My Hero

Lilli is just a normal girl, She is the popular one around school, her life was perfect until one day she came back from school and her parents all of a sudden stared abusing her on the other hand Katie bough her tickets to see 5sos backstage, Lilli and the boys started getting close, can the boys help or will they leave Lilli in misery


7. 4

Lilli's P.O.V

Luke carried me to his house which was only about 2 seconds away but oh well, he opened the door and ran upstairs, he placed me down onto his bed and cuddled up to me "films?" I nodded, he scrolled through Netflix and HE chose Chucky "Hey i don't want to watch this!" He giggled "well Lilli I'm afraid you have to!" We both giggled "hay I'll be back in a sec" as he ran down the stairs, 2 minutes later he came back up with a bowl of popcorn and loads of sweets, he put the popcorn on top of him and the sweets beside him, the film started to play, I cuddled up closer "Hey Lilli I have 2 questions" "what are they?" "Well I know we just met but will you be my girlfriend?" "YES!duhh" "and we're going on tour so will you come with us!" "Yes of course anything for my boyfriend!" I giggled we just cuddled up until we fell asleep

*next morning*

Luke's P.O.V

I woke up with my beautiful girlfriend, I decided not to wake her up so I text the boys A=Ashton C=Calum M=Michael L=Luke

L= Hey I asked her out!

A= who Molly?

M= Yeah probably Ash he likes her more than Lilli


C=Oh that's who you asked out

L=Yes! And I'm not going to band practice today wanna spend the day with my girl

A: Fine we don't need you anyway today it's canceled

L: Why?

A:I'm in hospital with Appendicitis

L: OMG! Ashyyy! I'm coming over to the hospital with Lilli see in in 20 minutes ashy baby 😂😂😜

A: okay Iuke baby 😂😂😜

*end of text messages*

"Lilli, wake up babe!"

Sorry it's short I promise I'll update soon!!!!

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