You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


16. 16

A few minutes later and Claire knocked on the door Pat opened it to let them in.

Christopher shook Marty’s hand and thanked him for the holiday.

“Then cheapened the gift by adding; “The Caribbean would have been better you know; with all that money you now have.”

“It was Pat’s idea to come here.”

“What when she could of chosen anywhere in the world?

“Pat turned and said I like it here; Marty and I came here for our wedding anniversary ten years ago.”

“Well in those day’s you didn’t have the money did you.”

“The rooms are pretty basic mind; when I fly with British Airways they know how to look after you. They have on suite bathrooms and Jacuzzis; state of the art gadgets and everything. Plus a fully stocked bar.”

“Well you’re going to be slumming it here for a fortnight then; unless you can get British Airways to accommodate you.”

Pat nudged her husband and apologised for his rudeness then went into the bathroom to have a look.

“The shower isn’t a power shower Marty.”

“I know that Claire, but it gets you wet enough to get washed with grinned Marty.

“Right then, I’m going to try it out and then get changed into something more comfortable.

“Your room is the second one on the left; pretty basic but it’s only used for sleeping in.”

“Speak for yourself Marty; I will be finding other ways in which to use it.” Turning side on she was holding large bath towel and a toilet bag then licked her lips sexily as she went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Pat had made some tea and gave young Christopher a cold glass of orange juice.

“Thanks Aunty Pat.”

Christopher went to the balcony and looked out at the pool as kids were jumping into the water.

Hurry up Uncle Marty; I want to go in the pool.

“Alright give me a minute; Marty went into the bedroom dropped his pants and under wear then was about to put on his Bermuda trunks when the door opened and Claire was standing there with the tiniest bikini he’d ever seen. She was very full breasted unlike Pat whose body was slim but not as big up top. He was still in good nick with all the lifting and carrying in the shop. His muscular shoulders and powerful biceps made him an attractive proposition.

“Whoops, said Claire as she gazed upon Marty’s nakedness.

“You are a big boy aren’t you?

“Close the door on your way out said Marty; as he pulled up his shorts.

“She turned slowly so that Marty could feast his eyes on her bottom.

Claire was taller than his wife with long legs. The years of gym membership kept her body in pristine condition. She obviously had a sun lamp in her house because she already had a tan.


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