School of magic

this story is about the life of students at a magical school, but in a game the whole world seems to be in danger

yes i suck at descriptions just read, and how further you are how better my writing skill get so please don't mind the horrible first chapters.

it includes relations in all sorts, straight, gay so if you don't like that then don't read it

~if you recognize the story it's because i also posted it at Wattpad~


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Arrival

Niall’s Pov


When we stepped out of the bus with all the other students and looked forward, we immediately froze on our spot. In front of us was a Huge castle, a very old, gigantic castle to be more precise. After standing there for I don’t know how many minutes Liam was the first to say something ‘’wow, that’s enormous!’’ Me, still to amazed by the view just nodded. And before one of us could talk further we heard a shout.


‘’Hey, you two. Hurry up, otherwise you will miss initiation ceremony!’’ A man who stood for the wooden doors shouted. ‘’Yea, sorry, we’re coming.’’ Liam apologized.  As soon as Liam said those words we ran towards the slowly closing doors, which are also gigantic by the way. We aren’t in for two seconds and I hear the doors close with a loud bang. When me and Liam got some oxygen again, we look up at the same time and were again stunned. In front of us is an gigantic –again- round hall. In the middle of it is an platform with an older looking lady on it. As soon as she sees she has our attention she began to speak. ‘’Welcome students to Trosore, school of all  the supernatural’s, I’m headmaster Ter Horst.’’


Some of you might think where is she talking about. The fact is if you believe it or not that you are all part of the supernatural community. I know it will take some time to understand. And the answer to the question of why you didn’t know about it, is because your parents didn’t want to bring you in danger. Tomorrow are you lessons starting and you’re schedules lay in your rooms. but first get some food before our Seniors guide you to your rooms. There are different kinds of rooms, but the seniors will explain that later. So please, take a seat.’’


The moment miss Ter Horst ended her speech, the man who also called us in shouted, ‘’please walk to any table a and sit down!, those are you seats for next week. any questions?... No, Then go!’’


Marijne’s Pov


When I said goodbye to Niall and Liam at the airport I went to the taxi stand and took a taxi to go to my hotel in a small village called Bollnäs. When I took my seat and told the driver where I want to go and I just gazed out of the window. After fifteen minutes driving we passed by a very huge an beautiful castle. But I didn’t got any time to look good at it because the view got blocked by a forest. And when I wanted to look away I saw a movement in between the trees, but when I looked again it was gone. Huh

strange. Ah it doesn’t matter all I want is to get to my hotel and get some fried chicken. Than I have to wait till my brother arrives at 6 o’clock. So still an hour left.


When I got my luggage to my hotel room I ordered some fried chicken and lay down on my bed. Wow this bed is sooooo soft, maybe this trip isn’t so bad as I thought is should be. When I opened my eyes again it was already getting dark outside. I must have fallen asleep. Wait, Job can arrive here any minute. Not a second later I heard a bang on the door an heard Job shout ‘’Marijne, let me in please!’’. ‘’Yes, jeez, keep calm, I’m on my way!’’ I shouted back. When I opened the door Job literally stormed in an gave me an bone breaking  hug. ‘’I missed you so much, little sister of me.’’ He said with an grin on his face. ‘’also nice to see you again’’ I said still trying to catch some breath after he released me from his hug.


After hours of talking we heard a strange noise coming from outside. When I opened the window the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful full moon. But a couple seconds later I heard the strange sound again and realized it were wolves. ‘’Job, I think it are just wolves.’’ I said, but back in my head something didn’t feel right. There was a full moon, it didn’t sound like just a few wolves and it sounded like it was coming from something much bigger. Job opened his mouth to say something but before he could make any sound the whole window shattered apart and something was thrown into our room…….


Daphne’s Pov


‘’Please, calm down everyone, the new students will arrive soon!’’ Miss Ter Horst shouted though the hall. Me, Maike and Chesko, talking about if there would be any hot boys, shut our mouths immediately. And right at that moment the first new students came through the big wooden doors. My eye’s immediately landed on a very handsome boy and I was too distracted to notice any of the other new students coming in. ‘’Do you see what I see?’’ Maike asked, ‘’of course I’m not blind!’’ I whisper/shouted. ‘’He’s mine!’’ Maike whisper/shouted back. ‘’No way, I saw him first!’’. ‘’Shut up you two.’’ Chesko said with a annoyed voice.


After miss Ter Horst had done her speech the new students walked towards random tables an two of them walked our way. ‘’Hey’’, the blonde of the two said. ’’I’m Niall and this is my friend Liam.’’, ‘’Hey’’ the three of us said in unison. ‘’Come sit down’’ Maike said. Niall sat next to Maike and Liam took the seat next to Chesko, Liam looked Chesko’s way and immediately started blushing. When I looked at Chesko he also had a faint blush on his cheeks. I have to admit, Liam is handsome, but just not my type. But the sight of the two blushing was adorable.


After we had finished our meal miss Ter Horst started talking. ‘’Can everyone please be quiet, I want some volunteers to guide all the new students trough the school, so everyone who want can guide one new student, so good luck everyone!’’


When miss Ter Horst stopped speaking Liam and Chesko immediately looked at each other and Chesko asked Liam if he could give him a tour. When Liam agreed they stood up and left. ‘’That is going to be something defiantly.’’ Maike said enthusiast. Niall chuckled and nodded.


We talked for a while when the boy from before came towards our table. ‘’Hii’’ he greeted. “hey’’ Niall replied. Me and Maike were too distracted to say something. “I still need a tour guide, so one of you girls maybe?’’ He said. Me, finally getting out of my daze replied quickly, ‘’Yes, of course!’’ After I said that I got a kick from Maike underneath the table. ‘’ouch!’’  I yelled, ‘’What?’’ the boy asked.’’ Nothing’’ I whined. ‘’Let’s go then!’’ the boy said enthusiast. That was when we left Niall and Maike behind us.

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