My Hero

Lilli is just a normal girl, She is the popular one around school, her life was perfect until one day she came back from school and her parents all of a sudden stared abusing her on the other hand Katie bough her tickets to see 5sos backstage, Lilli and the boys started getting close, can the boys help or will they leave Lilli in misery


4. 3

Luke's P.O.V

I saw Lilli's mom come in and hit her, as soon as Lilli stood up I could see the tears on her her eyes that caused the tears stroll down my eyes i text the boys and told them the whole story, that said they would be there in 10, I locked my phone and stared out the window into Lilli's she went into her bathroom and came back with what I thought a pack of blades she grabbed one and started to cut she started going on her phone but aw was still cutting then she suddenly fainted, the tears strolled down my face faster, there was a knock on the door, I sprinted down stairs and opened it, the boys came running in and straight into my room they stared init Lilli's room "Guys do you think we would be able to reach over there" "well with out long legs I think we would" I said as we opened the window and stretched them onto the window sill, I pushed the window opened and carefully on to her bed followed by the other boys we picked her up and rushed her down stairs when her mum started yelling "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WOTH MY DAUGHTER!?" My face went red "IM TAKING YOUR DAUGHTER TO THE HOSPITAL YOU HORRIBLE PARENT!" "I AM NOT A HORRIBLE PARENT!" Ashton,Calum,and Michael burst out laughing "WHAT ABUSING YOUR CHILD IS BEING A NICE PARENT!?" She nodded her head "you make us sick!" We all said in unison we opened the door and slammed it behind us we placed Lilli between Michael and Calum in the back and me and Ashton in the front, we got to the hospital and I carried Lilli is bridal style, we explained the whole story to the receptionist lady and she called for someone to take her, soon some nurses came rushing with a bed, we carefully placed her on the bed,

4 hours later

Lilli's p.o.v

I woke up with lights and tubes and wires all over me, I looked to my left and saw Ashton who was asleep I looked to my right and saw Luke asleep and Michael and Calum were at the bottom of the bed asleep I couldn't help but scream my favourite band was here saving my life, they all woke up "what's up?" Luke said panicking "nothing...its...just.....omfg I can't believe....I'm favourite band aghhhh!" They all giggled, then a nurse came in "Lilli can't live with her mum anymore until we find out the details so does any of you mind living with her for a while? "I will!" Luke said she nodded "well you can go get your stuff with the other boys while like signs the papers" I nodded and the boys took me to my house it was only a 5 minute walk but Luke obviously drove to thee hospital to get me there faster, we arrived and I rushed upstairs and saw my mum on my bed, she didn't notice the boys behind me so she started hitting me, when I fell on the floor she saw them an she ran out the front door. "Lilli okay?" Michael Said. I nodded, I grabbed all my stuff, " I'm just going toilet!" They all nodded I locked the bath room door and grabbed my blades and put them in a bag, I went out and we ran down the stairs, I saw Luke outside my house, it's going to be a long walk to my house so I'll carry you!" He giggled "c'mon your only next door!" I giggled "oh well!"

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