A Tunnel of Darkness

A miner from Ashington discovers his wife's infidelity. left alone he faces an uncertain future when the pit is set for closure. the strikes of 1969 force him to relocate to South Yorkshire where he meets a young school teacher. who pushes the young man to make a better life for himself.


3. 3

Ged took off his cap as he entered the “Shaft” The pub was originally called “The Pit Shaft” but the new manager and everyone just called it the “Shaft” so in 1959 a new sign was erected outside.

Olive Wilson a fifty year old barmaid who was trying to look thirty casually walked over to where Ged was standing.

“What can I get you pet?

“Just a pint of McEwans Scotch Ale Olive.”

Olive bent down to get a clean glass from a tray under the bar; the pink top she was nearly wearing was bursting at the bosom and her cleavage hanging out. She had a red mini skirt on, black tights and a pair of painted leather boots that came up to her knees.

Olive had that much slap on that you could see the cracks in her face when she smiled. Her eyes were made up with black mascara and she wore a bright red lipstick.

Olive was divorced and every Friday night she would take one of the young miners home to her bed.

Handing Ged his pint she leaned over before asking; “Penny for your thought’s love.” Got woman troubles have you?

“It’s nowt Olive that won’t keep.”

“It does look like nowt from where I’m standing mind; you have a face on you like a slapped arse.”

Ged drank three quarters of his pink in just a few swallows then set the thick rimmed glass back on the bar.

“It’s unlike you to be coming straight from work Ged.”

“Just thought I’d call in for the one, you know, before I went home like.

“Need a bit of Dutch courage? I wouldn’t have thought a big strapping lad like you would need that.”

“No I just fancied a pint or two after work; it has been a heavy day today Olive and I’m knackered.”

I’m going to have another pint then I’m off home to have a bath.”

“Ooh stop it Ged you’re getting me all excited; do you want me to come over and scrub your back?

“Another time maybe Olive.”

Olive looked deflated; her ego had been well and truly shattered.”

“Alright then but if you need someone to talk to then you know where I am said Olive as she poured him another pint of scotch.

Olive then walked over to a group of young lads who had obviously been told about Olive and they all were hoping that she was going to take one of them home.

Ged looked across and grinned as one of the lads put a shilling in the jukebox and the “Hollies began to sing “Bus Stop” Olive began to dance for the lads behind the bar and they were all like puppy dogs. Olive loved all the attention as she moved her hips to the music and touched the head of one young lad that she had singled out.

There was a cheer from the group as they all began to dance around the bar.

Ged finished his pint then walked out of the door.


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