The Play Project

"Calum Hood, Morgan Keller, you two are partners for this play project."

Oh shit....


3. Chapter Two

I walked into gym frustrated.


Why? Why did I have to be Calum's partner?


Oh well. I have to deal with it. I went to the locker room and quickly got changed. I only have my two friends, Luke and Taylor.


I walked out of the locker room and found Luke sitting on one of the bleachers.


"Hey!" He, a little to excitedly, said. "Hey" I just quietly mumbled. "What's wrong?" He put an arm around my shoulder.


I was just about to explain when I heard "Yo Morgen! Play buddy!" Being yelled across the gym. "Mo, why the hell is Calum Hood walking towards us yelling at you?" Damn it! He's in my gym class to!


"He's my partner in drama for this play project thing we have to do." I sighed after the sentence. Calum sat next to me just looking at me. Then put his arm around my shoulder.


"What the hell dude!" I said forcefully pushing his arm off of me. "We are play buddies so we have to interact at some point!" He exclaimed. "Yeah, but not now, I'm to pissed off. And I don't like you!" I stood up grabbing Luke's hand with me!


Calum grabbed my other hand. Luke quickly spoke up. "Dude, what do you think you're doing?" Calum just looked at Luke. "Keeping Morgen here? Got a problem?" They both let go of my hands and took a step closer to each other.


"Yes I do!" Luke put his hand on his hip, so sassy. "What is she to you?" Calum spoke. "My girlfriend you dickhead!" Luke looked Calum dead in the eye as he spoke that.


Calum just turned to me. "He's your boyfriend?" He pointed to Luke not taking his eyes off me. Luke gave me a 'go along with it' look. "Yes he is!" I walked to Luke intertwining our hands.


"Ok. Prove it!" Calum crossed his arms. "How do you suppose we do that?" Luke asked suspiciously. "Kiss your girlfriend then!" Shit.


Luke knew I haven't had my first kiss. "Ok!" Luke turned and started to lean in when the whistle was blown. Thank god. I thought. "Hood, stop harassing people!" The teacher yelled. Luke and I held in our chuckle.


Calum ran over to Mrs. Hurd. "Thank you!" I exclaimed to Luke giving him a hug. "You're welcome. I'm sorry for almost taking your first kiss." He said as I backed away. "It's fine I mean Mrs Hurd blew her whistle." Luke just simply nodded with his head down


"Hey it's fine!" I put my hand under his chin and lifted it up. "Honestly! Let's go find our seats!" I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hey, if we were gonna make Calum believe this, we had to act


We went to Mrs Hurd to find out our seats. "You guys can sit anywhere and those will be your seats." "Sweat thanks!" Luke said and we walked away.


"Since Calum is sitting over there," I pointed to the other side of the gym, "we should sit here!" Luke nodded in agreement. Mrs. Hurd blew her whistle signaling that we needed to pay attention to her. "Ok class, we won't be doing laps today since it the first day of school! So, you can play football if you want or you can sit on the bleachers." And with that she went to the storage room to get the equipment


Luke and I being the lazy asses we are, we sat on the bleachers. "Oh and Mo, when she says football," I interrupted him. "Yeah I know Luke!"



"The unit this week is football." Mr. F told us. Luke was stood next to me. "Luke, if we're playing football, why are we inside and where is the ball, that's a soccer ball." I questioned. Luke started laughing at me. "What?" I raised an eyebrow. "Football here in Australia is what you Americans call 'soccer'."

Flashback end


"You are never going to live that down." Luke nudged me. "I figured." Times like these is when he gets annoying.


I felt someone's presence beside me. "I figured I would join you two over here." I heard a voice that belongs to Calum say. "Did you not get the hint earlier!" Luke practically yelled but nobody turned their head.


"Luke, come on, lets just go play soccer." I said and stood up with my hand out. He just looked at me and turned his attention back to Calum. "Look, just leave Morgan alone." Luke calmly said.


I turned and looked at the rest of the gym who already picked their teams for soccer. I sighed and sat back down. I rested my head on Luke's shoulder and tried to forget Calum beside me.


Fortunately Calum left us alone the rest of the class period. I ran into the locker room to quickly get changed and met Luke by the gym door waiting for the bell to ring. "Thank god he left us alone but if looks could kill I would probably be dead." I turned around to see Calum glaring at Luke.


"Oh well, he'll be fine." I replied and the bell rang. I grabbed Luke's hand and walked to the busses. His bus was right beside mine. "Bye babe." he said and kissed my cheek. "Bye." I walked onto the bus and saw Calum on it I guess he was riding the bus home with one of his friends.


I quickly went all the way to the back of the bus and sat down and put my headphones in and texted Luke


He's on my bus


I sent Luke and then started to look out the window and wait till I got home 

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