A Tunnel of Darkness

A miner from Ashington discovers his wife's infidelity. left alone he faces an uncertain future when the pit is set for closure. the strikes of 1969 force him to relocate to South Yorkshire where he meets a young school teacher. who pushes the young man to make a better life for himself.


21. 21

They sat in lane two and put on the shoes then Elizabeth said to Gerald; “since you have clearly never played bowls before then you will allow me to demonstrate.”

“Be my guest.”

Elizabeth picked up the bowl and inserted her fingers into the holes.

Then she looked down the rink at the skittles lined up her shot then skidded the bowl down towards the skittles. There was a crash as the skittles were all knocked over.

“Strike she shouted” That means I have knocked all he skittles down.

“You’re really good.”

“I used to go with some friends from University; “I was pretty wild in those days.”

Gerald lined up his bowl and then let it go knocking seven of the skittles down.

You have another go to see if you can knock down the remaining three pegs.

Ged fired the bowl but missed.

“What now; said Ged.”

“It’s my turn again and we play until there are no bowls left and the one with the highest score wins.

By next six bowls Elizabeth was ahead by ten skittles; then by the end of the game Elizabeth was well ahead as Greg missed a couple of times.

They returned the shoes then sat in the bar area.

“What would you like to drink?

 “Would you mind if I had a cider Gerald?

“Girl after my own heart; I was expecting you to say a cocktail.”

“Why is that Gerald; I’m a country girl and that will never change.”

Gerald bought himself a pint then brought Elizabeth her cider.”

“So Gerald; tell me more about yourself?

“Gerald Hopkins, age thirty four; married five years now divorced. No children.

“Your turn.”

“I’m sorry Gerald I didn’t mean to pry; I just want to get to know you.”

“Truth is, I caught my wife with my best friend.”

 “I guess she really hurt you then.”

“Yes, but I’m over it now Elizabeth I’ve moved on. I have made a fresh start here.”

“I see; would you ever get married again?

“I never say never who knows maybe one day.”

“When they finished their drinks; Ged asked if she would like to go to the Collier.

“Why not; or we could go to your place.”

“Your choice Elizabeth.”

“Lets go to your place she said with a grin.”

“My house isn’t far from the complex that’s why I chose it.

“You are cleverer than you look Gerald Hopkins”

They crossed the road and the first house they came to; Ged stopped at it.

“This is it; this is my humble abode.

He opened the gate so Elizabeth could walk in then opened the front door and turned on the lights.


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