A Tunnel of Darkness

A miner from Ashington discovers his wife's infidelity. left alone he faces an uncertain future when the pit is set for closure. the strikes of 1969 force him to relocate to South Yorkshire where he meets a young school teacher. who pushes the young man to make a better life for himself.


34. 34

Ged passed Elizabeth her pint then got a pint of Black Sheep Real Ale for himself.

“Don’t tell me said Ged; he knows you from your wild days.”

“Are you ashamed of me Gerald?

“No Just shocked really.”

“I was a bit of a rebellious teenager in those days.”

“Well I’m glad that you’ve calmed down.”

“Would you like a burger and chips then?

Elizabeth laughed out loud then nodded.

“Two burger and chips please landlord”

“You’re a girl after my own heart Elizabeth.”

“I love you said Elizabeth.”

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that said Ged.”

 “Do you want me to take it back?

“No Elizabeth, look I’m just a bloody scruffy coal miner. “ I’ve not long come out of a failed marriage as well so please don’t make fun of me.”

“Is that what you think Gerald?

“What do you expect me to think when everyone seems to know you and your past record leaves you wondering a bit.

“I will tell you something Gerald; I have never told another man that I loved them before.

“You are the first man I have really felt something for; and as for being a scruffy miner Gerald you are genuine, hard working, and have the potential to do much better.

I believe in you and if you only believed in yourself; then you could go places.”

The landlord brought them their food and they ate in silence.

Once they had finished their meal they headed back to the car. It was a long time before Ged spoke.

“You know when I walked into your Grans café and I saw you for the first time I was blown away totally.

“I wondered why a school teacher would have anything to do with a man like me.

“I have even tried not to let another woman get into my head but you have.”

“You make me want to be a better man and I wonder if I can measure up.

“I just want to make you happy Elizabeth.”

“You do; and that is why I love you Gerald.”

“She came towards him and put her arm around him. “ You are the man I want Gerald and there will be no other as long as I live.” If you would only see past the hurt of your past then we may have a future together.

He held her in his arms for a moment and then they walked away holding each others hand.

They reached the car some two hours later and drove back to Scawthorpe.

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