The Play Project

"Calum Hood, Morgan Keller, you two are partners for this play project."

Oh shit....


4. Chapter Three

 I got off the bus and Calum was right behind me. "Can you leave me alone please?" I begged him when I got off the bus and started walking towards my house. He just ignored me. Ugh. I thought to myself.


 I put my headphones in and blasted All Time Low. The walk from the bus stop to my house is about 10 minutes. So when I finally reached my house I noticed Calum was still beside me. I took out my headphones and turned to look at him.


 "Are you stalking me now?" I yelled at him not caring my neighbor Mr. Larry was outside watering his plants. "No, I'm just walking home." He said with a smirk. "That's not possible unless-" I stopped myself and looked at the 'For Rent' sign on the house to the left of mine. It was replaced with another sign on top of that 'Sold'


 "No no no," I whispered to myself. I knew the Harrington's were renting out their house since they moved to the city but I never thought it would be Calum's family. "Yes yes yes" Calum mimicked me. I just glared at him and walked to my front door.


 When I walked in I noticed no one was home. "Mom, Dad?" I called out but no one answered. Mom must still be at the school and Dad must still be at the music store he owned. We weren't rich but we weren't poor.

 I walked up to my room and put my book bag down and just read a random book I found. The doorbell rang and I looked at the clock 5:07. Mom nor Dad are still not home. I ran downstairs to get the door and when I opened it I saw a women, a young girl who looked about 21, a man and Calum.


 "Hi, I'm Joy Hood, and this is David Hood, my husband," she pointed to the paler guy. "Our daughter Mali-Koa and our son Calum." Mali-Koa put a hand out for me to shake and I gladly did. "Please, just call me Mali." She smiled wow, completely different from her brother.


Calum didn't do anything but stand there. "Here come in!" I stepped out of the way for them to come in and they did. I shut the door and led them to the living room. "Calum honey, don't be rude say hi." Mrs. Hood told him. All Calum did was look at me.


 "Rude is all Calum knows how to do mom." Mali told her mother laughing at herself. "No its fine, actually Calum and I go to the same school." I said not really giving an emotion.


 "Really, that's cool!" Mr. Hood nodded. "Your Mom, Debbie, asked us earlier if we would like to come over for dinner and I said of course!" Mrs. Hood explained. "Well, Mom or dad haven't gotten home yet but you are more than welcome to stay until they do." I offered and Mrs. Hood nodded.


 I started walking to the kitchen when I realized that I haven't offered them a drink. "Would you guys like anything to drink?" I heard 'Water' and nothing else so I went into the kitchen and got 5 glasses for water.


 "Why are you being so nice?" I heard a voice behind me and made me jump. "Because I am nice unlike some people Calum!" I went back to pouring some water. "Look, I know you will fall for me by the time we are done this project I mean, its me!" I almost dropped the water.


 I turned and walked right up to him. "Me, fall for you?" I chuckled and he smirked and nodded. "Well, I am happy with Luke and I will never fall for you." I exclaimed putting emphasis on never. "Please leave me alone." I begged him. "You will be begging for something else soon," he paused and winked. "But, I'm afraid we can't do that, we have the play project, and we are neighbors."


 "Just because we are neighbors, doesn't mean we have to be friends or even talk to each other. And you will never get me in bed." Again, I put emphasis on never. "Oh but our parents think that it would be good for us to hang out and become the best of friends."


 I just ignored him and walked into the living room with the water. "Here you guys go." I put the waters down and looked at the time. 5:27. Where the hell is my parents? "Excuse me." I politely said and took out my phone calling Mom.


 'Hello?" Thank god she picked up. "Mom, where the hell are you? The Hoods are here!" I whispered/yelled through the phone. "Oh, it is 5:30. Well, I completely forgot I talked to Joy earlier and invited them to dinner." She responded not sounding concerned at all. Typical Mom. "Well, where are you?" I was kinda getting angry.


 "Your father and I decided to have a little date night." I almost screamed into the phone. "Okay, whatever." I hung up trying not to through the phone against the wall. Mom and Dad always think I'm the one that needs to do every responsibility around the house, including entertaining guests.


 When I walked back into the living room, they were talking to each other. "So, mom forgot she talked to Mrs. Hood and her and dad decided to have a date night." I explained. "We can come back another day." Mr. Hood stated and I shook my head. "I will just order some take out."


 Calum looked surprised at my kindness. "What would you guys like?" I asked them. "Um, it doesn't matter." Mrs. Hood told me and the rest of them nodded in agreement except for Calum. "Um, Maccas?" I asked and everyone nodded. "What does everyone want?" I got a pen and paper out.


 I saw Mr. Hood whisper something to Calum and he rolled his eyes. "Here, I'll order." Mali stood up and grabbed the paper. "What do you want?" She asked me. "Chicken and Mayo with fries please." I said. Mali got the rest of the orders and I sat down on the couch. The only spot left was next to Calum.


 "So Morgan, do you know what you want to do after high school?" Mr. Hood asked me and I could hear Calum groan beside me. "Yes, I want to get my degree in Physical Therapy for kids." "Show off." Calum mumbled. Apparently Mrs. Hood heard that. "Calum Thomas Hood," Thomas eh? "Just because she knows what she wants to do, doesn't make her a show off."


 I controlled my laughter. "Whatever." Calum went back to his phone. "I'm sorry about him." Before I could respond to Mrs. Hood, the door bell rang. I got up and saw it was the delivery man. I handed him the money and he gave me the food. "I have food." I said walking into the living room


 They came and got there food and Calum glared at me. What the hell is his problem? We all ate our food in silence since we were all hungry. I went into the kitchen and put the trash in the trash can. "I'm sorry about my brother." I turned around to see Mali standing in the doorway. 


 "Its okay, I'm used to it," I replied mumbling the last part. "He's not been the same since 8th grade." Before I could open my mouth to respond, Calum came in the kitchen getting more water. "Maybe one day, you'll get to know what happened." Mali whispered and walked out. 


 Calum looked at me. "What were you two talking about?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, she was just apologizing for her dickhead of a brother." He chuckled at me. He got closer to me. "Calum!" Was being yelled in the living room. 


 We both walked into the living room. "Honey, it is already 8:00 so I think we are going to go now." Joy stated standing up. "It was nice meeting you all. And nice seeing you again Calum." I said and smiled. They all said their goodbyes and walked out. 


 I was getting tired so i decided to head to bed. Even though it was only 8. I got dressed into some sweatpants and got in bed not caring that my parents weren't home yet. They probably were still talking to each other or went out to a movie.  

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