You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


1. 1

Martin McGarry woke up at six in the morning; he had done for the last thirty years since he got married.

He got out of bed, went to the bathroom and washed and shaved. His wife Pat had set out his clothes for work.

Marty worked for Steve Philips Butcher’s on Saville Street North Shields and had done so for twenty years. He worked for the Beef Baron Hughie Wallace as an apprentice then after Hughie died five years later he came to Steve looking for work.

Steve the jovial little man with spec’s and a grey moustache always wore a white shirt with a dickey bow tie and a white Panama type hat.

Marty admired the way Steve ran his business so much so that he wore the same white shirts as Steve and a different dickey bow every morning.

“Marty your breakfast is out love.”

“Coming pet, just putting on my shoes.” Marty wore black leather soled Oxfords that were highly polished every day.

He looked at himself in the dressing table mirror and smiled. Even though his hairline was receding he was still regarded as a handsome chap.

He sat down at the table whilst his wife brought his breakfast out to him.

He picked up the Daily Mirror and flicked threw the headlines.

“Labour leader Harold Wilson states; “he will put the pound in your pocket”

Marty read on as he picked up one of his own sausages that he himself; he made them in the shop from his own recipe. Pork and leek was a good seller in the shop since Marty started making them. His spiced black pudding and pea’s pudding went down well too.

One day I will have my own shop he thought; as he bit into the sausage and chewed.

Marty scooped up some baked beans on his fork and bit into a slice of toast.

“There’s nothing like a good fry up each morning to start the day he proclaimed.”

He washed down his breakfast with a cup of tea with three sugars before going back in the bathroom and cleaning his teeth.

“Have you seen my bicycle clips love?

“They’re hanging over you bike in the passage; I put them there last night when you came in and left them on the floor in the bed room.”

“In fact I nearly stood on them when I came to bed.”

“Thank’s pet, what would I do without you.”

“God only knows.”


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