The Play Project

"Calum Hood, Morgan Keller, you two are partners for this play project."

Oh shit....


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


"Um, sure, come in." I told the social worker. "You can have a seat in the living room," I led them to the living room and sat down next the social worker. "So I am aware that your parents are dead now," wow way to rip of the bandage. "And you are 17 so we are going to have to put you in foster care."

Calum came in from the kitchen with a confused face. "Who are you?" He questioned raising an eyebrow. "Social services, I am Ms. Jonas and I am here to tell Morgan about her situation." She professionally answered, still no emotion.

"Well, if you are here to take her away, don't bother. My parents are taking her in." I didn't even know this. "Well," "Calum Hood."

"Mr. Hood, you are the same age as Ms. Keller here so I will have to take to your parents." Ms. Jonas requested. "I will go get them," and he walked out. There was an awkward silence until Calum and his dad walked in.

I was silently thanking Calum. "Hello Mr Hood, your son has informed me that you will be taking in Morgan," she informed David. "Yes ma'am that is correct." He responded with a smile.

"I will need you to come by my office and fill out paper work that she will be staying with you and that you are her legal guardian until she is 18." She told him and David nodded. "I will come by tomorrow during my lunch break," He stated.

Ms. Jonas finally left. "Mr. Hood," he cut me off. "David." Ugh. "David, you don't need to take me in, I can find someone eventually," I informed him but he shook his head. "Non sense Morgan, we will take you and your sister in but there's one slight problem," oh no, I could feel my hands start sweating.

"Mali doesn't have the space to share a room and we don't have an extra room so you and your sister will have to room with Calum," I was shocked. I looked over at Calum and saw him smirking. "Um, that's fine I suppose." I responded unsure of my words. "Now I trust you and him won't do anything," he started.

I just looked at him for a second. "I promise Mr. Hood, nothing is going to happen," I assured him. "Okay well I will leave you to pack. Be back by dinner?" I nodded. Once he left I ran and jumped on Calum

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I repeatedly exclaimed. "You're welcome," he chuckled out putting me down. "I'm so happy I could-" "Kiss me?" Calum interrupted me. "No," I said and started up the stairs.

   I grabbed my suitcase out of my closet and started putting my clothes in it. After about 2 hours of packing and yelling at Calum to stop going through my bras, I was done.

 "So, it's about dinner time so lets go to my house so you can unpack," Calum suggested. "Okay," I mumbled taking one last look at my house. I didn't even notice I was crying until Calum wiped a tear away. "It's okay, it'll be okay," He pulled me into a hug. 

   I composed myself and headed over to Calum's. "I am so sorry Morgan," was the first thing Mrs. Hood said when I walked in. "It's not your fault." I told her and she hugged me. "Calum will take you upstairs and show you to his room." She said motioning to the stairs. We walked up the stairs and his room was at the back of the hallway. 

   "Wow," the room was as big as the living in my house, well my old house. "Since this was a last minute thing, you're going to have to share a bed with me until we get you a bed. We can go tomorrow after school and pick everything out for you and Michelle," he offered while putting my suitcase down. "Um, okay." I said sitting down on the bed.

  Oh my god. This bed was so comfortable! I laid down and I was there for a good five minutes before Calum started saying my name. "Morgan, dinner is ready." I immediately got up and went downstairs. They were all seated around the dining room table, something we never did. "Where's Calum?" Mali asked, was she here when I got here? I opened my mouth to say 'he's right behind me' but someone answered. 

  "I'm right here. Girl doesn't mess around when it comes to food. She left me in the dust," Calum said chuckling. The only seat opened was the one next to Calum. I sat down and started eating. "Morgan, if you don't want to go to school tomorrow, feel free to stay home," Mr. Hood said. "Thank you Mr. Hood but I think school is good for me right now, get my mind off of things," I responded to him. "Please call me David. You sure?" He asked wanting to make sure I was okay with it.

  "Yeah, and if it gets to much I'll just go to the nurse." I reassured him. "You can always get Calum to bring you back here," he offered for Calum. "Thank you," I said getting back to the food. 

  We all were done and I went into the kitchen. "Do you need any help?" I asked Mrs. Hood noticing she was doing dishes. "No but thank you sweetheart, just go upstairs and get some rest okay," I obliged and headed to Calum's room, well my room now also. 

  I got sweatpants out of my suitcase and quickly put them on. "You know I do have a bathroom right?" An Australian voice said behind me. "Oh my god Calum you scared the shit out of me," I said with a hand on my chest. "I didn't see anything don't worry, I just came out," he stated noticing I was a bit self conscious as my other hand was covering myself. I don't know why because I had clothes on.

  Then I realized Calum was only wearing a towel. "Go put clothes on," I ordered him and he listened. I set an alarm and climbed in bed. I felt someone wrap their arm around me. "Calum, what the hell do you think you're doing?" I whispered at him. He only chuckled. "Seriously," I pressed. "Shut up and go to sleep," I was really tired that I actually listened to Calum Hood. 

   I closed my eyes and let sleep consume me. 

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