School of magic

this story is about the life of students at a magical school, but in a game the whole world seems to be in danger

yes i suck at descriptions just read, and how further you are how better my writing skill get so please don't mind the horrible first chapters.

it includes relations in all sorts, straight, gay so if you don't like that then don't read it

~if you recognize the story it's because i also posted it at Wattpad~


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Niall’s POV

After the dinner Maike gave me a tour through the castle. The castle is enormous! There are 17 top levels and three levels underground. The stairs move and there are even some halls that change. Also there are all sorts of creatures that just walk through the castle. After the tour she showed my room, luckily Liam and Chesko are my roommates, so not just some stupid strangers, and I was really tired so I went to sleep.


“Niall!, Niall!, wake up! I hear someone say. ‘’ugh, who is this?’’ ‘’it’s me, Liam, and the initiation starts in two hours! So get your lazy ass out of bed, and get ready.’’ ‘’okay, okay, I’m coming.’’ I groaned.


After I changed me and Liam went towards the dining hall, and when we were ready all the new students were asked to come to the battle arena. ‘’welcome to all new students, I’m professor Geronimo and I’m going to lead the initiation progress. The first activity is to get to know each other, so you get a team, also after 12 o’clock the other students will join to. Make a queue please then you can all look who your teammates are.’’


When it was finally my turn I saw I was in team 3 with: Daphne, Chesko, Fleur and Dylan who will come at 12 and Liam and me, phew, Liam, Daphne and Chesko I already know so that’s nice. Where do I have to go now? It’s just so weird to suddenly get the message that you have magic powers, how have I never noticed it. Wait there was this time when my soda suddenly started to shake, but that was noting, who cares though. I scan the crowd and see Liam waving at me at the other side of the arena. I walk towards him and greet him ‘’hey, do you have any idea who Dylan and Fleur are?’’ he asked excited like he’s going to see a superstar ‘’no, why?’’ ‘’Fleur is the soon to be alpha of the clan of school, that means that she leads every single werewolf in and around the school! And Dylan, he.. he is her boyfriend who is an actor from teen wolf and the maze runner!’’ Liam said pretty excited. ‘’and what are that?’’ I asked. ‘’How have you not seen The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf! the most amazing movie and series ever!’’Liam said dumbfounded. ‘’sorry, I am not a person who watches much TV, I play GTA and COD instead or hang out with my ‘’friends’’. I said friends but they are actually just people who like to hang around with me because I was popular. ‘’well I brought my laptop with me and both are on it and cause you’re my roommate we are going to see everything so you won’t sleep much next week.’’ he said with a devilish smirk and he opened his mouth but before he could say more he got interrupted by Mr. Geronimo.


Fleur’s POV


chill, the lessons stop at 12 o’clock cause of the initiation program. Today we can even join in and I’m teamed up with Dylan (yay) and Daphne and Chesko who are in the same year as me and then we have the new students Liam and Niall who both are wizards, and I heard they were cool so that’s nice. Me and Dylan are now heading towards the arena were the initiation is held. ‘’Do you know what the first challenge is?’’ Dylan asked ‘’No, and every year they develop something new, so I have no clue.’’


When we arrived at the entrance we were told were our team should be. And after searching we found them. ‘’hey Fleur, Dylan, how are you two’’ Chesko asked ‘’I’m fine, you?’’ I replied ‘’same here, come with me you have to meet Niall and Liam, they can use some help cause they are not quite used to the fact they have magic powers yet. And Dylan, do me a favor and give Liam some extra attention cause he is a really big fan of your work. But not too much!’’ Chesko said, and when he said the last sentence his cheeks got a faint touch of red. ‘’okay, I’m going to do my best’’


When our group was complete Mr. Geronimo started to explain what were about to do. ‘’As you all know we have every year another game. This year we have thought something big. It is some sort of survival game. The rules are simple, get over the finish first and you win. On the trip you might come across some other teams. You are allowed to fight the others even with deadly spells or fights, but don’t worry we will cast a spell so if you are hit deadly, you will just be teleported back to the school. You and your teammates will start at a spot somewhere in Europe and you have to find the school back. You aren’t allowed to bring money with you and you are also not allowed to use vehicles. You will all get transported tomorrow at 7am, so you have to wake up early. Goodbye and I will see you at the finish.’’


After we heard the command we went all to one of the sitting rooms to discuss how we are going to do it and what we have to take with us. After that we went to the battle arena to practice with Liam and Niall with their powers. But they didn’t even now that they have powers so that is going to be a tough job. Liam’s first attempt was a disaster, he tried to move water from one glass to another but the water just trembled. But after a few attempts he got some drops in the other glass. Niall on the other hand was much better at it, after two attempts he managed to lift all the water between the two glasses and not much later he could even create simple figures.


After we had tried water we tested their fire skills but they both couldn’t bring more than a few sparks, their air powers weren’t much better except that Liam could lift some leaves and hold them still. At last we did earth magic, that was going way better than I expected. They both were very good at it, Liam was good in building walls and shoot rocks away, Niall on the other hand was better in earthquakes and making cracks in the ground. But both still needed a lot of practice…


After practice the rest went towards their dorms and me and Dylan to my house to get some rest before the race that starts tomorrow. ‘’night’’ Dylan said, ‘’night’’ I replied. And I almost fell asleep immediately.


Marijne’s POV


‘’god, what for a choice is that.’’ I asked walking around the hotel room. ‘’Job what do you think?’’ ‘’I think I’ll go for vampire, than you are still able to walk around and feel alive, right?’’ Job replied. ‘’that’s true, okay that’s what we are going to do.’’ ‘’sure?’’ Noor asked ‘’the transformation is going to hurt like hell but how cruel it is depends on the strength of the person’s body. It takes about 3 hours to fully transform, But now is the question, who wants first?’’ ‘’Do me first.’’ Job said before I could say something. ‘’okay’’ Noor replied and in a second she stood next to him and bit him in his neck. It looked terrible when Noor put him on the bed, al the blood on the bed, ehw. ‘’It looks like he’s asleep now but in half an hour he will be screaming of the pain so if I were you I would go now so you don’t have to see him suffer.’’ Noor said in an concerned voice. ‘’ okay, do it.’’ The last thing I felt before everything went black was a sting in my neck.

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