You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


21. 21

The Porpoise had drifted for about a mile before Marty looked at his watch its four o’clock Chris’ time to head back; reel in.”

“Okay Uncle Marty said Chris as he began bringing in his line.

Marty quickly reeled in his line secured the hook to one of the rings on the rod then placed it in the rod rest. Chris did the same with his as Marty started the engine.

Claire stood up and put on her bikini and sarong and came into the wheelhouse; where Marty and her son were.

“Well did you catch our dinner tonight?

“Yes we caught a few mother; said Chris excitedly”

“Good son I shall enjoy dining with you tonight then.

We will drop the fish off at the restaurant on the way back, then when we arrive; the fish will be prepared and ready to eat.

“Sounds good to me.”

 We have Red Snapper and a huge Dorado the Chris caught.”

The other bream and the yellow fin tuna can be kept for us for another day in the freezer.



Pat removed the towel and began to move her hips to a song she knew called “Fever”.

Now touch yourself Christopher demanded.

“No I won’t do that.

“Bloody do it or believe me I will bloody tell Marty everything.

Pat began to sob but she complied with his wishes.

When the song was over he stood up from the bed then told her to lie down.

She did as she was asked.

Chris left the room went into his own room; Pat could hear the draws being opened then closed again as she waited wondering what he was going to do to her.

When he returned he was carrying some cord and two pairs of authentic hand cuffs and a scarf.

“Sit up he commanded.”

Pat sat up and Chris tied the scarf around her eyes so that she couldn’t see then he locked both of her arms to each side of the bed post.

She winced in pain as the cuffs dug into her wrists.

 He then tied both of her legs to each of the bottom posts so that she was spread eagled.

Pat wriggled and tried to free herself but Chris was an expert at tying knots having done this to his wife over the years. She was unable to free her arms and legs.

“Come on then you bastard; get this over with.

“Oh, you thought I was going to rape you didn’t you Pat?

 “Well you want it don’t you?

Oh no, your so wrong; I’m going to leave you like this for Marty to see.

“Please don’t Chris I beg you, I will give you money look in the draw there’s plenty; I can get more.”


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