School of magic

this story is about the life of students at a magical school, but in a game the whole world seems to be in danger

yes i suck at descriptions just read, and how further you are how better my writing skill get so please don't mind the horrible first chapters.

it includes relations in all sorts, straight, gay so if you don't like that then don't read it

~if you recognize the story it's because i also posted it at Wattpad~


7. chapter 7

Chapter 7


Mayo’s POV


After a day walking we arrived in a super cute village, everywhere we look are flowers and there are so many nice people. After we looked around in the village we found a building with a small sign with ‘hotel’ whose letters are barely readable anymore. ‘’ γεια σας.’’ An old woman suddenly said in Greek , ‘’what does she say?’’ I asked Leon ‘’I have no idea, but I heard that Louis can speak Greece.’’ Okay, than I’m going to ask him if he can ask if we can stay the night here.’’ I say ‘’yea good idea.’’ Leon says while I walk towards Louis. ‘’Louis, can you ask the lady if we can stay for the night?’’ ‘’Already done, we can stay but we have to gather and cook our own food. But with some magic from Maike it will be done in no time.’’ Louis answered.


Leon’s POV


After midnight I still couldn’t sleep, and every time I almost fell asleep I heard something. Wait, what’s that sound? When I look up I see someone standing in the doorframe. I recognize him, it’s Mike. He catches my gaze and smirks. And then he transforms in an phoenix and in a matter of seconds the hotel was on fire. ‘’Shit! Wake up! Wake up!’’ I scream while I try to stop the fire, when I looked around Mike was already gone. After a few seconds the fire and the smoke are gone. I looked out of the window and saw mike and his team standing on the field beside the hotel. They looked disappointed when they saw the fire didn’t affect us. I gathered my team and we went downstairs where Mike still stood. ‘’what do you want Mike?’’ I asked. ‘’I want you all out of the competition so we have more chance of winning.’’ I cut him off with a strike of ice chards hit him on the stomach, but they didn’t affect him much. he yelled and in seconds mike transformed in a phoenix again. I see that my teammates also were battling with mike’s team. When I didn’t pay attention a ball of fire flew towards me and hit my shoulder. I twisted around by the impact of the ball. But Mike’s magic isn’t really strong so I recovered pretty quick and send more ice chards in his direction. These seem to take him down for a few seconds and I pinned him down with ice so he couldn’t move anymore. When he recovered he tried to break the ice but my magic was to strong and I threw a wave over him and froze the water and in a few seconds he was gone and I knew I won. When I looked around I saw that the battle already stopped. In the distance I can see Joelle and Stefan flee but I only missed Louis. And I know Harry also saw that his best mate was gone.


The next five days we didn’t experienced anything special. But we travelled fast we were already at the border of Croatia. It is handy that Mayo, Nienke and I are merfolk so we can swim super fast and Maike travelled on Harry’s back while Harry was in his werewolf form so they ran side with us at the shore. But we are now in a place where no one lives and we already ate all our food, we refilled our bottles in the rivers we passed so we have enough to drink. But we are literally starving. ‘’guys, we should really search for some food, there are some fish but they are too quick to catch for us without any gear.’’ I said. ‘’I can hunt in the woods with Maike?’’ Harry offered. ‘’yea, that’s probably the best idea, then are we going to build some place to sleep over there on the beach.’’ ‘’okay, we will be back in an hour.’’ Harry said.


‘’Nienke can you gather some long branches, and Mayo can you gather some big leaves? I am going to make a campfire.’’ I said ‘’okay.’’ They said in unison. After a while there was a little hut for us to sleep in with comfortable beds made of leaves and branches and a roof to shelter for the upcoming rain. After we chatted for a while I started to worry about Harry and Maike they have been away for almost one and a half hour. When I walk outside I see many flashes of bright light shooting out of the treetops about a kilometer away from the camp. ‘’Girls! There is something wrong with Harry and Maike!’’ I screamed and they both rushed out of the hut. ‘’shit!’’ Mayo said and the three of us rushed through the woods in the direction of the flashes.


We arrived at an open spot where we saw a battle between Maike and Joelle and between Harry and Stefan. I have to admit that it looked awesome. When I look at harry and Stefan I see Stefan biting in Harry’s neck and soon I see harry disappear. That is when I run to Stefan and I lift the water out of the earth and freeze them so they become ice chards and then I fire them off towards Stefan and I hit him right on the head but he isn’t dead yet, jeez, I hate vampire skin. Stefan looked at me and came running towards me in vampire speed, but in a reflex I created an ice wall and I hear it shatter when Stefan runs into it. Stefan lies on the ground now and I wrap him in ice so he can’t go anywhere. When I look around I see that Maike is gone and Nienke and Mayo are still fighting with Joelle. And then I see Nienke fire ice chards but Joelle dodges them and the next moment I see Nienke laying on the ground and disappearing. Then I see that mayo looks to me but that’s the moment where Joelle attacks and then I see Mayo also falling and then she disappears just like Nienke did seconds ago. ‘’NO! I screamed. And then I feel a sting in my neck and everything went black…


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