A Tunnel of Darkness

A miner from Ashington discovers his wife's infidelity. left alone he faces an uncertain future when the pit is set for closure. the strikes of 1969 force him to relocate to South Yorkshire where he meets a young school teacher. who pushes the young man to make a better life for himself.


10. 10

“I managed to get the rabbit and the chicken for you said Rob as he picked up his pint then took a sip.”

“Thanks Rob I will call in for them tomorrow if that’s alright?

“Whey I man; you know where I will be.”

“He lives in that bloody garden these days Ged and when the shows are on he sleeps in the shed you know; in case someone sabotages his leeks I ask you.”

“It’s a passion Christine love; said Rob looking at Ged then winking.”

 “Bloody obsession more like.”

“He never takes our kids across the doors you know Ged.”

“A do, how many times have I asked them to help me out at he allotment.”

 “Another drink Christine asked Ged trying to change the subject?

“Thanks Ged; could I have a “BabyCham?

“Pint of IPA for me mate said Rob.”

Ged made his way to the bar relieved to be out of the way. It was the same story every time they went out together.

“No wonder Rob spent most of his time at the allotment he thought as he ordered another round of drinks.

Rob and Christine continued to argue whilst Ged was at the bar.

When he returned with the drinks both of them sat in silence until the entertainments manager announced that the bingo would be starting in five minutes.

Christine got a biro out of her bag and proceeded to write the names of her kids at the top of each page.


“Ladies and gentleman this is your first number for any line.

Ged didn’t like bingo so he left to go to play on the bandit that was near the toilets.

There were a few young girls milling around outside the lounge as Ged put a tanner in the bandit and pulled the lever the wheels went around then stopped suddenly.

Bar-Bar-Bell; Ged cursed as he put in another coin and pulled the lever.

This time he got three plums which paid out four shillings. He carried on playing until he had used up all of the money he won then was about to walk away when he found another sixpence and put it in the slot. He pulled then looked away then all the lights began flashing as the machine began to spew out sixpences.

He gathered all the coins and then took them to the bar.

“Can you change these love.”

“You dropped the jackpot on the bandit then?

“I; on my last tanner as well.”

“You lucky sod.”

The woman finished counting the coins then went into the till and gave him ten pounds.

“Can I have another round of drinks and get yourself one as well.”

“Thanks I’ll have half of larger if that’s alright?

”Sure get what you like.”

“The barmaid gave him the drinks and asked for ten shillings and sixpence.


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