A Tunnel of Darkness

A miner from Ashington discovers his wife's infidelity. left alone he faces an uncertain future when the pit is set for closure. the strikes of 1969 force him to relocate to South Yorkshire where he meets a young school teacher. who pushes the young man to make a better life for himself.


35. 35

“Do you want to go to the Collier when we get back asked Ged?

“I would rather curl up in front of the TV with a glass or two of cider then I’m going to take you to bed and give you the best massage you have ever had.

But first we need a shower don’t you think?

“I agree.”

The drive home seemed to be quicker than what it was going, when Elizabeth pulled into the carpark; Ged went into his pocket he took out his house keys then took one of the spare keys from the key fob and handed it to Elizabeth.

“Here he said you’re going to need this if you are to move in with me.”

“Oh Gerald; we are going to be so good together; you’ll see.

I’m going to drive back to my Gran’s and get my stuff tonight. I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to.

“You don’t mind do you? Said Elizabeth as she leaned across and kissed Gerald.”

“What would you like for dinner tonight I’m going to make you my specialty.”

“And what would that be Mr Hopkins?

“I make a mean lasagne.”

“I like the sound of that, give me an hour and I will be back. She reversed out of the car park then gave Ged a little wave before pulling away.


Gerald opened the door and picked up the post; he quickly scanned each one. Two of them were just bills but there was another two letters that looked official. The first was from his wife’s solicitor informing him that the decree absolute was now in effect and that his marriage to Catherine was now dissolved. The second was a letter from the college telling him he’d passed the engineering course with distinctions’ and that they had put his name forward for a university place on a scholarship.

Ged smiled he left the letters out to show Elizabeth when she returned.

Gerald Anthony Hopkins was now going places. His life had changed for the better and he planned to spend it with Elizabeth.

Four years later Ged returned to Woodhorn Colliery which was still operating as a coal mine. He got out of his new jaguar car in a suit and walked into the offices where he was met by the mine owner.

“I believe you have some machinery you want me to look at?

“Yes, Mr Hopkins; we are glad to have the use of your services. We have been informed that you are in high demand these days.

Ged put on his safety helmet which was white and had a number 1 on the front.

The badge on his suit said Mr Gerald Hopkins chief engineer Parsons Ltd.

His former workmates all came to welcome him and Gerald took time out to speak with them even though the owners tried to usher him away.

“After the day was over Ged got back into his car he drove up past his old house and saw Catherine coming up the street she had a young boy with her. She looked over and saw Ged, who didn’t stop; he smiled as he headed home to his wife who was waiting for him.


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