School of magic

this story is about the life of students at a magical school, but in a game the whole world seems to be in danger

yes i suck at descriptions just read, and how further you are how better my writing skill get so please don't mind the horrible first chapters.

it includes relations in all sorts, straight, gay so if you don't like that then don't read it

~if you recognize the story it's because i also posted it at Wattpad~


10. chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chesko’s POV’


After I explained everything to misses Ter Horst she made all the teachers come to her office and she made me do my story AGAIN. And when I did that again they made the decision to teleport all the students back. ‘’but madam, by my team it won’t work. I broke the spell above Mullingar so I could pass it to get Fleur here, that means that I have to get them myself. We made the promise that I took my team back and that I was allowed to take Maura with us because she had some medical experiences that could be helpful in the upcoming time. So I teleported back and when I opened my eyes I knew there was something wrong…


I was teleported in the spare bedroom where me and Liam were sleeping, but everything was awful quiet. I walked out of the room and looked in the other rooms but as I expected there was no sign of life. I walked down the stairs and what I saw was the most horrible sight I have ever seen in my life, the bodies of all my friends lay across the room, all covered in blood. But at that moment Dylan made a sound and tried to get up. ‘’Dylan, god, are you alright, what happened?’’ I asked while he was standing up and I noticed that the others were waking up as well. ‘’Well, you were right, but it is even worse as you expected. There were so many of them we couldn’t stop them.’’ He explained. ‘’Who is them?’’ ‘’Them are the bad creatures of the other side, it looks like the whole magical world is taken over by the dark and now they are coming for this one as well.’’ ‘’But why aren’t you dead then, if they want to destroy us?’’ ‘’Well, to end a world you have to take out the most powerful people in that world.’’ Dylan said. ‘’But who is that powerful person, we have to keep him or her save.’’ ‘’Well, Chesko, I don’t know if everyone has told you where you are from.’’ ‘’No, no one has, and I haven’t seen my parents since I was send to this school.’’ Then Dylan began to explain.


‘’Well, Chesko you are not the biological son of the persons who raised you, neither is Daphne. To be honest you  two are not even from this world. You two are the son and daughter of the now probably fallen king of the magical world.’’ He began. ‘’Wait me and Daphne are brother and sister?’’ I asked dumbfounded. ‘’yes you two are, but your father is the most powerful person that exists in both the worlds and he is also the one who build the barrier to make sure that this world would be safe no matter what would happen with the other world but now it seems that the other world is possessed by the dark and with the wall being so weak at this time the dark is coming for you as well. Because, IF your father is dead, which we are not sure about, you and Daphne are the only ones who are holding up the wall and If they kill you both the wall will fall and both the world will collide and I’m afraid that if that happens the dark is sure to win. I’m sorry but you have to fight, but we will help you. so, we are going to make a plan.’’ ‘’but wait, why is Daphne not dead if we are such important people?’’ ‘’They probably don’t even know that the king has two children and we have to keep it that way.’’ He explained ‘’But how do you know?’’ ‘’I’m a powerful werewolf so my abilities are even higher than the most and I can smell you two are.’’


We all agreed we had to get to the castle as soon as possible to warn the others that the situation is worse as we expected and then we had to get to the other side of the wall to look for my father if he is still alive and then we have to lock the dark in his own world. ‘’Guys, you have to hold on tight otherwise you will teleport to a random place and that even may be on the other side of the wall, so please hold on. On three. One.. two.. THREE..


We are currently standing in the great hall of the school. ’’Everyone arrived safe?’’ I asked to make sure we didn’t lost someone. ‘’Yes.’’ They al said. ‘’Okay, Daphne gather everyone on the east side of the building and Liam and Niall you two do the west side, me and Dylan are going to inform the teachers. Agreed? Yes, Let’s go.’’


Me and Dylan ran to Miss Ter Horst her office and Dylan explained everything including those facts about me and Daphne and that the creatures are probably coming to the school since we study here. She gathered all the teachers at the great hall were Daphne, Niall and Liam had already gathered the other students. Then miss Ter Horst started talking. ‘’Dear students, I have to inform you something terrible is happening at the moment. The wall which is keeping the magical world and the human world separated is very weak. These students: Daphne, Niall, Liam and Dylan were attacked when they were in Mullingar, Ireland. We have always known that the wall was his weakest around that place but now it seems that the dark has taken over the other world and are willing to take this world as well. So in order to give you the best protection you are getting extra battle lessons and the seniors have to help as extra staff. You are not allowed to be out before 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. your schedules will be in your rooms and always walk with someone with you to be sure you are safe.


After Miss Ter Horst finished everyone returned to their room and even the werewolves were sleeping at the castle so they wouldn’t have to travel from the castle to the town so late. ‘’How are you doing Liam?, after all what happened.’’ I asked since we walked together to our room. ‘’It’s a little difficult, I haven’t known about this world till about a month ago and right now the whole world is in danger. And then I fall in love with the person who is hunted by the dark. So yea that’s tough.’’ I understand that but you don’t have to be with me. You are not the one who has to be afraid of this all, you have to feel safe and not be around me with the constant fear.’’ ‘’but I want…


At that moment we hear a scream from the level below us. ‘’who was that?’’ Liam asked ‘’I don’t know but I know you have to get away, I have the feeling that it isn’t someone you want to meet.’’ At the moment I say that a man in complete black walks in our hallway. And with no warning a fireball is shot in our direction which almost hit us ‘’Liam RUN!!’’ I screamed and in seconds Liam was gone. I made a ball of light and shot it in the direction of the dark wizard. It missed him but at the time another man came round the corner and when he saw us he joined the battle by sending ice chards in my direction which were followed by another fireball from the other man. The chards didn’t hit me but the fireball burned my left leg. ‘’Aah, bitch!’’ I was filled with rage and some power took over me and I shot two beams of light out of my hands that hit them both and they burned to dead. At that moment Daphne appeared right next to me. ‘’Chesko, there are dark wizards everywhere in the castle!’’ ‘’I know, they attacked me just moments ago.’’ ‘’we have to create an escape but they made and unbreakable shield around the castle so we can’t teleport to the outside.’’ Daphne said. ‘’I know a way how we can. We have to use our powers together, no one is as strong as we are together, so we have to hold hand and just try to break the spell like we always do the magic has to combine itself, okay?’’ ‘’okay, let’s do this.’’ At the moment we intertwined our hand an explosion of power hit me and I could feel the magic in our body’s. our magic reached to the wall that covered the castle, it was pure evil magic and it hurt like hell when our magic touched it but we have to go on. Another shot of pain was send through my body and I felt that the wizards are putting extra magic to it but we are stronger and I feel the shield break. But then we were hit with another shot of magic, we lost our magic and everything went black.

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