You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


3. 3


Marty found the pelvic girdle of the lamb and sliced neatly to the spine once there was a clear space he used the cleaver to separate the rib cage. Then using one hand on the outside and one inside he located the fifth rib he cut down to the tail end of the lamb. Once this was done he used the saw to separate the ribs doing the same at the back end of the animal. He then used a boning knife to slice down to the joint where the ribs were attached. This was repeated on the other side as well. Marty stood up the two racks of lamb, proud of his butchery skills then he cleaned the ribs with a small boning knife until the rib bones were clean. This was called Frenching. The front rib can be rolled or left intact for slow roasting. The loin is trimmed and cut towards the spine where there is a convenient intravertebral joint. Once that was done Marty used the cleaver to chop through the spine four Barnsley Chops are made from this.

Going back to the fore end of the lamb he cut around the neck and removed it with the cleaver. He sawed through the fore end of the lamb and using the knife again trimmed back towards the spine. He removed the ribs in one piece before trimming the shoulders. He cut through the ball and socked until the two shoulders were boneless again they could be stuffed and rolled. Then the legs are trimmed then cut into six separate pieces which can be butter flied- rolled once deboned or cubed for stewing. The ends of the legs or shanks could be either slow roasted or stewed.


When he was finished he removed the chain mail glove which prevented injury, washed his hands after hanging the meat onto the meat hooks and stuffing and rolling the shoulders. The rest was placed in the window for display. The next job was to mince pork and add the leeks to make his specialty sausages. There was a big mincing machine which he fed the pork through first then it was put through again with leek and Marty’s special spices added and then the skins were placed on the end and the meat fed through and a long line of sausage came out. Once done it was twisted into links.

Steve was busy in the kitchen area where he made steak pies, quiches, pea’s pudding, and ham shanks all in huge pans. The doors of the shop were opened to let out the smell of the food from the kitchen as it brought people in off the street.

The little fishing town; once the biggest herring port in the world, until people’s tastes changed and the herring was fished to near extinction.

Now people could afford to buy meat since the rationing was relaxed after the Second World War. Bacon, pork chops, sausages, liver, kidneys, and beef joints and mince became very popular sellers. Lamb joints, chops, stewing lamb, and lap, were always good sellers.

Steve introduced tripe, cow’s heel, and pig’s trotters for the poorer folk. The pigs head was made into brawn and sold, nothing was wasted here.

Steve started to make pies for the ship yard workers who would often come in the shop and ask if he had any. Ever since then they too became a good source of profit.


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