles in the newspapers that he had bought.

Christopher had a mini game where you had to try and get seven small ball bearings into the holes in the face of a clown.

Pat was knitting a cardigan made from the angora wool that she had bought at the market in Ishmella. It wasn’t long before the trolley dollies came around serving drinks. Marty ordered a can of Carlsberg lager, a Bacardi, and coke for Pat and a coke for Christopher. The in flight meal was disgusting. None of them ate it; so Marty ordered sandwiches as well.

The cheese and Branston Pickle tasted for better than what had been offered as food by the airline. It took more than four hours to fly back to Newcastle Airport then another half and hour to get through customs once they had collected their cases.

Claire and Christopher picked them up from the airport in the blue Ford Anglia they owned.


Clair dropped them off at their house but didn’t come in. Christopher kissed his Aunt then thanked his Uncle for taking him on holiday.

“I will call in at the weekend Pat alright.”

“Alright Claire bye for now.”

Christopher waved as the car pulled away from the back window.

They were both tired but they unpacked their clothes sorted what had to be washed then climbed into bed.


The next morning Marty sat at the table eating his breakfast reading the paper he read the headline “Aston Villa in a Thriller” Marty read on to discover that Aston Villa had drawn with Ipswich 3-3 his heart began to beat faster as he looked to see that West Bromwich Albion Had drawn with Tottenham 1-1

Pat can you get me my pools coupon from behind the clock on the mantle piece.

Pat brought him the coupon and there was a long silence as Marty checked the coupon then checked it again.

“See I told you we wouldn’t win.”

“I’ve got eight draws Marty whispered.”

“So what does that mean, we are not going to Majorca?

“Pat I’ve got the first dividend; I’ve won the jackpot.”

“Yes and I’m meeting the Queen for tea this afternoon.”



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