My Hero

Lilli is just a normal girl, She is the popular one around school, her life was perfect until one day she came back from school and her parents all of a sudden stared abusing her on the other hand Katie bough her tickets to see 5sos backstage, Lilli and the boys started getting close, can the boys help or will they leave Lilli in misery


10. 6

Lilli's P.O.V

"Awe look how cute he is!" I said "I can't believe he got appendicitis! I'm gonna have to tell management that the concert is cancelled!" I nodded "SHIT!!! I'll be back in a bit!" As I ran out the front door and sprinted to Katie's house who lives just down the road from the hospital, I went up to her door and knocked, she answered straight away with her band merch on "hey! Why are you here so early!" She said smiling "um I need to tell you 2 things!" "Yup!" "Well 1. I date Luke Hemmings💘!" "OMG! Really how tell the details babe!" "Okay fine!" Well my mum started abusing me because my dad died! And she blamed it on me! And I cried when the next door neighbour opened the door and it was Luke! Then my mum came in and started hitting me! So I got a blade and cut when everything blacked out! And 5sos took me to hospital! Then when we came back I got told I have to live with Luke and we watched Films and then he asked me out!" "Omg your so lucky!!!" "And 2. The concert is cancelled tonight because Ashton has appendicitis! Anyway I got to go love you babe!" "Love you too" I heard her mutter under tears as I walked out the door.

Sorry it's short I'm really busy but I had to update for you guys!!!❤️

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