The Play Project

"Calum Hood, Morgan Keller, you two are partners for this play project."

Oh shit....


2. Chapter One

  Chapter One

"Morgan? Did you hear me?" My friend Taylor asked me. I quickly shot my eyes opened. "Of course I did!" She rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Morgan, this is the second time this week you've dosed off in the lunch room, what the hell is going on?" I scanned the loud and crowded lunch room we were in trying to find a distraction. "If you don't tell me, I will scream your middle name to the whole cafeteria!" My eyes went straight back to her and I narrowed them, "You wouldn't dare!" "Oh yes I would Morgan Berlynn Keller."

   I slapped my hand against her mouth. "Shut up!" She licked my hand and I quickly pulled my hand back my side and wiped off her saliva. "What the hell Taylor!" That was gross. She chuckled. "So you gonna tell me or what?" "Ugh fine!" I looked around and made sure no one was close enough to hear. "My parents having been going at it all night long, loudly so I get absolutely no fucking sleep!"

 "As in fighting or.." she trailed off. "Sex Taylor, they've been having sex!" Taylor about died laughing. Her water came out of her mouth cause she was laughing so hard. "Shut the hell up!" I put my face down in embarrassment. "Who started having the laughing party without me!" I looked over to see my best friend Luke! "Puke!" I yelled but not loud enough for the whole lunch room to hear and I wrapped my arms around him. "Mo, you know how I feel about that nickname."

  I nodded but still didn't care. "I know but would you rather me call you Lukey Pookey?" He quickly shook his head. "Puke it is!" He sat down next to me and started eating his lunch. "So you guys going to tell me what it is that has you guys laughing so much?" My face went bright red and Taylor bit her lip to stop her from laughing. "No." I put my face in my hands.

  "Morgan's parents have been fucking when she is trying to sleep." If looks could kill, Taylor would be dead. "Dude." Is all Luke said before he was bent over laughing. "I hate all of you." I went back to eating my lunch. "What do you have next Mo?" Luke asked looking over his schedule. "Um, drama, what about you?" I took a sip of my Dr. Pepper. "Damn, I have Algebra 2." Luke was always good at math, he always did my homework for me that's the only reason I passed, and we would have it together so we sat next to each other and he would let me copy his test.

  He took my schedule and looked over it. "The only class we have together is gym, and that's last period." We only have 4 classes, each class is an hour and a half. "We can be made fun of together!" I said and clapped my hands. "I feel like that's all that happens in gym, we get made fun of." Luke chuckled. "So, who has been in your classes so far?" "Um, I didn't really pay attention but there is this one kid in my Chemistry class that looks new around here, I'm planning on talking to him tomorrow."

  He nodded and scarfed down his food. The bell rang signaling that our lunch was over. "Where is your algebra 2 class Luke?" I asked him noticing he was still walking beside me. "Its in room 102." He noticed a smile on my face and looked at me confused. "My class is 103." I chuckled. He made an 'O' shape with his mouth. We proceeded to walk to class together seeing we have it next to each other.

  "Well, here is my class Mo." He gave me a hug and walked into his class.

I sighed as I walked into my Drama class. I sat my bags down in the back of the class, maybe I'll be able to fall asleep without the teacher noticing. The bell rang and everyone came running into the class. I giggled and looked up at Mr. Evans, I had I him last year when they randomly put me in drama.

  "Hello class! My name is Mr. Evans and I will be your Drama teacher for the next year. Unlike other classes, my class is all year round." Some people groaned but as for me, I just quietly sat there. "First things first," he started and paused so he could go to his computer, "I'm the realist." Someone yelled, he just ignored it. "No, the first project!" Again, everyone groaned, including me this time.

  "Okay class, you will be put in pairs to create a play, a love story." Mr. Evans said. Yes! I thought, I could be paired with the guy I like, Joshua Sanders. "Don't get to happy, because I will be choosing who you get to be paired with."

    The class sighed. "Alright lets get started." He picked up his roster and began pairing us. I zoned out until he said "Josh Sanders," he paused and looked down at the paper "and Brittany Haven." Ugh! now who am I going to be paired up with.

      "Morgan Keller and Calum Hood." Shit! No anyone but him! Calum is the biggest asshole I have ever come across in my life. I felt someone slide beside me. "So Morgan, we're partners. How about you come over to my house." I looked at Calum with disgust. "No." I quickly walked up to Mr. Evans.

  "Is there anyway I can get my partner changed?" I asked him. "No, I'm sorry Ms. Keller but maybe you two will grow to like each other." I groaned. "Fine, but when is this due?" I asked wanting to know how long I had with this person. "It's not due until the end of the year, I haven't decided on a date." Mr. Evans went back to his computer.


Well great, a whole year with this jerk.


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