You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


5. 5

Marty and Pat had no children because Pat had to have ovaries removed after a miscarriage. They never talked about it because it upset Pat.

They were the God parents to her sister Claire’s boy; Christopher Martin Dunbar.

Christopher Senior worked as a pilot for British Airways. He was on a good salary and so was Claire; who worked as a legal secretary for Mitchell Davis in London. They both were snobs and looked down on Marty and his wife because they lived in a detached house in Cramlington New Town. Marty and Pat doted on Christopher and spoilt him rotten when he came to visit.

They took him to Marmaris in Turkey with them for a week so that Claire and his father could go on a holiday alone. They took a boat to the neighbouring island Turanch. He loved fishing so Marty paid for them to go on a charter boat and spend the day fishing for red snapper and sea bream. The fish they caught were cooked and eaten. The complex had entertainment every night so Christopher never got bored.

In the morning he spent time in the pool with other kids his age then of an evening he played in the games room whilst Marty and Pat listened to live music and danced the night away. Christopher enjoyed his holiday and when the time came to leave he wished they could have stayed another week.

When they were waiting in the airport terminal Marty said; “I wonder if I’ve won.

“Won what?

“The bloody pools woman”

“Forget about it Marty; we are destined to be poor.”

Marty liked to do the football pools and Spot the Ball each week. He studied the teams every week and had several ledgers with the results from previous years. He had won free goes on Spot the Ball. And his biggest win on the pools was £1.10 shillings. He bought the English paper out there on the Sunday so he could check his coupon when he got back.

“Hey Pat it’s a jackpot this week you know.”

“I don’t know why you bother doing the pools Marty you’ve hardly won a thing since you started doing the pools 20 years ago.

“Oh ye of little faith Pat, you never know; it could be my turn this time I’m sure I have at least six of the teams.

“If I took West Bromwich Albion or Aston Villa; I’ve got the second Divvy.”

“How much would you win?

“About four hundred pounds I think.”

“Good, we could get a week in Majorca next year.”

“Can I go with you then Aunty Pat?

“Of course you can Christopher; you know we would love to take you with us.”

“But here we are talking like this and we end up being disappointed because your Uncle Marty never wins anything.”


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