The Play Project

"Calum Hood, Morgan Keller, you two are partners for this play project."

Oh shit....


1. Longer Blurb

Morgan's P.O.V

"Okay class, you will be put in pairs to create a play, a love story." Mr. Evans said. Yes! I thought, I could be paired with the guy I like, Joshua Sanders. "Don't get to happy, because I will be choosing who you get to be paired with."

    The class sighed. "Alright lets get started." He picked up his roster and began pairing us. I zoned out until he said "Josh Sanders," he paused and looked down at the paper "and Brittany Haven." Ugh! now who am I going to be paired up with. 


       "Morgan Keller and Calum Hood." Shit! No anyone but him! Calum is the biggest asshole I have ever come across in my life. I felt someone slide beside me. "So Morgan, we're partners. How about you come over to my house." I looked at Calum with disgust. "No." I quickly walked up to Mr. Evans.


      "Is there anyway I can get my partner changed?" I asked him. "No, I'm sorry Ms. Keller but maybe you two will grow to like each other." I groaned. "Fine, but when is this due?" I asked wanting to know how long I had with this person. "It's not due until the end of the year, I haven't decided on a date." Mr. Evans went back to his computer. 


Well great, a whole year with this jerk.

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